By Darren Griffiths

Protect Yourself From Electronic Pickpockets While Traveling

12th March 2023

Last updated on April 22nd, 2023 at 08:56 am

Stop digital pickpockets with RFID blocking gear.

You might think of a traditional pickpocket as someone who bumps into you and steals your wallet, but that’s not so in today’s modern world. Pickpockets have evolved into a different kind of criminal now known as electronic pickpockets.

These pickpockets use new technology to steal from unsuspecting victims, including travelers like you. 

How do RFID pickpockets work?

Tech-savvy RFID pickpockets are people who use you electronic RFID chips against you. In case you don’t know what an electronic RFID is, it’s the chip you find on your credit card or international passport.

These criminals are also known as “digital thieves,” and can quietly download your personal data from your credit card and ID card using handheld RFID scanning devices. They also use some other high-end mobile devices to steal from you.

What they do is hold the device close to your backpack, wallet or purse and steal your information without you even knowing. Yes, the data can be transmitted and stollen through a good quality backpack, wallet or purse.

You’re probably wondering how this is possible. Well, it’s simple. Many cards issued in recent years are fitted with a chip. This includes driver’s licenses, credit cards, and all international passports. These RFID chips are embedded to make it easy for electronic scanners to get your data.

RFID chips issue out an electromagnetic signal which contains all the personal data saved on the card or ID card. Like we said, this is supposed to make it easy for electronic readers to capture this data at the point of sale.

As for your passport, the data broadcasted can include your photo and other vital information. RFID technology is a fantastic feature, however, when it finds its way into the hands of digital pickpockets, it can be disastrous.

So how do you stay safe and protected from digital RFID pickpockets who use RFID scanners?

It’s simple, you should use an RFID blocking wallet, purse, or other RFID blocking gear. These carriers can even include backpacks, handbags, and briefcases.

An RFID gear has a metal fiber constructed inside of them to deter any RFID transmission. You can also protect your cards by placing them in foil wrapping to stop transmission.

Here’s What You Need To Know About RFID Blocking Gear

Kindz RFID blocking wallet
Kindz RFID blocking wallet

Most modern travel wallets, backpacks, purses and other gear have RFID blocking devices built into a layer of the product to offer users protection and peace of mind. Wallets, handbags, purses, and backpacks that are fitted with an RFID blocking device will look like any regular item. The device does not alter the look or structure of the item. A brand called Kinzd (see above photo) who produces RFID slim wallet is a great example of this.

The product may completely have RFID protection or it might be partial.

Full RFID Protection

Full protection means that every part of that wallet, bag or purse is protected. The shielding is woven intricately into all parts of the item so that you can place your cards or ID anywhere you choose without fear of a breach.

Partial RFID Protection

Unlike the full protection, a partial RFID item will have the shield only in specific locations like a card slot or pocket. This means that the RFID blocking slot is the only place where you can place your wallet, card or other digital ID.

You are more exposed to electronic pickpockets when you are traveling in crowded locations like a train station or restaurant. In these types of situations, you may have to stay in one spot for some time and this can give them the opportunity to scan your data.

The consequence is that your data can be electronically stolen and this can be devastating. Imagine what these criminals can do with your personal information? They can steal your money or even use your data in committing other criminal offenses.

So consider outsmarting these pickpockets by buying RFID blocking wallets and purses.