10 Best Bays & Beaches in Malta

11th August 2020

The tiny country of Malta is filled with dramatic, rugged beaches featuring bright, blue waters. Despite its relatively small size, there’s no shortage of stunning bays in this popular summer destination.

Whether its natural swimming pools, picturesque coves or lively coastal towns – Malta has got you covered for every type of beach experience.

Here are some of the best beaches in Malta.

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Gnejna Bay, Malta Island

Gnejna Bay is a classic example of Malta’s unique golden sands. This scenic beach is one of the best beaches in Malta for locals, but is wide enough to somehow never feel crowded. Located just 1 kilometre from the small village of Mgarr, Gnejna Bay is hailed for its particularly picturesque setting.

Featuring vivid blue waters, rugged limestones and lush, green surroundings, Gnejna Bay provides a visual feast for visitors. The waters here are relatively calm and comfortable to swim in. Lippija Tower also stands proudly overlooking the bay, adding another unique facet to the beach experience here.

You might want to bring a windbreaker when visiting, because this bay can get particularly windy at times.

To find out more about how to get to Gnejna Bay, as well its fascinating history, click here to read this Gnejna Bay guide.

Where to stay: Sunset View Retreat

With its stylish old school charm, this bed and breakfast is closely located to both Gnejna Bay and Fomm ir-Riħ Beach, another stunning beach on this list. Affordably priced, visitors can enjoy free WiFi, as well as a full English/Irish and Italian breakfast.


Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta Island

Although not a beach in the traditional sense as it bears no sand, Marsaxlokk Bay is still one of the best beaches in Malta for its postcard-perfect setting. Marsaxlokk is actually an active fishing village, with cute restaurants, cafes and little stores dotted along the promenade. This setting serves as the ideal backdrop to stroll around with ice cream in hand, while enjoying the views along the coast.

Spanning across Marsaxlokk Bay, you’ll be able to spot colourful traditional Maltese fishing boats, called the luzu. If you’re a photographer, you’ll definitely enjoy this bay as it offers so many good photo-taking opportunities.

Where to stay: South Wind GuestHouse

Immaculately decorated, the South Wind Guesthouse has garnered near perfect reviews because of its convenient location in Marsaxlokk, as well as its spacious and contemporary rooms. Guests can expect all the amenities of any good accommodation with a flat-screen TV, microwave, kettle, hairdryer and desk provided.


St Peter’s Pool and Il-Kanka Beach, Malta Island

An iconic beach and a must-have on any Malta trip bucket list, St Peter’s Pool is one of the most recognisable attractions in the country as well as one of the best beaches in Malta. Not without reason, this natural pool is shaped by immaculate rocky limestones, and features crystal clear azure waters.

You can expect large crowds in the summer – but visiting will still be worth it. The plateau around the pool provides a great opportunity for sunbathing, while the pool’s turquoise waters are perfect for snorkelling. It’s also closely located to Marsaxlokk Bay, so you can visit both on the same day if you’re short on time.

Just a few minutes’ drive away from St Peter’s Pool is the lesser known, hidden gem of Il-Kanka Beach. You’d be forgiven if you thought Il-Kanka Beach was actually St Peter’s Pool, as these two look strikingly similar to each other. However, Il-Kanka’s rocky plateau is slightly more rugged, and you won’t find the crowds here as you would at St Peter’s Pool. Il-Kanka Beach is one of the best beaches in Malta if you’re looking to swim in a natural pool, minus the crowds.

Where to stay: St Peter’s Holiday Apartment

Just a few minutes’ walk from St Peter’s Pool, St Peter’s Pool Holiday Apartment offers modern and minimalistic apartment living in an extremely convenient location. Guests will enjoy this property’s features such as its patio, garden and outdoor pool.


Golden Bay Beach, Malta Island

One of Malta’s most popular beaches so easily makes this list of the best beaches in Malta, Golden Bay Beach is a beach that the whole family can enjoy. Golden Bay Beach features all the things quintessentially ‘Maltese’ that make it such a great beach to visit –  expansive bronzed sands, rock formations, and close to lots of facilities.

Golden Bay Beach is known for being ‘blue flag certified’, which means it has a high level of safety and is a suitable beach for children to swim in. Getting here is also easy, with plenty of parking and many public transport routes you can take from all over the island.

Where to stay: Raddison Blu Resort and Spa

Closely located to Golden Bay, the Raddison Blu Resort & Spa features three swimming pools – a large swimming pool, a lagoon pool and also a children’s pool. Guests at the Raddison Blu Resort & Spa also have access to their own private beach and spa. This resort offers spacious and modern rooms, as well as seaside and countryside views.


Tigne Point Beach, Malta Island

Tigne Point

More than just a typical beach, Tigne Point Beach sits at the tip of the peninsula in Sliema. With Sliema being the popular tourist town that it is, it’s surprising that more visitors don’t know about this stunning spot.

The rocky beach serves as the perfect vantage point to capture a wide panorama of the Malta’s capital, Valetta. This view is one of Malta’s most iconic, and it’s best to go during sunset as the view is especially breathtaking at this time.

