By Darren Griffiths

Stuck at Home? 3 Ways to Make Use of the Time Between Travels

18th April 2023

It can be hard for travel lovers to have to spend more time at home than usual. Covid-19 has made it harder to travel, the guidelines for visiting countries all around the world are constantly changing, and so more and more frequent travel lovers are staying put. If you aren’t used to staying at home for long periods of time or if you are finding it difficult, here are a few ways to make use of your time at home, before you are finally allowed to jet off to your next destination.


Though traveling may be your passion, it can be quite intense and exhausting. It is vital to let your body rest and regain energy so that you are ready to take on the next trip. There are many different ways to rest your body effectively – an obvious one being making sure you are getting a good night’s sleep.

Start by making sure your bed is actually comfortable. If you do travel a lot, then you may not notice that it is time for a new mattress. Getting a new mattress can improve your night’s sleep massively, to make you achieve the perfect 7-9-hour long sleep at night. Best Mattress Reviews can help you find the best mattress for you, check out their Black Friday mattress sales for the best deals.

Another way to allow your body to recharge is to take some time to destress. Stress can make health problems worse or even be the cause of some. When you are traveling, sometimes without knowing it, your body can be experiencing stress, whether that is through exhaustion or the fact that you may be in a fast paced, stressful environment.

You may also be stressed about the fact that your travels have been postponed, so it is important to take some measures to destress. A good method is having a relaxing bath or trying aromatherapy. Take some time out of the day for you, do something you know will relax you, like reading travel magazines, and give your mind a break.

Focus on the Positives

You may feel disappointed that you aren’t traveling, or you may feel slightly lost because you are spending more time at home. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of your life currently, focus on the positive aspects. Depending on the current Covid-19 guidelines, you could visit your family and friends who live around you. If you travel a lot then you may not be used to meeting up with people, but now you have the time to do just it. Just make sure to wear some sort of face mask, when you’re visiting your grandparents. A good one is the N95 Mask Canada, for example.

Another positive idea could be that you could start a home workout routine now that you have the time to be able to stick to it. You may have always wanted to renovate your home but never had the time – now you do! There are so many positives to being at home for a while.

Learn a New Language

How about some preparation for your next adventure? To get you motivated, why not pick a country you would love to travel to next and learn the language? Learning another language will always come in useful whether you are learning it because you are traveling to a country where it is widely spoken or not. It will not only be a great use of time, but it will also keep your spirits high by making you determined and excited to travel to your next destination. There are courses and apps you can use to be able to learn a language from home.

There are many things to do at home between traveling, so listen to what your body needs and take some quality time for yourself.