By Darren Griffiths

How to Travel From Caticlan to Romblon, Philippines

24th January 2023

The Philippines are a collection of islands in Southeast Asia. These islands are home to some of the most beautiful, historic cities, and some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Two of these beautiful cities are Caticlan and Romblon. 

These cities are home to many beautiful sights and plenty of tourist activities. Caticlan is located in Malay. This city is home to a lot of tourist activities, with much to do. Romblon is not as populated as Caticlan and is home to some of the most beautiful views in the world. Romblon is the province‚Äôs capital and is home to some very beautiful architecture like an old fort and Romblon Church which was declared a national cultural treasure. 

If you are looking to travel between these cities, you will have to use a Caticlan to Romblon ferry. 

Traveling Between Caticlan and Romblon

As we previously mentioned, the only way to travel between Caticlan and Romblon is with the Caticlan to Romblon ferry. This is the only available route as they are on separate islands, and there are no airports yet that can link the two. The ferry trip between Caticlan and Romblon on the Caticlan to Romblon ferry is about 196 kilometers. This is because the ferry has to go around various other islands that are between Caticlan and Romblon. 

If there was an airport on the islands that would allow travelers to use air transport to get between the islands, the trip would be much shorter considering the fact that the distance between the islands as the crow flies is only 55 kilometers.

Since there is not a flight option yet, travelers should expect to spend about 2 hours between Caticlan and Romblon on the Caticlan to Romblon ferry. This ferry trip will cost travelers about $33. It is always best to buy your tickets in advance in order to get the best price for them and to secure your spot on the ferry.

Ferry Tips

Since the ferry is the only method of transportation between the islands, it is important to know more about the ferry trips themselves. As we previously mentioned, tickets are around $33 but can vary, and it is best to purchase them in advance to secure your spot on the ferry. The Caticlan to Romblon ferry departs from Caticlan four times per day. This gives people plenty of choices to find the ferry that best suits them.

In addition, ferry trips can be subject to weather conditions. If the seas are too rough, the ferry will not travel. In addition, ferry trips, in general, can be a little bit rougher than some people can handle. If you generally get motion sick, it is best to take motion sickness medication to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

When you are looking for tickets for the Caticlan to Romblon ferry, it helps to use an online website that will allow you to compare prices, as well as see the different ferry times and availability.

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