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11 Best Things To Do In Lisbon At Night

14th February 2024

Are you looking for the best things to do in Lisbon at night? Stop your search! There’s no need to stress figuring out how to enjoy Lisbon nightlife since we’ve put together a list of the 10 best things to do in Lisbon at night.

Tour the Romantic Pena Palace, a historic castle that’s part of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. Slide your dancing shoes on to go dancing at some of the best clubs in Lisbon, like the Cais do Pirata! Sit down and open your ears to bask in the ambiance of a Fado In Chiado performance, a traditional Portuguese style of music. Or drift down the Tagus River, drink in hand, with access to exclusive views of historical monuments and the busy Lisbon nightlife! 

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Best Things To Do In Lisbon At Night 

lisbon alfama fado portugal
Enjoy an evening of traditional live Fado music anywhere in Alfama

1. Lisbon by Night Bike or Segway Tour

E-bike the hills of Lisbon at night

There are plenty of things to do in Lisbon at night, like exploring the city by e-bike or segway. the view from the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara is a perfect night time scene to experience when visiting Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon by Night Bike or Segway Tour

E-bike tours of Lisbon can get you, without huffing and puffing, to vantage points like this to see a magical sunset and from there, onwards to Parque Eduardo VII, the Bairro Alto neighborhood, and up the steep street of Bica.

Book your Lisbon by night e-bike tour Here.

If you’d prefer to include the Alfama neighborhood in your tour, book this Libon at night e-bike tour instead.

Segway through the Alfama district at night

This 90 minutes tour glides along the narrow streets of the medieval Alfama neighborhood on self-balancing segways.

Book your Lisbon by night Segway tour here!

Check out our guide to other ways of getting around Lisbon HERE!

2. Discover 8,000 Sea Creatures At The Lisbon Oceanarium

The largest aquarium in all of Europe, the Lisbon Oceanarium is often said to jokingly resemble an aircraft carrier from the outside with its large structure.

The Oceanarium totals about 450 different species of marine life ranging from sea anemones and seahorses to sharks and sea otters. 

The Lisbon Oceanarium

In the main exhibit, wide-eyed viewers will be able to observe barracudas and sharks prowling the waters, though many eyes fall on the main attraction: the large sunfish.

Only a few aquariums house the interesting-looking sunfish as it requires a demanding routine to maintain its care. 

The Lisbon Oceanarium boasts four tanks for four different habitats. This includes the Temperature Pacific kelp forests, the North Atlantic rock coast, the Antarctic coastal line, and the Tropical Indian coral reefs.

Check out the impressive adaptations of organisms to their natural habitats and learn how the appearance of each species and its environment changes. 

Get your Lisbon Oceanarium ticket here.

3. Sail The Tagus River

The longest river in the Iberian Peninsula, the Tagus River starts in mid-eastern Spain to curve and stretch through Lisbon into the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the many things to do in Lisbon at night, there’s nothing quite like drifting down the river in a sailboat with a drink in hand! 

Sail The Tagus River

Enjoy a 2-hour cruise on the waters of the Tagus River through the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

From astounding historic monuments and landmarks speckling the waterfront scenery, the cruise comes with live commentary from the experienced crew to impose an impressive background to the culture of Lisbon. 

Whether in the morning, during the day, or at night, sail the waters of the Tagus River to pass the Monument to the Discoveries, the gallant 25 of April Bridge, the symbolic Castle of Sao Jorge, and much more!

Drinks are available to be toasted and sipped on while basking in the ultimate city views from the water. 

Book your Tagus River Cruise now.

4. See A Different Side Of Lisbon

Experience a different side of Lisbon with a night tour of popular landmarks and streets with exquisite views. Plus, a fado show to enjoy at the end to experience the many options for things to do in Lisbon at night!

This 4-hour night walking guided tour explores Lisbon’s array of landmarks.

See A Different Side Of Lisbon

Travel down Avenida Da Liberdade, an essential boulevard located in central Lisbon and home to the most expensive shopping streets in Europe.

The Avenida Da Liberdade leads to the Commerce Square which was once home to the Royal Palace but is now home to the Rua Augusta Arch, an arch-structured historical building. 

Savor the lively nightlife of Lisbon on this night walking tour. The tour ends at a local restaurant featuring traditional Portuguese cuisine and a live fado performance! 

Book your Lisbon by night walking tour now.

5. Experience A Live Fado Show

Experiencing a live Fado show is a must! Fado is one of the most important aspects of Portuguese culture and no visit ot Portugal would be complete without listening to a fado singer.

Fado is a traditional live music style that expresses an emotional experience performed by fadistas, or fado singers.

Dim the lights and watch as the audience hushes to soak in the vibrant performance of fado. 

fado show

Translating to fate, fado connects to a rush of emotion known as saudade, or a state of nostalgia or yearning. Much of the lyrics in fado are about broken hearts or even lost sailors at sea.

