Marrakech Market treasures: The Best Markets in Marrakech for Everything!

22nd April 2023

In this guide to the best 13 markets (souk) in Marrakech, you’ll discover what each contains as well as the specialties of each Marrakech market, and the treasures you can find to take home in each one.

Marrakech Market Magic and Madness

The best markets around the world are at their chaotic best at most times, but nothing can beat the mayhem as soon as you step into the souks – the heart and soul of the best markets in Marrakech.

If you’ve never entered a ‘souk’ before, relax with a mint tea in any of the cafes dotting the square and brace yourself for an overwhelming experience before stepping in. It’s one of the best things to do in Marrakech and will be one of your most powerful memories of the sights, sounds, and smells of Morocco.

1. Djemaa el-Fna

Best Marrakech market for street foods, and the more exotic examples of Moroccan street life

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Marrakech, (Djemaa) Jemaa el fna Square was, at one time, the principal trading place in the centre of Morocco and is the main square for street life and a must for first-time visitors to Marrakesh.

Djemaa El Fna square, Marrakech, Morocco

Today, Jemaa el-fna is still a cultural experience that includes everything from snake charmers, to stalls selling Argan oil products, to street vendors selling all kinds of tempting food, and to the orange juice vendors that this place is famous for.

Literally meaning ‘assembly of the dead,’ locals will delight in unnerving tourists by telling them that public executions were held here in Jemaa el fna in the past.

2. Souk Zrabi

Best Marrakech market for: carpets

A passageway to the far left of Rahba Kedima leads to another crowded square, which was once a slave market but now one of the best markets in Marrakech.

Berber carpets in carpet Souk, Marrakech
Berber carpets in carpet Souk, Marrakech

This covered square is the carpet souk called Souk Zrabi. Whatever type of carpet or rug you want can be found here.

The sellers will be happy to describe the intricate history of carpet making in Morocco. If you have an obsession with rugs, this is the place to source one from.

3. Souk Semmarine

Best Marrakech market for kaftans and antique furniture

A broad covered alley is the main gateway to the Souk Semmarine.

Souk Semmarine
Souk Semmarine, Marrakech

As you enter, you’ll find pottery and patisserie outlets. Once you move further inside, high-quality kaftans, pashmina shawls, expensive antique furniture, and jewellery are up for grabs.

This covered alley is the main artery of the souks.

4. Souk Smata

Best Marrakech market for shoes

If you’re looking for the best markets in Marrakech for shoes and clothes, Souk Smata is undoubtedly the best place to head and has become known as the “shoe souk.”

Colorful slippers for sale in Marrakesh souq, Morocco, Africa
Colorful slippers for sale in Marrakesh souq, Morocco, Africa

You’ll find other accessories here as well, such as leather bags, belts, purses, and wallets. Here you can purchase traditional babouches, and stunning sequined Moroccan slippers.

While these shoes are suitable for outdoors and indoors, Moroccans usually wear a different pair for either. Other fantastic shops here sell glassware, lanterns, and antiques.

5. Souk El Attarine

Best Marrakech market for spices and perfumes

If you take the left-hand turn at the end of Souk Semmarine, you will enter Souk El Attarine, one of the best souks in Marrakech for spices and perfumes.

Spices at the market Marrakech, Morocco
Spices at the market Marrakech, Morocco

This brightly-lit street is adorned with gleaming lanterns of brass and copper, lamps, and silver teapots. Purchasing spices is straightforward; you just need to tell the seller which Moroccan dish you’re interested in, and they will give you all the necessary spices to create it. This is a terrific place where you can browse through a wide range of items and experience the hustle and bustle of a Moroccan market.

6. Souk Chouari and Haddadine

Best Marrakech market for: authentically dyed fabrics and skins

Souk Chouari and Haddadine

If you want to have a complete understanding of the carpenters and blacksmiths of Morocco, this fragrant, noisy alley at the northern end is the place to be. Goods here are made of aromatic cedarwood.

You can see the traditional basket-making work and even personalized hats. Beyond this is the noisy blacksmiths market, Souk Haddadine, where you can buy beautiful kitchen utensils and other decorative metal objects, bashed into shape with precision in front of your eyes.

