Travel Mementos - Building a Beautiful, Meaningful Travel-Inspired Collection

21st April 2023

When someone says the word ‘memento’, your mind may conjure up images of some of the most commonly bought travel souvenirs—fridge magnets, tea towels, a Tshirt, a pen, and other knick-knacks. If you love jewelery, however, then curating your own travel-inspired collection is a fantastic way to remember the people, places, and traditions you encountered while on your journeys. In order to make a collection truly special, with pieces that inspire wonder and spark conversations and recollections, each piece should be tied into the place it comes from in a special way. The following tips will help you ensure your own collection helps you recall the magnificent days you spent in new lands.

Choosing Stones from Your Destination

Many parts of the world are known for the unique stones they house. Think Tanzania for Tanzanites, Kenya and Tanzania for Tsavorites, or Australia for opals. While some stones can be found in more than one location, others are predominantly found in one part of the world or are produced by these areas. Take Tanzanite, which is only mined in Tanzania and whose supply is predicted to run out in a maximum of 20 years’ time. By choosing a stone that is intricately linked with the landscapes you have visited, you can feel closer to this land and recall the history and anecdotes surrounding the mining of beautiful gems. Tsavorite, for instance, was discovered when Scottish miner, Campbell Bridges, was seeking refuge from a rampaging buffalo. He jumped into a ditch and became enthralled by a bright green rock that turned out to be a more flawless sister to Emeralds.

Embracing Local Tradition

When you are in a city, town, or village, conduct research into local artisanal traditions. Purchasing Celtic earrings from Ireland, a beaded necklace from Kenya, or a Berber necklace from Morocco is a great way to build a purposeful travel inspired jewelery collection. In addition to purchasing items that represent long standing traditions, try to find upcoming local jewelers who are known for their unique designs. Blending tradition and modern artistry with locally sourced materials and gemstones will enrich your collection and ensure you have a few statement pieces in addition to more classical ones.

Displaying Your Jewelery

Ensure the color and sparkle of the pieces you have bought grace your home and lend their warmth and vivacity to your home. Display a few larger pieces in your dressing room, bedroom, or even your living room. Necklaces can be placed around a bust, beautiful gemstones can be kept in mother-of-pearl trays in your bedroom, and you can design your storage around your collection, using pull-out drawers that can be left partially or fully open so you can see your collection at a glance and make your selection on days in which you decide to wear one or more pieces.

Collecting jewelry is a magnificent way to create memories. In order to build a meaningful collection, aim to purchase stones and designs that can only be found in the parts of the world you are visiting. Once you get back home, display and wear your jewelry so that the spirit of travel becomes part of your everyday life.

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