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26th March 2023

With a native population of just over 74,000 residents, it is crazy to think that over three million tourists flock to Ubud annually. The reason so many people come here is the pure unbridled beauty of it all.

Taking its name from the Balinese word for medicine – Ubad – this town was historically known for its abundance of medicinal plants and herbs. In recent years, however, due to an influx of artists in the ’60s, it has become known as a sort of cultural hub of the island of Bali.

But where are the best places to stay in Ubud? That’s where we come in. This guide will help you decide not only where to stay in Ubud for your type of trip, but also suggest hotels to suit each budget.

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Where To Stay In Ubud, Bali

Ubud City Centre

Ubud city center is where to stay in Ubud for those who want to be right in the middle of the action. If you feel like you can’t entirely leave the hustle and bustle behind and prefer to opt for a more authentic city trip, why not stay in Ubud’s busy city center? Filled with likable characters and studios where artists sell every form of craft imaginable, the center gets pretty busy in the daytime but chills out a bit more at night.

For those wanting to know where to stay in Ubud and looking for easy access to the restaurants and art market, Ubud city center is the best place to stay by far. Start your day with breakfast at a small art cafe and walk the city streets until lunch, picking up some arts and crafts on the way. For dinner, there are many great, authentic places to eat before heading back to your hotel for drinks on a moonlit terrace.

Best Hotels In Ubud City Centre

Budget – Cahaya Indah Villas 

While it’s not surprising that the more budget choices for accommodation in Ubud are mainly found outside the city, there are one or two exceptions. At only five minutes drive from Ubud market, these Villas are a great place to take in the sights and be close to the action. This is effectively a five-star retreat at two-star prices, and one of the best budget choices for anyone wanting to know where to stay in Ubud.

Click Here For Availability – Cahaya Indah Villas 

Mid-range – Alaya Resort

For a slightly more luxurious vibe without breaking the bank, why not stay at the moderately priced Alaya Resort, which offers a great location and all the spa treatments and excursions one can expect from a resort. The Alaya Resort is just 700 meters from the town center and has a fitness facility and outdoor pool to help you make the most of your stay.

Click Here For Availability – Alaya Resort

Luxury – Komaneka at Monkey Forest.

Situated in some of the most luscious surroundings available in Ubud, Komaneka is a feast for all the senses. If you want to visit Ubud city center in style, there are few better choices than booking a spacious room decorated in the best of Balinese styling. Treat yourself to the spa before enjoying the authentic cuisine in the outdoor restaurant or the comfort of your room.

Click Here For Availability – Komaneka

Goa Gajah

If the city center is not your thing and you want to go for something completely different, why not head for the unofficial backpacking capital of Ubud, Goa Gajah. For backpackers, this is the best area to stay in Ubud. The name of this wonderfully mysterious site translates to mean ‘Elephant Cave,’ and though it will only take a short while to explore the cave itself, the area surrounding is truly one of splendor. If you are asking yourself where to stay in Ubud, this might be it.

Goa Gajah is well known for being the area that backpacking travelers head to in droves, and there is good reason for this. The cave itself has been dated back to the 11th century and houses both Hindu and Buddhist temples. To reach the site, you walk through the mouth of a demon carved out of stone.

With an incredible temple grounds set within rice fields and gardens, this is one part of Ubud that is not to be missed. Whether you are looking for history, culture, or just a great photo opportunity, this is where to stay in Ubud.

Best Hotels Near Goa Gajah

Budget – Villa Rumah Bakti.

As far as budget accommodation in this area goes, Villa Rumah Bakti is amongst the best on offer. With private bathrooms, free WiFi, kitchen facilities, and a flat screen tv, there isn’t much more you could want from a two-star accommodation less than one kilometer from the Elephant Cave.

Click Here For Availability – Villa Rumah Bakti

Mid-range – KajaNe Yangloni

An excellent example of mid-range accommodation in the area near the Elephant Cave is the KajaNe Yangloni, a beautiful collection of wooden houses surrounded by rice paddies. An outdoor pool, cable tv, and a shuttle into central Ubud are all on offer at this four-star retreat.

Click Here For Availability – KajaNe Yangloni

Luxury – The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah


This is by far the most luxurious choice for accommodation in the area. In and amongst gloriously Balinese decor and nestled in a setting of rice fields is The Chedi Club. There are rooms with private pools as well as private butlers on offer in a resort that has a passion for excellence.

Click Here For Availability – The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah


The village of Peliatan may only be ten minutes walking distance from the center of Ubud, but it stands as its own separate city of sorts. This quiet piece of Ubud is billed as one of the more family-friendly places to stay in the area and is filled with traditional Indonesian heritage. Perhaps the best choice of where to stay in Ubud if you have kids in tow. 

Marking the boundary to Peliatan (which is based on ancient laws of the kingdom) is the Royal Palace Of Peliatan, once home to the resident royal family. It is a beautiful and decadently dressed building which still holds many of Ubud’s royal treasures. This is where to stay in Ubud if you are looking for Balinese history.

