By Darren Griffiths

World's Best Ocean Cruise Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

26th February 2023

Last updated on March 7th, 2023 at 05:34 am

There are two distinctive types of avid cruisers. One is those who sail to the same destination time and again, and the other loves exploring alternatively new places. While we would gladly host a friendly gathering with the prior group, we would plot a refined bucket list for the latter. If you are a sucker for exploring new cruising destinations, this article is going to help you find some new and awesome destinations to explore.

We value the interest of any prospective cruise sailors in exploring new places, so we have chalked out the ultimate wish list. These stunningly picturesque spots are a must-visit at least once in your lifetime.

Opting for a charter cruise to these remarkable destinations makes them more efficient, affordable, and accessible than any other traveling option. We have compiled our all-time favorite cruising destinations, which are a must for your bucket list. Please keep reading to learn about our finest picks.

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Must-Visit Cruising Destinations for Your Bucket List

All travel enthusiasts have exquisite dream cruises in their minds. You must have thought about cruising to a destination beyond your imagination, like the Mediterranean or South Pacific.

In your younger days, you might have dreamt of taking a weeklong sea voyage with Mickey Mouse and friends on a Disney cruise, with the amenities on board being superior to the destinations on offer. But as a travel-lover it’s the destination that is the main appeal. 


What’s better than witnessing snow-covered mountains and penguins walking past you? So if you ever dream about visiting all seven continents, then cruising to Antarctica must be on your bucket list. Besides, there is no better way to reach the driest place on earth.

Antarctica’s two distinctive cruising styles include expedition sailings and Sail Bys. The first option gives you the privilege of stepping on the land and exploring the continent. The latter option only offers distant viewing and lets you pass across the continental shores on enormous ships.


Famously known as the land of the midnight sun, the last frontier of Alaska stands tall in all its grandeur. With plenty of Alaska cruise deals to choose from, this majestic destination is a must-visit place and shall be included on all cruise bucket lists. The bald eagles and huge whales are great to watch while sailing across the remarkable shorelines.

The captivating glacier-dotted fjords are bound to leave you in awe. It would be best to visit Klondike for a short shore excursion and take a quick tour of Denali National Park.


Hawaii which island to visit Kauai

If a postcard-perfect destination had some name, that would undoubtedly be the Hawaiian Islands. This picturesque destination is a solid example of something that defines paradise on earth. The long beaches and dotted palms enhance the serenity and make the place more heavenly.

You would never want to miss witnessing the steaming bright red lavas from the active volcanoes. The huge curling waves across the sea will tingle your desire to surf across them. Besides these, there are many other things to do and explore in Hawaii. Thus, we can rightfully say that the Hawaiian Islands are ideal for your bucket list.

Norwegian Fjords

Do the Northern Lights make you feel that you belong to a magical world? Well, we feel the same too! Adding Norwegian Fjords to your cruising bucket list will let you witness glimpses of the pretty Northern Lights. Moreover, you can also explore some of the fascinating scenic cruising opportunities.

Copyright: Photo by Stein Egil Liland on Pexels

Australian Circumnavigation

best-cities-to-visit-in-australia-sydney (1)

All important cities of Australia are situated along the stretched coastlines. So cruising across the enormous island will let you explore all things that the country has to offer. From koalas to kangaroos, the massive biodiversity will leave you thrilled and elated.

The busiest cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, and Brisbane, have fantastic things. You can dive deep to explore the Great Barrier Reef to find out your feet in crocodile-infested Darwin. The inland visit to Uluru and Alice Springs is a must for witnessing sunrise and sunset.

These magnificent explorations of Australia make it perfect for your cruising bucket list.

Panama Canal

If you love exploring how things are made, you’ll indeed fantasize about learning about the architectural ingenuity of mankind. Cruising the Panama Canal offers you to explore the same, thereby making it a must-visit place for your bucket list. The gigantic locks will leave you amazed and awestruck regardless of whatever cruise you choose.

Further, the captivating stories about the buildings of the Panama Canal will leave you enchanted. Earlier, only small cruises and yachts were allowed to sail across the Canal. But now, it has been deliberately enlarged to make way for bigger ships. We assure you that cruising to the Panama Canal will be a fantastic experience.

To Conclude

To make time for these bucket list cruising destinations, you’re going to need to work on your schedule! Believe it or not, these destinations are incorporated with the desirable itineraries to obtain the best experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Gear up to explore the entire cruising bucket list.