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Where to Stay in Douro Valley, Portugal (Near Porto)

26th January 2023

There’s no place on earth quite like the Douro Valley. Famed for its mesmerizing train rides and jaw-dropping natural scenery, this UNESCO World Heritage site will sweep you into bliss with its surreal views and dramatic natural beauty. 

With its laid-back ambiance, this serene destination will also give you a refreshing escape from your bustling daily grind. What’s more, this majestic Portuguese paradise will appease your palate with its delightful wines and mouth-watering cuisine. 

Inspired to travel to this Portuguese destination but don’t know where to stay in Douro Valley? Well, fear not; we’ve prepared a guide to the best Douro Valley hotels and accommodations for you. 

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Pinhão is truly one of the most popular and picture-perfect Douro Valley towns. Set right at the heart of the Douro River’s wine country, this town is beloved for its proximity to the quintas – or vineyards. 

Here, you can fill your vacation days touring vineyards as well as sipping world-class wines to your heart’s content. Pinhao is where to stay in Douro Valley if you want easy access to everything. 

One of the must-visit vineyards in Pinhao is the Quinta do Seixo – a 100-acre vineyard estate and one of the region’s most famous wine producers. 

If ever you need a break from the non-stop wine escapades, head to the Douro River and paddle a kayak. Furthermore, don’t forget to drop by the attractive railway station in the village. 

Pinhao is also a great base if you’re looking to add the Duoro Valley to your list of day trips from Porto

Best hotels in Pinhao:

Budget: Casa da Calcada

Wondering where to stay in Douro Valley when you’re on a tight budget? Consider Casa da Calcada as one of your top options when looking for places to stay in Douro Valley. 

Not only is it an inexpensive Douro Valley accommodation, but it also has tons of amenities and facilities. 

For instance, it has complimentary Wi-Fi, a shared lounge, terrace, balcony, and barbecue facilities. 

And did I mention that some of the rooms come with a gorgeous mountain view? 


Mid-range: Casas Botelho Elisa 

With its favorable location, Casas Botelho Elisa is a terrific base if you want to do a little sightseeing in the Douro Valley. Of course, it also boasts cushy rooms with some pleasant views and decorations. Even better, the property has a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as a cordial and helpful staff. 


Luxury: Casa do Riacho

Want to spend a lot of cash on your accommodations but don’t know where to stay in Douro Valley? Try Casa do Riacho! Exclusive and classy, this holiday home offers a luxurious Douro Valley accommodation with fabulous views, a balcony, and a private pool. 

It also has an on-site parking area, free Wi-Fi, and a host of other facilities and amenities. 



Lamego is a historic city renowned for its tiny hilltop chapel: the Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies. Established in 1791, this place has turned into a pilgrimage site, drawing flocks of worshippers every August and September. 

Praised for its maize farms and vineyards, this town also wows visitors with its wine and irresistible Baroque architecture. 

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, history buff, or a casual tourist, Lamego should be on your list of must-visit Douro Valley towns.  

Best hotels in Lamego:

Budget: Casa da Fonte 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a comfy and fantastic Douro Valley accommodation. At Casa da Fonte, you get to stay in a clean and neat house with a private bathroom, a living room with a television, and a fully equipped kitchen. 

Location-wise, it’s situated near the most popular Douro Valley villages and tourist attractions. 


Mid-range: O Cantinho do Colegio 

You’ll love the location of this hotel in the Douro Valley. After all, it’s nestled in the middle of Lamego, giving you easy access to the top historical attractions in the Douro Valley. And, this renovated space will also impress you with its romantic touches, minimalist features, comfort, originality, and cleanliness. 


Luxury: The Wine House Hotel – Quinta da Pacheca 

Are you a wine lover who needs some tips and hints as to where to stay in Douro Valley? 

They don’t call the Wine House Hotel one of the top Douro Valley hotels for nothing. Surrounded by vineyards and expansive grounds, this renovated 18th-century home beckons guests with its beautiful blend of historical atmosphere, traditional architecture, and contemporary design. 

Like most of the top luxury Douro Valley hotels, this haven is finely decorated and has extremely comfortable rooms with a plethora of amenities, like its free Wi-Fi. 

CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABILITY – The Wine House Hotel – Quinta da Pacheca 

Peso da Régua

Not only a best place to stay in Douro Valley, but no list of the best things to do in the Douro Valley is complete without a visit to Peso da Régua. Known as one of the most historically significant Douro Valley villages, this town had a crucial role in the development of Port wine. 

Today, this region is well-known for its spectacular views as well as vines that are grown majestically on terraced slopes that lead down to the Douro River.

As an added bonus, this is where to stay in Douro Valley as a convenient base for a scenic train ride, a river cruise, and a wine tour in the Douro Valley.

