By Darren Griffiths

Top Things to do When in Hong Kong

4th March 2023

There are few places in the world that can match the extravagant beauty and innate modesty of Hong Kong. As one of the most expensive locations in the world, the city oozes a lifestyle rarely seen elsewhere, but at the same time is deep-rooted in culture and history – a cosmopolitan destination with a soft spot for its past.

It is one of the three global financial centers in the world, alongside New York and London, and doesn’t compromise by any means as a great touristic destination. As one of China’s two main special administrative regions, the other being Macau, Hong Kong has much to offer in terms of leisure, gastronomy, sightseeing, and whatnot. From experiencing the best of nature to exploring the bustling streets, here are the top things to do when in Hong Kong.

  • Hike Dragon’s Back

TIME Magazine’s November 2004 edition tagged Dragon’s Back as one of Asia’s finest hikes and so did CNN, calling it one of the world’s 23 best trails. That is enough of a testament for it be on your bucket list when in Hong Kong. It exposes some stunning scenery along the South China Sea coastline and can be completed comfortably as a day hike.

Hiking in Hong Kong Dragons Back

One passes through Shek O Peak – the highest hill in the area –within the Shek O Country Park in the island’s southeastern part. Dragon’s Back is the perfect getaway far, but close, from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life. Check out more Hong Kong hikes here

  • Day trip to Disneyland

Opened in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the most famous attractions in Asia, let alone in Hong Kong, despite having the lowest daily capacity of all Disneyland parks in the world. Admission is pretty affordable and the place is a must-go-to if you have children with you. Moreover, the fun seems to be never-ending even if adults plan to visit the entertainment destination. It is located on Lantau Island and is easily accessible by either bus or metro.

  • Visit Macau

While there can be a whole separate article on what to do in Macau, the casino city can easily be added on your trip to Hong Kong. It takes about an hour by boat to get there (or less than that by road) and it is definitely worth putting up on your bucket list since the mega-casino hub also possesses a rich history behind it.

If physical casinos aren’t your thing, one can always jump in on the best casino bonuses by taking advantage of the plethora of options online. These promotions are a great way to add extra funds to your bankroll as players, whether old or new, can benefit from a whole range of rewards and bonuses such as free bets, accumulator schemes, loyalty points, and cash backs.

Macau has a rich cultural, historical and gastronomic scene, along with a whole range of adventure activities such as the world’s highest commercial bungee jump (233m/764ft) from the famous Macau Tower, and even alternatives like Skywalk and Sky jump activities. Do not miss out on the famous ruins of St. Paul’s cathedral – the city’s main landmark. With the number of casinos and entertainment facilities at hand, the ‘Las Vegas of the East is not bound to disappoint.

  • Ride the world’s longest escalator

The world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system is right in the heart of Hong Kong, stretching over 800 meters. The Central Mid-Levels escalator is just short of half a mile as it connects two lively neighbourhoods – the happening Central district with the upscale residential Mid-Levels area on the island. Other than being a mode of transportation, it serves as a major tourist attraction – being a one-of-a-kind system – lined up with bars, restaurants and shops. It is also the filming location of various box-office hits such as Chungking Express and The Dark Knight. The Central Mid-Levels escalator is undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience the finest Hong Kong has to offer.

  • Hit the beach(es)

Beaches may not be the reason why one travels to Hong Kong, but the place is not short of attractions for people who wish to soak up beautiful sunshine anywhere on a 450-mile-long coastline. Escaping to a beach here, far away from the concrete jungle is very easy.  From Shek O Beach and Big Wave Bay to Repulse Beach and Cheung Sha Beach, one is definitely not short of options. Here is the list of the best beaches in Hong Kong.

Upper Cheung Sha Beach on Lantau Island Hong Kong

Taking a stroll on upper Cheung Sha Beach

The aforementioned five things to do just scratch the surface of what is an exciting destination all year round. As one of the most developed cities in the world, Hong Kong is not short of handing out unforgettable experiences. From its voracious architecture and lip-smacking cuisines to deep-rooted history and cultural affiliations, the city is a vibe of its own – one that doesn’t disappoint.