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Where to Stay in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal

26th January 2023

On the sunny southern coast of Portugal lies the tourist region known as Algarve. Spotted with quaint towns, spectacular beaches, and a sunny atmosphere, Algarve attracts tourists from around the world hoping to enjoy the wonderful scenery and relaxing vibes. 

The small seaside village of Vilamoura is one of the gems of Algarve, known for both its vibrant culture and numerous beaches. Whether you’re drawn to Vilamoura for its world-famous marina or you’re simply looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy the ambiance of Portugal, you’ll want to look ahead to find where to stay in Vilamoura

To help take away some of the stress of planning your vacation, here’s a look at the best areas to stay in Vilamoura, and accommodation options in each region. 

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Vilamoura Marina

The heart and center of the action in Vilamoura, everything about the town was constructed around the marina. Like many towns in Algarve, Vilamoura began as a fishing village and later expanded to the tourist scene present today. 

From high-class cruise ships to local fishing boats, there’s always something to see and explore when you visit the marina. It’s considered the biggest tourist attraction and the best area to stay in Vilamoura, so some of the best accommodation options are located right next to the marina, along with numerous restaurants, local shops, and clubs. 

Best Budget Hotel in Vilamoura Marina: Luna Olympus

Luna Olympus offers hotel apartments right next to the marina, perfect for enjoying one of the best areas to stay Vilamoura. Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen and microwave, as well as free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. Guests can also enjoy the pool and schedule a session at the spa center located onsite. 

Click here for availability – Luna Olympus

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Vilamoura Marina: Vila Gale Marina

If you’re wondering where to stay in Vilamoura that has style and access to the marina, Vila Gale Marina fits the bill. With tennis courts, a gym, and outdoor and indoor pools, you can do a full workout then relax and enjoy a meal at the Restaurant Galeão on site. 

From the balcony of your room, you’ll have a direct view out over the marina. With just a few minutes walking, you’ll be at the beach. The Vila Gale Marina is popular among golfers, with a free shuttle to the golf courses of Vilamoura. 

Click here for availability –  Vila Gale Marina

Best Luxury Hotel in Vilamoura Marina: Tivoli Marina Vilamoura

Truly a high-class option, you have a view of the Marina and the Atlantic Ocean through the floor to ceiling windows in each hotel room at Tivoli. The property is right on the beach, making it easy to access the sand and surf. On-site, there are dining and entertainment options, as well as a pool, airport shuttle, and fitness center. 

Click here for availability – Tivoli Marina Vilamoura

Vilamoura Golf Courses

Situated a bit farther away from the ocean are Vilamoura’s famous golf courses. If you’re a golf fan coming to Vilamoura to enjoy the rolling green turf and pleasant weather, you should definitely find a hotel in the region when looking at where to stay in Vilamoura

Many of the hotels are still close enough to the beach that you can enjoy a game of golf and then bike or take a short taxi ride to spend an afternoon on the sand. Some hotels offer special promotions at specific golf courses, which can help you get the best all-around deal for your vacation. 

Best Budget Hotel in Vilamoura Golf Courses: Parque Mourabel Oasis Village 

With two swimming pools, gardens, and a restaurant on-site, Parque Mourabel has great accommodation at reasonable prices. While it may be a bit farther from the beach, you can rent bikes to get around Vilamoura with ease. If you prefer cooking your own meals, some rooms also have complete kitchens. 

Check availability – Parque Mourabel Oasis Village & Pe do Lago

Best Mid-RangeHotel in Vilamoura Golf Courses: Prado do Golf

When looking at the best area to stay in Vilamoura if you’re a golf fan, Prado do Golf is the way to go. Close to four of Vilamoura’s courses – including the Laguna and Pinhal courses – a fun day of golfing is right around the corner. At the apartment, you can enjoy a private terrace, a swimming pool, and breakfast every morning to get fueled up for a day of adventure. 

Check availability – Prado do Golf

Best Luxury Hotel in Vilamoura Golf Courses: Capitalmoura Mouragolf Village

About a five-minute drive from the marina and beach, the Mouragolf Village is perfect for those in search of a bit more privacy when looking at where to stay in Vilamoura. Each villa has two floors and boasts an equipped kitchen, patio, and living area. On-site, you can enjoy mini-golf, bike rentals, and horse-back riding if you’re looking for a bit of adventure or want to try something new during your vacation. 

