By Darren Griffiths

Travelling to India? Follow These Tips For A Great Experience

2nd April 2023

India is a land of rich cultures, religions, and languages. 

While this is one of the most intriguing things about it, at the same time, you are likely to find yourself caught up in these cultural and geographical differences. Especially, if you are a first-time traveller to this beautiful and picturesque country. 

That being said, you must be aware of the various important dos and don’ts before travelling to the Indian land. Trust us, you’d be CRAZY not to! 

Here’s a curated list of the tips you must abide by before you depart for your trip to India.  

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  • Carry loose cotton clothing

Let’s get this straight. India is a hot and humid country for most parts of the year except for its winter months. 

Especially in North India, the temperature goes up to 45 degrees Celsius. And, you don’t want to get trapped in some polyester clothing and sweat the hell out of yourself, do you?

So, make sure to carry loose, cotton clothing on your trip to India. It’ll be your savior in the blazing summers! 

While those travelling to the region of Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh should carry additional layers like a warm pullover or a jacket because it gets chilly at night. And, those travelling to Ladakh should not even worry about the climate because it’s always cold there! 

  • Dress modestly, be it anywhere in India

Now that we are talking about the type of clothing to be worn on your trip to India, let me just reinstate the fact that you MUST DRESS MODESTLY. 

No matter which part of the country you are in, you must wear clothes that cover most of your body. 

We’ll be honest. The people in India are quite conservative and do not expect common women to be dressed skimpily. And, especially when you are at a religious place like a temple or Sikh Gurudwara

Take off your footwear before entering any of these and cover your head with a scarf when entering a gurudwara. 

  • Always opt for prepaid taxis WHENEVER you can

When in India, you should not rely completely on the auto-drivers or taxi-drivers. Most of them are known to con tourists, especially foreign nationals and dupe a large sum of money from them. 

On the other hand, prepaid taxis have a fixed rate; hence, it is unlikely that you will be a victim to overcharging! Lookout for prepaid taxi counters at the airport or railway stations and you will surely find them. 

Besides, don’t be totally clueless about the prices. Do some research and have an idea of it beforehand. 

  • Say NO to Hitch-Hikers

If you are driving on the Indian National Highways, always be extra-cautious for the hitch-hikers. Never offer them a ride, no matter what! 

Your intentions might be clean but not the person’s whom you just tried to help. Follow this rule of thumb and assure your own safety. 

Moreover, also beware of the village boundaries and intersections on the highway. People cross the roads carelessly often which gives rise to accidents. 

  • Bargain, it’s your right in India

Well, yes, you read that right. Bargaining is people’s right in India. Just spare star hotels or anything booked online! 

It is hard to come across fixed price shops there and even if any shop reads that, you still should bargain for a cheaper rate. 

Street shopping, local souvenir shops, taxi drivers, auto drivers, and others such are some places where bargaining is a must. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings, always

This is actually the golden rule of travel and it goes without saying. So, follow it everywhere and not just when travelling to India. 

This will save you from creepy pick-pocketers at busy tourist spots and the Indian Railway

Final Word

Follow these tips and you’ll be assured of the most memorable and exciting experience in India.

Do extensive research and visit the best places in the region. And for all adventure junkies, there are several amazing hiking trails too. So, just slide into your Rocky S2v boots and get on the trail! 

Are you ready for the most stimulating experience of a lifetime?