Though few people visit Souk Haddadine, the clanging of hammers and the heat of the furnaces will keep you enthralled so makes our list of the best markets in Marrakech.

7. Souk Cherratin and Souk el Kebir

Best Marrakech market for: leather goods

Souk Cherratin and Souk el Kebir markets retail all kinds of leather products, including bags, purses, belts, and wallets – all in traditional Moroccan style.

You can even shop for boots and saddles here but you might need to have them shipped back home for you!

8. Souk Dhaibia

Best Marrakech market for jewellery

This jewelry souk is an excellent place to soak up the local culture.

Close up photo of bangles at a Jewlery stall at a jewelry souk in Marrakech, Morocco
Jewelry stall at a jewelry souk in Marrakech, Morocco

Here, you will find a glittering array of dreamy items to adorn yourself with, including pendants and rings in all shapes and sizes, Berber jewellery with unique old-style designs, and lots of Arabic tales that go into making them.

Both modern jewellery and antiques can also be found here.

9. Souk Bab El Khemis

Best Marrakech market for: second hand items

This former camel market has been completely transformed today into a major flea market and one of best markets in Marrakech.

Souk Bab El Khemis

It’s home to scores of second-hand item dealers, selling all sorts of old and used items – from furniture to art pieces and many more.

Bab El Khemis is set up every Thursday evening and is a popular place with locals. Expect to find anything and everything spread through this thronging market.

10. Ensemble Artisanal

Best Marrakech market for: hand made Moroccan items made by artisans and artisan-apprentices

This is a government-supported scheme wherein artisans are selected to work in the complex and teach the trade to young apprentices.

If you want to avoid the hassle of visiting different souks in Marrakech, Ensemble Artisanal sells goods at fixed rates to visitors.

Items like lanterns, musical instruments, jewellery, brassware, wood carvings, carpets, and leather items have all been prepared with care and skill and can be purchased under one roof.

11. Souk des Bijoutiers

Best Marrakech market for: jewelry

This outlet has historically been associated with piles of gems and dazzling pieces of jewellery tailored for the rich and famous. It has been traditionally known as the jewelry souk.

Photo of precious jewelry at the Jewelry souk in Marrakech, Morocco
Jewelry at the Jewelry souk in Marrakech, Morocco

Even today, it’s one of the best markets in Marrakech for those wanting to make a fashion statement by adding some expensive pieces to their collection.

Wedding jewellery is the hallmark of Souk des Bijoutiers if you’re looking for something truly memorable for your special day.

12. Souk des Teinturiers

Best Marrakech market for authentically dyed fabrics and skins

If you want to buy fabrics and skins in eye-catching colours, visit Souk des Teinturiers.

Photo of red and orange wool hanging to dry at the dyer's souk, Marrakech, Morocco
Red and orange wool hanging to dry at the dyer’s souk, Marrakech, Morocco

Here at the ‘dyers souk’, you can see with your own eyes how the dyes are applied, and the end product of finished sheepskins and pieces of silk are all ready for sale.

13. Souk Kimakhine

Best Marrakech market for musical instruments

If you’re a music lover, the best Marrakech market for you might be Souk Kimakhine where you can stroll among the rows of Moroccan musical instruments.

Selection of musical instruments at Marrakech market
Selection of musical instruments at Marrakech market

You can find the main musical instruments used by the Moroccan Gnaoua in their possession rituals like the castanets (krakebs) and the wood and camel string guitar called a gimbri.

Final Thoughts

The best souks in Marrakech have been featured in travel magazines, films, and other armchair brochures for decades.

You can easily get lost in the chaos of the maze of shops – and you surely will at some point, but that’s all part of the adventure.

It’s unlikely you’ll get to all of these souks but hopefully, you’ll have time to experience the various souks depending on your interests.

After you’re done, walk in a straight line until you reach the Wall of Medina, as all the souks of Marrakech are located within the Marrakech Medina. Once you’re outside, you can easily find your way back to your destination.

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