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Romantic Things to Do In Sarajevo For Couples

17th April 2023

Exploring the world with your significant other is the dream for adventurous couples. Having all these new experiences together strengthens your bond, but also helps you grow individually.

But once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to put some romance into your travels. And if you’re planning a trip to Sarajevo, the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, then you’re in the perfect place! From horse-drawn carriage rides to magical sunset views – here are the top five romantic things to do for couples in Sarajevo!

1. Admire The View

Sarajevo view

Sarajevo lies in a valley between five mountains and many hills, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a scenic view. Why not grab drinks in one of the many cafes that serve coffee with a side of a panoramic view?

One of our favorite cafes is Kamarija Cafe, located near the Yellow Bastion. It takes some 10-15 minutes to reach it from Sebilj on foot, but keep in mind that it’s an uphill walk. Another option would be cafe Hecco, which is located in the heart of the city, right next to the Eternal Flame. The cafe is on the last floor of the tall white building, and it offers epic views of Sarajevo.

There are many other lookout points to check out. If you’re up for a challenge, climb to the White Fortress with your significant other. The remains of the fort overlook the city, but are a bit gruelling to reach on foot. It’s possible, it’s just going to take a while of uphill walking. But once you reach it, you will be awarded with the most magical view of Sarajevo. Watch the sunset from here, for a remarkably romantic evening with your partner.

2. Lock Down Your Love

Sarajevo locks

Why not make it official and lock down your love in this charming city? Just like any other romantic place on Earth, couples in Sarajevo use padlocks to memorialize their time together.

Take a stroll around Baščaršija, and you will find at least a dozen different shops that sell padlocks. And probably even more shops where you can have your padlock engraved. Then, head to the Latin Bridge – it’s the closest one if you’re in Old Town proper – and make your love eternal by placing your padlock on the railing.

If you want to be dramatic about it, you can throw away the key. Just don’t throw it into the river – littering could get you a hefty fine.

You can also do this on other bridges in the city center, and luckily there’s quite a few of those. The Eiffel Bridge (aka Skenderija Bridge) is also popular with couples who are in love. This one even lights up in the evenings, so you can also get some cool shots!

3. Get In A Horse-Drawn Carriage

Sarajevo horse

A ride in a horse-drawn carriage is easily one of the most romantic things a couple can do in Sarajevo. Especially the one we have in mind, as it ends up with a romantic picnic and possibly even a paddle boat ride!

You won’t find horses in Sarajevo city center, so get in a tram and head to the municipality of Ilidža. From the last tram station, you need to walk for about 10-15 minutes until you reach the path that leads towards the Spring of the Bosna River. Lots of people choose to walk to the huge park, but we recommend that you take the horse-carriage instead.

The quick and romantic ride will take you to the huge park, where you can relax and enjoy the stunning nature. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic, so don’t forget to bring blankets and food! Of course, there’s also a restaurant on-site, should you want to eat food prepared by professionals.

Our only advice when riding in the carriage is to stay in the back. The drivers might offer you to sit in the front with them – don’t! It might seem fun, but the horses tend to relieve themselves quite often along the way, and the front seat is very exposed to the stench.

4. Enjoy A Romantic Dinner

Mala Kuhinja restaurant

A romantic dinner is definitely on the menu for couples who visit Sarajevo. Food is a big part of the city’s tradition, so it’s only fair to try and incorporate it into your time in this enchanting city.

The good news is that people in Sarajevo love to eat, and there are plenty of great restaurants in the city. There’s also no shortage of variety, as restaurants in the city serve everything from traditional Bosnian to Asian cuisine.

One of our favorite restaurants is just five minutes away from BBI – the shopping center that serves as the meeting point for locals. It’s above the city park, and it is famous for their delicious fusion cuisine.

Mala Kuhinja is the restaurant we would recommend to couples – the food is absolutely exquisite, the portions are large and they offer a wide variety of wines. Definitely make a reservation here if you want to enjoy an evening of romance in one of the city’s best international cuisine restaurants.

5. Ride The Cable Car

Sarajevo cable car

If neither you nor your partner are afraid of heights, a ride in the Trebevic cable car is a great romantic thing to do together. The cable car is in the Bistrik neighbourhood, just a few minutes away from the Sarajevo Brewery Museum.

The Trebevic cable car was renovated just a couple years ago, so everything is still pretty new. The glass cabins are very modern, and offer exquisite views of the city as you get higher in the air. They’re also really stable – you don’t actually feel any movement, unless you start walking around the cabin.

We loved going on this ride in late evening – the curtain of night is the perfect setting to enjoy the bright city lights. Especially if you have already experienced a view of Sarajevo during the day.

The ride to Trebevic mountain lasts some seven minutes, and you can go and explore the mountain when you reach the top. We recommend this if you choose to ride the cable car during the day – when you reach the mountain, you will be less than ten minutes away from the abandoned bobsled track, which is a symbol of the 1984 Winter Olympics. Nowadays it is covered in graffiti, and it makes an excellent backdrop for some really cool photos.

6. Lunch At A Rotating Restaurant

Sarajevo rotating restaurant

Sarajevo boasts a rotating restaurant with a spectacular view, something that’s unique to the quaint city in this part of Europe. It’s on the top of the Radon Plaza hotel, which is situated in Nedžarići, some 15 minutes away from the city center. This is also a great opportunity to check out other parts of the city, which aren’t as popular with first time visitors.

The tram line will take you to the hotel and you just can’t miss it. It’s a massive glass tower right next to the McDonalds drive through that you can easily spot from the tram.

What’s even better is that the hotel restaurant offers both traditional and international cuisines. Whether you’re in the mood to try something new or want to stick with your favorites, you won’t be disappointed. And it doesn’t matter where you sit – since it’s a rotating restaurant, by the end of the lunch date you will have gotten a good 360 view of this charming city.

We’ve recommended lunch because you can get a really good view of the city skyline during the day, but a dinner and cocktails might even be more romantic. You won’t be able to discern the many different shapes and sizes of the buildings, but you will get to enjoy endless twinkling lights.

7. Explore Baščaršija And Ferhadija

Old-Town Sarajevo

One of the romantic things you can do in Sarajevo is simply stroll through the Old Town hand in hand. It won’t cost you anything, and it will make you fall in love with the city.

Baščaršija is the most notable part of Sarajevo, and it is usually at the top of the list for people who are visiting for the first time. It is full of history and tradition, with famous monuments, dozens of narrow streets and cobblestone alleys.

The Old Town is actually a bazaar area, and it is filled with shops that sell traditional goods. You can buy anything you want here, from copper coffee pots (džezva) to woolen socks and giant hookahs. Baščaršija staples that should be high up on your list are the Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque, Sebilj and the Sahat-kula (clock tower).

Once the cobblestone becomes smooth pavement, you will have crossed into Ferhadija, which is the city’s famous shopping street. It boasts loads of cafes, pubs and clubs, as well as even more upscale and high street shops. I’m not sure about you, but diamonds and romance are synonymous in my book – well, maybe just for the person that’s not paying for them.

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From horse-drawn carriage rides to magical sunset views - here are the top five romantic things to do in Sarajevo for couples!

From horse-drawn carriage rides to magical sunset views - here are the top five romantic things to do in Sarajevo for couples!