The Real Costs of Not Getting Travel Insurance

24th January 2023

So you’re bound for a trip soon, huh? Wherever you’re going, I bet you’re going someplace nice. I’m sure you’re going to have the time of your life (read more). It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling to a local or international destination; travelling is a rich experience all and by itself.

You get to meet new faces, visit new places, and etch awe-inspiring sceneries in your memory that you may never ever get to see again. After all, the world is ever-changing. What you see now can look a hundred times more different in the next 20 years. Being able to bask in nature’s glory is definitely a dream come true.

Where is your next destination? Are you out to visit the magical and royal remnants of Old Europe? Or, are you backpacking to Southeast Asian countries like Singapore or Japan? Well, wherever you’re going, you must first secure this one thing: Travel Insurance.

Couples travel insurance is also an option to save on costs

I know that anything with the word insurance probably turns you off. You’re probably filled with thoughts like “Isn’t it going to be expensive?” and “My friends travel and I don’t ever hear them mention about getting insurance.” These are fears and concerns most people get when someone suggests travel insurance.

But you know, you may have gotten some things wrong about travel insurance you know. I believe most people forego it because they’re not educated enough. They have yet to understand the real consequences of not securing their travels. So today, this is something I want to tackle with all of you.

Don’t worry; I won’t be forcing you to buy or subscribe to anything by the end of this article. I simply want to stress how important getting a policy is and how dangerous it’ll be if you don’t. You can check out more input here.

Anyway, here are 4 reasons why I think getting a travel policy before you go on this trip is necessary.

Travelling Isn’t All Fun And Games

On the outset, it would seem that taking a trip overseas or exploring different places in your country is harmless fun. Well, that’s the goal anyway. You go on a trip to relax, unwind, spend time with family, and exercise self-care and enjoyment. After all, if we don’t spend time or money in these kinds of excursions, then what’s the point of working throughout most of the year right?

However, before you completely let your guard down and start taking a breather, you should understand that travelling comes with significant risks.

Yes, that’s right. I hate to burst your bubble but as a traveller, you are solely responsible for your well-being throughout the trip. And while we hope that nothing bad really ever happens during your travels, it is still best to be prepared. As I said, you’ll be meeting new faces, exploring new faces, and witnessing new sceneries. We never know what those may be.

The Odds Aren’t Always In Your Favor

Things happen. And they happen with or without reason. You can’t always just count on your luck and hope for the best. Prayers are good but they won’t make you invincible. In order to really protect our own interests, we have to play our parts as well. We have to think ahead of the game. We have to assess each and every situation (even the worst ones) and try to come up with a counter-strategy. In this case, that would be getting an insurance policy.

When the going gets tough and you’re stuck in a situation beyond your control, having insurance will give you the security you need to stay confident despite the odds. Counting on your luck is not the best way to address these kinds of situations.

Accidents Happen Everywhere

Yes, this is a point I want to stress very much. Accidents happen – all the time and for all kinds of reasons.

If you can slip in the bathroom and hit your head on the floor at home, what makes you think that you’re safe while travelling?

If you can run into a rushing motorcycle during slow hours of the day, then what makes you think that you’re safe travelling in foreign roads?

Accidents happen and when they do, they are way beyond your control. What if you happen to bust a rental car or get yourself a nasty injury during the trip? Who’s going to pay for the consequential fees?

Surely, you don’t want to shell out more than you have to. Insurance is way cheaper than paying for the aftermath of accidents. In fact, you can buy plans from GoBear and other travel insurance sites at really affordable rates.

There Are Bad People Everywhere As Well

Thieves and robbers are not confined to a specific place of city. They are everywhere and each country and city has a version of their own. If you can get robbed in the comforts of your hometown, the risk is much higher when you are travelling.

Many insurance companies offer policies that cover theft. This means that if you have been forcibly and unknowingly robbed of your belongings and luggage, they have got you covered. It’s tough to be in an unfamiliar place and get robbed at the same time; it’s like you have no one else to turn to because everyone who could help you lives far, far away.

With insurance, you can at least rest your heart easy knowing that the company has got your back.

Again, whether you get a policy or not is still your decision to make. I am merely voicing a suggestion – a good one, that is. Anyway, if you’re interested in getting travel insurance for your next trip, there are a lot of resources online that can help you.

Safe travels!