Due to its proximity to the hustle and bustle of Ubud city center, and also the fact that it is still a peaceful and quaint part of town, Peliatan is a place for all types of traveler. It is within walking distance of many of the town’s main attractions, yet far enough away from the noise to make it a quiet getaway. For families, this is the best area to stay in Ubud.

Best Hotels in Peliatan

Budget – Geriya House

Here, we have the true essence of budget accommodation done in the Balinese way. This guest house offers travelers the chance to stay with a family of dancer toy makers in your own private room with WiFi and a terrace. This is the way to see how the Balinese live while staying in Ubud on a budget.

Click Here For Availability – Geriya House

Mid-range –  Ary House


Another more formal type of guest house which offers various rooms, as well as a garden and terrace, is Ary House. For those looking where to stay in Ubud on a mid-range budget, try Ary House. This is a great way to check out the area in relative luxury without spending too much; each room has a balcony and garden view. There is breakfast available, as well as cycle hire (this area is excellent for bike rides).

Click Here For Availability –  Ary House

Luxury – Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

If you are looking for luxury in the region of Peliatan, you need look no further than the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa. Spend your day taking in a spa treatment by the river or chilling out in the infinity pool; there is no end to the decadence on offer here. With four different restaurants and a lush garden, this is a fantastic way to spend your time in Peliatan.

Click Here For Availability – Maya Ubud Resort & Spa


Another area on our list of where to stay in Ubud is Penestanan. This neighborhood is only a short walk to the more modern facilities and luxuries that are found in the city center, but still away from the chaos. This quiet and culture-filled suburb of Ubud is unofficially where it all began for the art scene here in Ubud.

Back in the 1930s, when the artists began to flock to this inspiring and mesmerizing part of the world, they chose Penestanan as their home. You can feel the history here and walk the same streets as Walter Spies did back when the German painter began championing Balinese culture.

If you prefer art over souvenir key chains and would rather sleep to the sounds of the rice paddies than the sound of traffic, this is the best area in Ubud for you. Soak up some authentic Bali with less of the tourist trappings and a vast amount of wonderful Ubud villa rentals.

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Best Hotels In Penestanan

Budget – Saka Village Resort

For those that are traveling to the Penestanan area of Ubud on a budget, the Saka Village Resort offers tropical gardens and a quiet retreat, where meditation and yoga are available daily. Thatched roofing covers the wooden decor of the rooms here, and some rooms have kitchen facilities or even private pools.

Click Here For Availability – Saka Village Resort

Mid-range – Jagi Villa

A great choice for a mid-range place to stay in Penestanan is Jagi Villa. Guests can expect a warm welcome and fantastic breakfast, as well as a shuttle service to the city center. Free WiFi is available, as well as a large terrace and swimming pool to be enjoyed when the day’s heat picks up.

Click Here For Availability – Jagi Villa

Luxury – The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa

On the more luxurious side of the accommodation in and around Penestanan, there is an amazing resort where you can choose between spa treatments or organic menus while you lounge in the hot tub. The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa offers air-conditioned rooms with beautiful design throughout, as well as fine French dining or traditional cuisine at the in house restaurants.

Click Here For Availability – The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa


A place that tourism and its various effects are only just beginning to touch, this sublime suburb neighbors Peliatan. This is where a vast majority of the musical side of Ubud resides, as it is home to some of the humble beginnings of Ubud’s music and dance culture. Culturally, this is the best area to stay in Ubud.

The fantastic dance spectacles that are a regular feature of this area are just one reason to stay here. There is a rich history of painting that goes back to the ‘60s, a period which saw many of the towns locals begin taking up the new art form as a means of earning income. Now, there are studios dotted along the main street where you can pick up something special to take home.

If waking up to the sound of friendly chatter and having a quick bite to eat before taking in an astounding display of music and dance is your thing, then book your stay in Pengosekan and stop asking yourself where to stay in Ubud.

Best Hotels in Pengosekan.

Budget – MaxOneHotels

As far as budget hotels go, the rooms and facilities available at MaxOneHotels are among the best you could hope for at these prices. With an outdoor pool and flat screen TVs in each room, as well as free parking for driving guests, this is a great budget option.

Click Here For Availability – MaxOneHotels

Mid-range – Ume Sri Villas

For a slightly more stylish stay, why not book your room at Ume Sri Villas and enjoy the feel of luxury without the high price tag. Units come with kitchens, dining areas, flat screen TVs, and a private bathroom. Guests even have access to a terrace with an outdoor pool.

Click Here For Availability – Ume Sri Villas

Luxury – Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa

Offering a calm and serene setting surrounded by the natural beauty of the Balinese countryside is the Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa. Here, you can enjoy the two infinity pools or book a soothing massage after taking in a dance class or yoga session – which are available to book upon request. There are excursions aplenty here too, from rice paddy walks to tours of the various temples. This is definitely the luxury choice for travelers to Pengosekan.

Click Here For Availability – Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa

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Are you heading to Ubud, Bali's cultural heart? Check out our best area guide to where to stay in Ubud Bali, including recommended hotels!

Are you heading to Ubud, Bali's cultural heart? Check out our best area guide to where to stay in Ubud Bali, including recommended hotels!

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