By Darren Griffiths

How to Spend a Weekend in Vancouver

16th April 2023

Nestled between the mesmerizing mountains and kissed by the charged waters of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver has unarguably plenty of reasons to be loved and adored.

Stop by the Grouse Mountain, linger at Kitsilano Beach, or catch up the wind in Stanley Park. Vancouver, with its enchanting and glistening landscape will make you feel relaxed and delighted.

Prepare a week-long itinerary or spend just a weekend in Vancouver, which is just enough to find out that the place’s charm is simply irresistible.

This enchanting city of British Columbia-Canada has something for everyone. You only need to be a free soul ready to explore the unearthed gems of Vancouver!

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So, are you all geared up to step into Vancouver? This weekend guide is going to take you on an electrifying roller coaster ride. Let’s roll into the majestic city of Vancouver!

DAY 1 in Vancouver

Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach

Start your day at Café Medina

The Medican Café hosts the most savoring brunch menu, such as avocado toasts, sandwiches au porc, belgian waffles, and many more down the list.

Waffles with extra creamy toppings along with a wide variety of coffees (mocha, latte, london fog, cappuccino, americano) will let you start your day well!

Head towards the Stanley Park

After a delicious and filling breakfast, make sure to head straight towards the Stanley Park for a walk. It has a plethora of attractions in its 400 hectares vast landscape. Beaches, cycling trails, totem displays, glistening Seawall, Salish Gateways, 32 million years old Siwash Rock, and many more.

Try the exciting watersports or cycle around the Seawall. You will feel all soaked up in the tranquility of the park’s natural setting.

Feast lunch at the Teahouse in Stanley Park

Once you’re done with your walk and have tried the available attractions in the park, it’s time for the next meal. The laid-back vibe of the 100 years old teahouse will be perfect! Moreover it takes you back in time. Try the most authentic taste of local seafood at this exotic restaurant.

New Canadian cuisine, brunch, and cocktails are also on the menu to level up the delicious afternoon meal. Get some food to have energy for further exploration of the city!

Relax at Kitsilano Beach

Located at a stone’s throw from Stanley Park, Kitsilano Beach is a quite an exciting area in Vancouver. Tennis courts, volleyball nets, and the saltwater swimming pool are the famous hot spots of the beach.

Kitsilano beach is perfect for all water sports-lover. You can try kayaking, water aerobics, or swimming along the warm, slow waves of the Ocean.

Vancouver Maritime Museum is another exciting place to visit when you’re already at the Kitsilano Beach. The primary attraction to spot in the museum is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police schooner (St. Roch), which is an impressive historic vessel!

Stroll along the Granville Street

Neon-lit stretch, packed with people and an endless series of bars and restaurants. The Granville Street qualifies for a perfectly charged evening. Catch a live performance at the Commodore Ballroom or join the crowd at the Orpheum Theatre.

Both showcase an excellent display of performing arts to light up your night mood and relax before the attractions that are waiting for you the next day of your weekend trip to Vancouver.

DAY 2 in Vancouver

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain

Have Breakfast at The Templeton

Start your day with a delicious breakfast! The Templeton has been operating since 1908 and houses the most authentic vibe from the past with the display of different artifacts, such as soda fountains and jukeboxes.

Check out their breakfast menu loaded with bacon, turkey sausages, a wide variety of avocado options, and seafood. Whether you are a vegetarian or love meaty servings, the Templeton is the perfect place to go to.

Explore the Grouse Mountain

Once you’re all ready after having breakfast at the Templeton, it’s time for some more exploring! Vancouver is full of breathtaking natural attractions, such as the Grouse Mountain.

It is the most sought-after natural tourist destination in the area. So, why not go for a hiking trip where you will get to explore the unspoiled beauty of Grouse.

The Grouse Grind Trail is open for hiking for all age groups. The steep staircase leading up to the skyline is already impressive, but the views from the top are the most spectacular and unique!

Grizzly bears, chirping hummingbirds, and various species of migratory birds returning to Grouse in Spring is a sight to behold.

Get ready for sky riding on an aerial tram, taking on mountain zip lines, and walking through the enchanting light tunnel available in the Winter time. Moreover, if you happen to be there in the Winter season, then skating, skiing, and snowboarding should also be on the top of your list!

Dine-in Cruise

What can be a better way to conclude the weekend trip in Vancouver than to feast a romantic dinner on a cruise by the mountains.

Harbor Cruises & Events is popular among tourists willing to watch the mesmerizing sunsets with a buffet dinner accompanied by live music.

With the magnificent landscape of mountains looming over you, the energetic waves hitting the cruise, and sun rays gleaming against your face, this night will be unforgettable. A perfect ending to a magical weekend!

Final words

Vancouver is buzzing with nightlife, sandy beaches, exciting water sports, hiking trails, and the beautiful display of nature in the botanical gardens.

Vancouver will not let you get bored. Customize your trip or simply follow our guide. We promise you a fun-packed weekend trip!

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