To find out more about how to get to Tigne Point during sunset, read this Tigne Point guide

Where to stay: AX The Victoria Hotel

Sliema is filled to the brim with amazing accommodation options, but the AX The Victoria Hotel is our pick. Only a few minutes’ walk away from Tigne Point Beach, The Victoria Hotel features a refreshing Mediterranean blue design and elegant furnishings. It’s also a short distance away from The Point Shopping Mall, one of Malta’s most popular shopping malls. For those looking to take things slow, you can also unwind in one of the hotel’s pools or at the luxury hotel spa.


Fomm ir-Riħ Beach, Malta Island

Located in a remote and isolated location, Fomm ir-Riħ is a bit of a challenge to get to – but if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, then this is the best beach in Malta for you. Tucked away near the tranquil town of Baħrija, accessing this beach is a bit tricky, as it requires a steep hike down to the beach’s yellow sands.

Your effort will be made worth it by the rewards you’ll receive – an uncrowded beach, bright blue waters and a stunning view of the Maltese coast. Hiking isn’t your thing? You can also get here by boat.

Where to stay: Sunset View Retreat

The previously mentioned Sunset View Retreat is only 1.5 kilometres away from Fomm ir-Riħ Beach and will be the perfect option for those wanting to stay close to this beach. This retreat is set amongst the green hills, and boasts sweeping views over Malta’s countryside.


Xlendi Bay, Gozo Island

Xlendi Bay is unique because it’s a beach that’s just footsteps away from the busy Xlendi village. Although the sand is filled with more pebbles than Malta’s other beaches, the water here is still as blue as the other beaches on this best beaches in Malta list.

If you have the time, the best thing to do at Xlendi Bay is to take a boat out and explore the many caves on the sides of the bay. When you’re done, you can cool off at one of the many cafés at Xlendi Village.

Where to stay: Hotel San Andrea

There are quite a few affordable hotel options in Xlendi village, but Hotel San Andrea is a top pick. Situated amongst the cliffs of Xlendi Valley, Hotel San Andrea offers a modern boutique hotel experience on Gozo Island. The best part is that through the room balcony, guests will be able to enjoy a stunning view over Xlendi Bay.


Dwejra Bay, Gozo Island

Dwejra Bay used to be the site where Malta’s famous Azure Window stood, but the iconic rock formation has unfortunately since collapsed in 2017. Still, you should still check out Dwejra Bay as it’s a stunning beach, even without the Azure Window.

Featured in the television series Game of Thrones, Dwejra Bay is nothing short of epic. You won’t find a pleasant swimming beach here – instead, you’ll encounter imposing rock formations, big crashing waves and an impressive coastline. This is a must-see beach if you’re visiting Gozo Island.

Where to stay: TA’ LORENZO

Just 3 kilometres away from Dwejra Bay, the Ta’ Lorenzo country house offers a unique boutique experience for all guests. With its traditional Maltese architecture, red painted doors and ornate furniture, a stay at Ta’ Lorenzo will be unlike any other in Malta.


Ramla Bay, Gozo Island

Located along the northern coastline of Gozo Island, Ramla Bay is perhaps Gozo’s most scenic beach. Ramla Bay’s sand is of a golden-reddish hue, which makes it stand out from all the other beaches in the country.

This gem is surrounded by green pastures, which makes the unique colour of the sand all the more contrasting.

To get the best view over Ramla Bay, head over to Tal Mixta Cave – a hidden cove high up in Gozo’s hills that overlooks Ramla Bay. From here, you’ll get to see the entire stretch of sand, as well as Ramla Bay’s blue waters.

Where to stay: Cornucopia Hotel

Ten minutes away by car from Ramla Bay, the Cornucopia Hotel is a four-star estate featuring lavish furniture, an outside pool, and traditional charm. Guests here will be able to enjoy indoor-outdoor living, as rooms are complete with a balcony or patio.


Blue Lagoon, Comino Island

There may not be a whole lot to do in bite-sized Comino Island, but the bright azure waters of Blue Lagoon will keep you entranced for a long time. You’ll have to take a boat to get there – but once your eyes set on just how pristine this lagoon is, you won’t regret your trip.

Blue Lagoon features some of Malta’s bluest waters, and is rightfully one of the most popular – if not most popular –  beach in the country. Here, the waters are extremely still and tranquil.

Being one of the best beaches in Malta, this natural pool gets especially busy in the summer, with plenty of visitors wanting to soak up the beauty of Blue Lagoon.

Where to stay: Comina Hotel

We would recommend staying on the island of Malta and making a day trip to the Blue Lagoon. However, if you really want to stay close to the beach, there’s only one hotel on Comino island – the aptly named Comino Hotel. The hotel offers basic facilities and clean rooms, but its biggest drawcard is its close proximity to the Blue Lagoon.


Final Thoughts

Malta is covered with truly awesome beaches. You’ll be spoilt for choice here with the variety on offer. When visiting these beaches, remember to pack sunscreen as the Maltese sun can be quite harsh in the summer. Sit back, unwind and relax as you enjoy any one of these best beaches in Malta and Gozo

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Whether its natural swimming pools, picturesque coves or lively coastal towns – Malta has got you covered. Here are some of the best beaches in Malta.

Whether its natural swimming pools, picturesque coves or lively coastal towns – Malta has got you covered. Here are some of the best beaches in Malta.


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