How To Protect Your Valuables On Your Next Adventure

26th March 2023

Traveling is usually full of fun and excitement, but it’s important to make sure you keep your valuables as safe as possible while you’re away. There are plenty of ways to do this, and being prepared will allow you to fully relax.

Whether you’re off on a tropical getaway or a fun city-break, there are always risks to your personal items. Here are a few tips for keeping them safe and secure while you’re enjoying your adventure.

Your Precious Phone

Your phone is one of the most valuable possessions you will be bringing along with you. Whether you’re using it to communicate, listen to music/podcasts, navigate your way around your new surroundings, or all of the above, the important thing is keeping your device security is strong so it’s safe from potential dangers.

Everyone drops their phone now and then, and when you’re caught up in the excitement of traveling it’s bound to happen. When it does, the easiest way to make sure your screen and cameras don’t smash is to use a protective case like the ones you can find at Casely. There are also charging case options which would make sure you don’t end up low on battery while you’re on the go.

If you prefer a unique, earthy cover instead – Carved crafts one-of-a-kind wooden phone cases that keep your device protected from bumps and allow you to travel in style

You should never leave your phone in your back pocket, as this sets yourself up to be pickpocketed. Even your front pocket is risky, so make sure you keep your phone in something with a closed zip so it’s not easy for a stranger to grab.

Your Expensive Jewelery

If you have to bring any of your expensive jewelery along with you, it’s very important that you take proper safety precautions to ensure it will not be damaged or stolen. The last thing you want while enjoying a relaxing getaway or fun-filled adventure is to have to worry about your precious gems and jewels going missing. Otherwise, you might end up like Kim K searching for her diamond earring in the ocean.

It’s understandable to want to bring some pieces along for fancy dinners, photo ops, etc. The important thing is to not flaunt it too much in areas where pickpockets and thieves will pick up on it and zero in on you as a target.

When you aren’t wearing your jewelery, keep it locked away in the hotel safe. It’s worth keeping other important items like your passport and laptop in there as well. This way, even if someone came into your room, they wouldn’t be able to access your valuables. If your accommodation doesn’t offer a safe, there are small and affordable travel lock boxes you can purchase to keep your valuables secure.

Most Importantly, Your Money

Obviously you don’t want to misplace any of your cash while you’re away. One of the best ways to avoid this is to use travel money cards or other card payment methods so you don’t have to carry cash at all.

In some places, this is not possible and cash is the only real option. In this case, it’s definitely worth investing in a money belt or fanny pack (Thankfully these have come back in style). It’ll be hard not to notice someone trying to steal your money if they have to reach into your crotch to do it. This is why they are much safer than handbags and backpacks, which are easy targets. 

You should also try not to carry too much cash on you at once. In the event your money does get stolen or you misplace your money belt, at least it wasn’t all the money you had. Keep the remainder of any cash you have in the hotel safe or a portable travel safe. And of course, do not forget to but some good travel insurance!