Perfect Places to Stay Along the Costa Blanca

4th February 2023

The Costa Blanca is a truly perfect stretch of the Spanish coastline that sees tens of thousands of visitors every single year. But if you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, you’ll want to know where the best places to stay really are. Visit an online holiday home specialist today and you’ll have access not only to in-depth local information of destinations the length and breadth of the Costa Blanca, but you’ll be able to book the holiday of a lifetime without no stress or strain.

So, you’ve decided to visit the famed Costa Blanca, where are your top three best options to stay?

Alicante: One of the Most Important Tourist Destinations

alicante castillo santa barbara

Alicante is truly the choice for those who are looking for somewhere to stay that is truly beautiful. Situated in a prime location along the coast, this historic Mediterranean port offers a perfect blend of history and luxury. There’s so much to do and Alicante offers such stunningly picturesque surroundings, it’s difficult not to be totally captivated. Whether it’s to visit or to stay, if you’re visiting the Costa Blanca you simply have to consider Alicante if you want to make sure that you have the holiday of a lifetime.

Dénia: A Gem of the Costa Blanca

spain denia costa blanca

Halfway between Alicante and Valencia lies the beautiful city of Dénia, which is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a holiday that has a more authentic and historic Spanish feel to it. For a stay here you don´t have to worry since there are plenty of Denia properties available. The city is teeming with local history and significant buildings. Dénia also offers the very best the Mediterranean climate has to offer, with long hot summers and short, cool winters. The heat is never unbearable though, thanks to Dénia being a city right on the sea, so wherever you go you’ll have that wonderful sea breeze following you.

Benidorm: New York of the Mediterranean

benidorm skyscrapers

Benidorm is situated in the province of Alicante and offers a stunning variety of things to do. From historic tavernas to ultra-modern hotels, and everything in between, Benidorm is a true tourist hotspot of the Costa Blanca. Aside from its wonderful sea views and its surrounding countryside, Benidorm also features a wide selection of stores, bars, restaurants, and other activities, along with a truly exceptional nightlife the like of which cannot be found anywhere else along the Costa Blanca. Did you know that Benidorm is also known as the New York of the Mediterranean because it´s the city with most skyscrapers in Spain and the most skyscrapers per m2 in the world after New York.

Calpe: combine culture with nature

Calpe (or in English Calp) is a coastal town at around 70 kilometers from Alicante. It is located at the foot of the Natural Park of Penyal d’lfac. If you are looking for a holiday where you can combine culture with nature and of course relax on the beach, Calpe is the perfect place to go. Here you can enjoy monuments like the queen´s baths here, as well as a bird sanctuary for migratory birds. The National Park is named after the massive limestone outcrop that you can see emerging from the sea called Penyal d’lfac. With its 332 meters high, it is a catching site on the Mediterranean coastline.

La Nucia: located in the fruit valley

If you are looking for a place to stay that is more inland, La Nuncia is a great pick. This town is smaller than the cities like Benidorm and Alicante, but just as lovely and not to miss. It lies in the fruit valley and from the old town that is located on a headland you can take a look over the Mediterranean Sea. Did you know that more than 40% of the inhabitants are foreign, mostly English and German? If you go out to eat or want to ask for directions, you probably won´t find it hard to communicate since a large part of the city will speak English perfectly.

Got excited to visit the Costa Blanca in Spain after reading this article? Pick your favourite place to stay and book Spanish your holiday now! If you go for a central located vacation villa or hotel, you can also take day trips and visit more than one place during your trip.