Digital Nomad Desires - Introduction

23rd November 2016

As some of you guys may know, while we’re on this latest trip around the world, Shelley and I are keen to try and earn some money along the way. When we’ve travelled previously, earning money hasn’t been something we’ve considered. Our first year away in Australia aside (we worked for 50% of that year), our trips have basically been year long vacations.

The feeling of travelling from country to country without a care in the world, for a whole year, is something we wish everyone could experience. No deadlines to meet, no dress codes, no early mornings Monday to Friday and no boss! The feeling of quitting your job to travel the world is exhilarating. Read more on this here.

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In this first post in our Digital Nomad Desires series we explain why we're now chasing the digital nomad lifestyle while we travel the world.

Despite this feeling, we’ve now reached a stage in our lives where we’d almost feel guilty to do that again. Travelling the world is something Shelley and I both enjoy immensely but after several continual months of doing so, we can’t help but feel a bit lazy. Especially as we’ve already done this several times before.

We’re not saying travelling is lazy, in fact it’s far from it. An epic global trip takes a lot of planing, decision making, stress, communication and patience to name a few. After a year around the world we’re usually absolutely knackered! However, not working while all your friends and family are, somehow doesn’t sit right after a while.

We’re Finding a New Lifestyle

This time, part of our journey is about finding ourselves a new lifestyle. A lifestyle different to that of our busy lives we had back in London. London burnt us both out with long hours and long commutes so we’d rather not have to go back and do that again. We love London and would consider going back, but on different terms.

At the moment we have no idea what that new lifestyle will be, but it will eventually have to involve a new income stream to sustain it. The start of this journey was creating this blog. We want Finding Beyond to be a way for friends and family to keep up with where we are and what we’re up to, but we also hope it’ll open some new doors for us along the way. Doors that could lead to new friendships, inspiration and avenues to creating some sort of income while on the road.

My Pai in Thailand office

My Pai in Thailand office with cat!

The blog is already opening a couple of those doors. We’ve made a few friends in the blogging community who we would never have met if we didn’t have this blog. Some of these new friends are like us, blogging as a hobby, but others are making an income from theirs. This inspires us to keep going with ours when at times we want to give it all up. Blogging is not easy but there are proven ways to earn money from it if we’re successful. More on that later in the series.

Being a Digital Nomad

Working on the blog has immersed us in Chiang Mai’s digital nomad community. Chiang Mai is the digital nomad capital of the world. There are hundreds of people from the US, Australia, UK, Europe and other parts of the world, all trying to make a go of it online.

People starting new businesses, developing existing businesses or simply looking for inspiration. Thailand’s cheap living costs and reasonably flexible VISA options has digital nomads flocking to the country in their thousands.

These digital nomads are making an income online by doing freelance work or running their own business. These people are free to travel the world with their laptops and providing they have access to the internet, can earn their living remotely. We can’t call ourselves digital nomads yet since we aren’t earning a penny, but maybe that’ll change at some point in the future. This is what we’re currently chasing (finding).

Our office in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Our office in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Making money online by ways other than this blog isn’t something we considered or even knew much about before arriving in Chiang Mai. Because of this blog and who we’ve met through it, we’ve been inspired to look into this possibility deeper. I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of reading over the past few weeks. So much in fact that I now feel overwhelmed with possible options.

They all have their pros and cons which I’ll go into another time, but maybe, just maybe, we may give something a go and see how it pans out. That’s what a lot of people have done here in Chiang Mai. They’ve taken a risk and for some it’s worked out well. Though many others have failed and they’ve returned home to the normality of the 9 to 5, but at least they’ve tried.

Fear of Failure

I was a little unsure about documenting our journey to become a digital nomad. I’ll most likely feel embarrassed if nothing works out and we return home empty handed. I do have a fear of failure and with that comes some anxiety, but we could be one of the lucky ones. If we are, then our journey may inspire others who are wishing to do the same. We’d rather try and fail than fail to try.


If we do fail then I know one thing for sure; we would have learnt a lot of new skills and knowledge that we can take home with us. Through running this blog we’re learning much about SEO (search engine optimisation), WordPress site management, social media and I hope my writing is improving. That can only be a good thing in todays online obsessed world.

In the next blog in our Digital Nomad Desires series, I’ll share some of the online business options we’ve been considering.

Are you a digital nomad? How did you feel when you were starting out? Please share by commenting below.

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In this first post in our Digital Nomad Desires series we explain why we're now chasing the digital nomad lifestyle while we travel the world.

10 thoughts on "Digital Nomad Desires – Introduction"

  • Karla says:

    You should joint the FB Interpid Entrepreneurs Community. Hannah and Nate both are Digital Nomads.

  • James says:

    I’m excited about this series as we’re on a similar journey so I’ll be following closely. Looking forward to seeing what options you come up with and how it all works out for you. Best of luck

  • Amy says:

    Sounds like a great plan, I know you guys can do it. Andrew and I are still near the beginning of our digital nomad journey but with time and perseverance we’re making a living. Like you, our eyes have been opened to some many different possibilities since we arrived in Chiang Mai, it’s so great to be surrounded by other people on the same/similar life paths. Good luck!

  • We are getting to a similar position where we would like to seek opportunities in monetising our blog so will be interesting to follow your journey. Go for it, nothing ventured nothing gained. We wish you all the best!

  • Hannah says:

    This inspires me to travel the world with my husband and daughter while earning money on the road. I know a lot of people who earns money now through online jobs and me and my husband are one of them as much as we love traveling too. But for those single nomads out there it’s just so lovely to meet someone who shares same passion as you right? I can recommend one site that might help you in this journey as well. Visit this if you have time.

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