Many fado houses are small eateries or full-on restaurants where visitors can have the full experience of traditional Portuguese food and fado music. 

Get a taste of fado music with this Fado In Chiado performance! It features a 50-minute show located in the center of Lisbon where visitors can soak in emotionally vibrant music that was created and manifested in Portugal. 

Book your live Fado show experience HERE!

6. Visit One Of The Oldest Bars In Lisbon

The Foxtrot Bar is one of the oldest bars open in Lisbon, playing a part in over 38 years of Lisbon’s nightlife.

old lisbon bar

Famous with locals and tourists alike, the Foxtrot Bar is one of the best bars in Lisbon.

The bar boasts an English pub concept with four dimly lit rooms, Art Deco decor, a garden patio for cool nights, and plenty of music. 

There are loads of specialty drinks available at the Foxtrot Bar that cater to its raging success.

Drinks like Good Night Nurse, Smoked Negroni, and Sorry, It’s Not Tea, are only a few of the many customized drinks waiting to be sipped and enjoyed at the Foxtrot Bar! 

Book your best bar tours experience now.

7. Take Part In The Biggest Pub Crawl In Lisbon at night

Skip the annoying long lines and enjoy free drinks with this VIP Pub and Club Crawl!

Get a taste of Lisbon’s nightlife with the guidance of locals in Lisbon’s first and biggest pub crawl available in the city.

Pub Crawl In Lisbon at night

This tour includes a stop at three different bars and clubs, but first — you get 2 welcome shots to start off the night!

Savor an hour of unlimited beer, sangria, or two long drinks and after that, exclusive discounts are available in every bar and club visited.

Discover Lisbon’s nightlife in the iconic nightlife district of Bairro Alto in Lisbon where travelers on this tour guide get to skip lines with VIP entry access to the best bars in Lisbon!

Book your pub crawl here NOW!

8. Put On Your Dancing Shoes

It’s time to get ready to put on dancing shoes to thrive in Lisbon’s nightlife scene and get a taste of the best clubs in Lisbon!

One of the oldest dance clubs in Lisbon, Europa is located in a downtown area called Cais do Sodré.

Well-known for its sunrise morning sessions from 6 AM-10 AM where clubbers can carry on dancing, Europa personifies an edgy yet retro atmosphere with music ranging from DJs to a music bar with bass and drums.

If you’re a fan of electronic music, then Europa is the place to get your dance moves on!

Looking for different music? Step into Cais do Pirata, a nightclub where there is a mix of rumba, salad, African, and American music in one lively place.

At Cais do Pirata, the beer and rum are as great as the entertainment, dancing, and music.

9. Savor Portuguese Cuisine On A Food And Wine Walking Tour 

Taste the flavors of Portuguese Cuisine on a food and wine walking tour!

On a food and wine walking tour, travelers can experience Portuguese cuisine and traditional Lisbon locations.

Food And Wine Walking Tour 

From the insider’s scoop on local spots and recommendations, a guided tour can be a magnificent method to experiencing Lisbon nightlife like a local. 

Step into the 18th-century cafe Nicola, opened in 1787 by an Italian man.

This cafe provides a stunning setting and drool-worthy Portuguese tertúlias. Get a taste of Portugal’s famous fortified wine, Port, and the history of its origin.

Climb the hills of Lisbon with undeniably awesome views while sipping on Port and delicious Portuguese cuisine! 

Book your Lisbon food and wine-tasting walk HERE!

10. Sip On Wine At By The Wine

For all the wine lovers out there, step on it to By The Wine.

by the wine

A wine bar owned by the oldest wine producers in Portugal, José Maria da Fonseca, By The Wine provides petiscos, or small snacks, and perfectly sip-able Portuguese wine.

By The Wine is a family-owned business bordering on two whole centuries of business and history. The family business heavily invests in quality and renowned products to continue advancing their winemaking capabilities and techniques.

It’s no wonder By The Wine is so popular with wine lovers from all over the world!

Enjoy Lisbon nightlife with a sip of the Moscatel de Setúbal while snacking on Muscat grapes and other small snacks available at By The Wine in Lisbon! 

Hang out at the Rooftop bars of Lisbon

As well exploring as the bars and clubs in the Old red Light district around Pink Street, and experiencing live fado performances in the Alfama neighborhood, make some time at night to admire the view over Lisbon’s hills from the rooftop bars of the Bairro alto district.

Rooftop bars of Lisbon

You can hear the noise from the street and if you look up at night in Lisbon, the chances are, you’ll see a rooftop bar!

The three most well-know rooftop bars in Bairro alto are Lumi, the V Rooftop Bar, and the Silk Club.

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