Check availability –  Capitalmoura Mouragolf Village 


The popular area known as Quarteira is close to Vilamoura beach and the Roman ruins dating back to the Bronze Age. Like Vilamoura, Quarteira traces its roots back to a fishing village. While you can still enjoy excellent fresh seafood, Quarteira has changed its primary focus to tourism. 

It’s considered the best area to stay in Vilamoura if you’re a beach fan; Praia de Quarteira has been awarded a Blue Flag every year for its cleanliness and safety, and just across the marina is the popular Praia da Falésia. 

Best Budget Hotel in Quarteira: Hotel Quarteirasol

With the beach just 150 feet away, Hotel Quarteirasol is perfect if you’re looking for where to stay in Vilamoura on a budget, but still want to be close to the ocean. There’s always help on hand with 24-hour reception, and you can start your day with a buffet breakfast served at the restaurant. To get around town, there are bicycles for rent, and the main street of Quarteira is just a two-minute walk from the hotel. 

Check availability – Hotel Quarteirasol

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Quarteira: Dom Jose Beach Hotel

Looking for a view when traveling to Vilamoura? Dom Jose Hotel is located right on the beach, where you can enjoy looking out at the Atlantic Ocean from the panoramic deck at the on-site restaurant. During high season, guests can also take advantage of the section of private beach at the hotel to avoid the crowds of tourists and enjoy a bit more personal space. In addition to the restaurant, Dom Jose also has a pool, gym, and an on-site currency exchange in case you run out of cash and need to change some bills during your stay. 

Check availability –  Dom Jose Beach Hotel

Best Luxury Hotel in Quarteira: Cavalo Preto Luxury Beach Apartments

Looking for where to stay in Vilamoura with some privacy and personal space? The Cavalo Preto Apartments offer the perfect option for travelers looking for luxury and independence. Each apartment has a complete kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, and flat-screen TV, making it the ideal place to take a vacation that still has all the comforts of home. With numerous high-end restaurants nearby and an airport shuttle service, it’s easy to kick back and relax during your vacation. 

Check availability – Cavalo Preto Luxury Beach Apartments

Vilamoura Center

If you’d rather not stay directly on the beach, there are plenty of excellent accommodation options in the center of Vilamoura. Since the town is small and easy to navigate, you’ll still be able to enjoy the beaches. 

You can also take advantage of being in proximity to some of Vilamoura’s other attractions like museums, historical monuments, and excellent restaurants. Vilamoura is famous for some of its churches, as well as the ancient Roman ruins, both of which are perfect spots to get some vacation photos. The best area to stay in Vilamoura for photographers, some might say. 

Best Budget Hotel in Vilamoura Center: Interpass Alvaflor

You won’t have to give up comfort and luxury while sticking to a budget at Interpass Alvaflor. The apartments come with free Wi-Fi and a kitchen, and on-site, you can enjoy the large swimming pool. For easy transportation to attractions like the Roman Ruins and beaches, bicycles are available for rent. 

Check availability –  Interpass Alvaflor

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Vilamoura Center:: Marsol Flat

A perfect home-away-from-home, each apartment of the Marsol Flats features a living area, bath and shower, kitchen, and washing machine. If the question of where to stay in Vilamoura is dependent on finding a relaxed and personal space, Marsol Flat is the answer. In addition to all the nearby attractions, you can also enjoy the large pool, garden, and free Wi-Fi on-site during your stay. 

Check availability – Marsol Flat

Best Luxury Hotel in Vilamoura Center:: Prado Villas

Craving a spot removed from the tourist scene with a bit more nature? With landscaped gardens, outdoor terraces, and patios connected to each villa, Prado Villas keeps you close to the action while maintaining a peaceful setting. In your villa, you can take advantage of the kitchen, two bathrooms, and beautiful traditional Portuguese artwork decorating the place. There’s an outdoor swimming pool and plenty of authentic local restaurants within walking distance of the villas. If you’re coming from the airport, Prado Villas has a shuttle, as well as free parking on site. 

Check Availability – Prado Villas

Final thoughts…

There are always so many details to planning a vacation – from booking plane tickets to deciding on which attractions to visit; it’s understandable that it can begin to feel a bit overwhelming. To help you plan ahead and narrow down your options about where to stay in Vilamoura, this list can guide you to select the perfect place for you based on your budget and interests in the Algarve region of Portugal. 

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To help plan your Algarve vacation, here’s a look at where to stay in Vilamoura, Portugal, and accommodation options in each region for all budgets.

To help plan your Algarve vacation, here’s a look at where to stay in Vilamoura, Portugal, and accommodation options in each region for all budgets.