By Darren Griffiths

Preparing for Your Solo Trip Abroad

9th October 2023

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 04:45 am

Being able to travel with companions is a great opportunity to explore unique destinations and create memories to last a lifetime. But every once in a while, planning a trip on your own can be extremely satisfying. You’ll learn so much more about yourself and how refreshing it can be to rely on no one else. In fact, 61% of people prefer to travel alone since it helps them to rest and unwind. One significant advantage is that you finally have the freedom to visit those dream destinations you’ve always longed for but couldn’t due to compromises with your travel companions. 

The best part is that you will be in charge of the entire organization—selecting accommodations and activities, among other things. However, this requires thorough organization in order to start your adventure well-prepared and stress-free. So, if you want to travel alone, read the four tips below to learn what things you should plan before you embark on the adventure of a lifetime, relaxed and carefree. 

Make sure you always stay connected

Making sure you are always connected with everyone at home is one of the most important things, regardless of the destination you are traveling to. You can’t expect to find reliable Wi-Fi everywhere. For instance, if you decide to start your journey in Mexico, make sure you check your options about purchasing an eSIM package. 

An eSIM is the digital version of the physical SIM card, and chances are you already own a smartphone that supports eSIM. Choose an eSIM Mexico data plan that suits your needs, so your phone can have internet access without relying on Wi-Fi or paying roaming charges. It’s a way to stay connected with your loved ones while traveling and also share your travel experiences on social media platforms.

Image source: Lonely Planet

Find accommodation

When traveling with others, the search for accommodations might be tiresome. The primary factor is that each person has their preferences regarding cleanliness, pricing, safety, and other aspects. However, when you travel alone, you don’t have to concern yourself with others. You can establish your set of rules to ensure your comfort. So, if you desire to stay in a one-bedroom hotel located in the center of the city you’re visiting, you can easily proceed with that choice.

Alternatively, take the time to explore several apartments or Airbnb. Once you find the perfect option that meets your needs, take the time to confirm availability, read a few reviews, and make your reservation at your convenience, whether it’s months in advance or a few days before your vacation.

Plan your outfits

What you plan to wear depends on the place you are traveling to. However, always try to bring light clothing that is easy to mix. For instance, if you’re planning to go to a beach destination, pack three various types of swimwear and a linen or cotton beach wrap dress or coverup that you can easily pair with the swimsuits. 

If you’re planning to visit several cities, it’s important to pack the outfits for your urban adventures. Consider bringing two pairs of jeans that can be easily paired with T-shirts, buttoned shirts, and blazers. To complete the outfits, pack your favorite hat, different jewelry pieces, and some colorful scarves. It is a great way to combine all clothing pieces and create many combinations for all of your planned activities.

Image source: Jetsetter

Learn some phrases in the local language

Learning some key phrases in the local language of the place you are traveling to is a wonderful way to demonstrate respect towards the locals. So, get a phrase book or download a language-learning app a few weeks before your trip and try to learn at least a few fundamental words. Keep in mind that a kind attitude, a smile, and a wave may break down any language barrier. All of this will make your trip simpler, allowing you to engage with the locals and their culture more deeply. 

Additionally, consider hiring an online language tutor or a face-to-face language instructor for personalized guidance. Practicing basic phrases beforehand enhances communication, simplifying your interactions abroad. Your efforts not only facilitate smoother travels but also foster meaningful connections with the people and culture of your destination.

Final thoughts

Traveling alone is a unique experience since it allows you to learn a great deal about who you truly are, allowing you to discover something about yourself that you previously did not realize. Also, as the entire organization depends on you, the trip becomes much more unique. So, if you’re looking to try something new, don’t hesitate to go on a solo trip abroad and create memories of a lifetime. Be bold, take risks, and engage in adventures that will make you feel free and excited for all upcoming travel activities.