Best hotels in Peso da Regua:

Budget: Vale do Rodo 

Are you a budget-conscious traveler who’s still looking for suggestions on where to stay in Douro Valley? Why not book a stay at Vale de Rodo?

For an affordable price, you get to enjoy a clean and snug family-friendly accommodation with a terrace, free parking spot, and a garden. Moreover, it boasts a bunch of amenities that will surely make your stay even more comfortable. 

Did we mention that it’s pretty close to the Douro Museum?


Mid-range: Quinta de Marrocos 

From its remarkable restaurant to its stunning views, Quinta de Marrocos has everything you need for a memorable stay in the Douro Valley. Add in a reasonable price, and you’ve got all the hallmarks of one of the best Douro Valley hotels today. 

On top of it all, you can experience a wide variety of activities in the nearby areas, such as horse riding, cycling, and golfing. 


Luxury: Quinta da Salada 

Can’t resist the urge to splurge and need more hints on where to stay in Douro Valley? You might want to check out Quinta da Salada in Peso da Régua.

Designed for luxurious short-term Douro Valley accommodations, this modern and atmospheric apartment flaunts a lovely terrace and offers a ton of amenities. 

If you want to do a little sightseeing in the Douro Valley, this apartment is fortunately located in the center of the town. 


Foz do Tua 

Foz do Tua is one of the smaller Douro Valley areas. While it’s relatively petite, the village is surrounded by some of the region’s most essential farms, including the Quinta do Malvedos, Quinta dos Aciprestes, and Quinta do Tua. 

A visit here also allows you to gaze at an intriguing bridge representing a previous model of the Arrabida Bridge in Porto

More importantly, it offers an array of options for travelers who need suggestions and clues on where to stay in Douro Valley. 

Best hotels in Foz do Tua

Budget: Hotel Casa do Tua 

From the moment you arrive until your official check out, you’ll love every minute of your stay at Hotel Casa do Tua. Overlooking the famed river, this hotel will surely leave you speechless and in awe with its far-reaching vistas. And, it features an Instagrammable pool too, where you can savor those views. 

Even better, the hotel has a mishmash of amenities to make your stay even more pleasant, such as a homemade continental breakfast every morning and free Wi-Fi. 


Mid-range: Quinta de Santa Marinha 

With its romantic charm and scenic views, it’s no wonder this has been rated as one of the best hotels in the area. Although it’s technically located in Castedo, this hotel offers easy access to Foz du Tua and other Douro Valley towns. 

The hotel also offers a ton of perks, including free private parking, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a daily continental breakfast at the country house.

CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABILITY –  Quinta de Santa Marinha 

Mid-range: Dois Lagares House 

Every unit of this Douro Valley accommodation is fitted with a private bathroom, air conditioning, and a kitchen featuring a stovetop, oven, fridge, and microwave. This hotel also has free Wi-Fi and showcases a shared lounge. 



Last but not least on this list of where to stay in Douro Valley is Favaios. Favaios is a charming, quaint village celebrated for its iconic wine and homemade bread. As a matter of fact, it has a museum that tells the whole story of how their bread and wine have shaped the traditions and population of the Douro Valley. 

While exploring the village, don’t forget to visit Quinta da Avessada – a wondrous wine estate with picturesque views and atmospheric cellars. 

Best hotels in Favaios 

Budget: HI Alijo – Pousada de Juventude

For a low price, you get to stay in a spotlessly clean shared or private accommodation. As with most youthful hotels, this accommodation has a game room, free Wi-Fi, an on-site cafeteria, and vending machines with drinks and snacks. 

CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABILITY – HI Alijo – Pousada de Juventude

Mid-range: Casas da Faisca

Highly rated, this hotel lures guests with its beautiful terrace, garden, patio, and of course, spacious and comfortable rooms. Not to mention it has all the amenities you need for a comfortable and pleasurable stay, including a coffee machine, oven, microwave, and a whole lot more. 


Luxury: Hotel Rural da Quinto do Silval 

Hotel Rural da Quinto do Silval is the epitome of a luxurious vacation in the Douro Valley. As you unwind at this hotel, you’ll be enthralled by its striking views of the vineyards, river, and surrounding hills. 

Furthermore, it has tastefully decorated rooms with a load of cool features and amenities. 

CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABILITY – Hotel Rural da Quinto do Silval 

Hopefully, these suggestions have answered the common travel inquiry “where to stay in Douro Valley.” Truthfully, there are numerous fantastic places to stay in Douro Valley. But it’s still essential to do a little research before your trip so that you can find the right one that fits your budget, preferences, and Douro Valley travel itinerary. 

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To help plan your wine vacation, here’s a look at where to stay in Douro Valley, Portugal with accommodation options in each area to suit all budgets.

To help plan your wine vacation, here’s a look at where to stay in Douro Valley, Portugal with accommodation options in each area to suit all budgets.