Monte Carlo: The Famous Casino City that Never Sleeps

16th March 2023

Monaco is one of those hidden gems in Europe that people often overlook when planning a trip. This is probably due to its size: Monaco is a small city-state of some 40,000 residents – if it weren’t for Vatican City, it would be the smallest state in the world. But if you understand its appeal, then you would never pass on the chance to spend a day or two in famous Monte Carlo, home to some of the most amazing beaches and the luxurious Monte Carlo casino.

A Cosmopolitan City

Spending just a couple of days in Monte Carlo should suffice – the city spans over almost 400 acres (officially 487 acres, but 100 of those now find themselves under the sea again), but the real treat is its shoreline, which boasts of an impressive 4.1 km in length. Monégasques (yes, that is the official and very cool name of Monaco citizens) are very used to tourists and are welcoming to foreigners, and they are proud to be a multicultural city: 125 nationalities live in harmony here, 40% of them French, 17% hail from Italy and 5% are Brits just like us.

French is the official language, but no need to dust it off – everybody here speaks English or knows someone who does, or you could always speak in Italian, too.

Although Monaco is certainly not cheap, it is good to know that its official currency is Euro – so no need to change money if you come from an EU country or are also exploring neighbouring countries.

Play Roulette in the Famous Monte Carlo Casino

Once you are in Monte Carlo, the first thing you need to do after hitting the beach all day is pay a visit to the famous Monte Carlo casino. Dress up and go in for a night of glamour and your favourite casino games, be it blackjack, poker or baccarat. The famous casino also includes slot machines and facilities for craps and video poker, but perhaps the roulette is the most iconic game you could play here.

There are many different kinds, so you could first search online to find the roulette game for you – there are also great offers on online casinos if you want to try your luck. There is American roulette, which uses both a 0 and a 00 wheel slot, while Europeans prefer just one 0 wheel slot, which affects the odds and the way you would want to bet. There is also an original French version which offers a low house advantage, which is probably the one you would like to play in Monte Carlo.

Combine It with a Trip to Italy or France – or Both!

Famous casino movies were filmed here, including Ocean’s Twelve and the famous GoldenEye and Never Say Never Again James Bond movies. You could also arrange your visit to coincide with the famous Monaco Grand Prix – although the city is packed during that time, so only real enthusiasts should enjoy it.

In other good news, it is very easy to come to Monte Carlo, as Monaco is enclosed by France and faces the Mediterranean Sea but is also very close to the Italian borders. Actually, we would thoroughly recommend combining it with a scenic Italian road trip and then moving on to exploring the rest of the French Riviera – three birds with one stone.

Final tip: if you find this amazing city-state to be a little steep for your pocket, then consider staying in France or Italy and then renting a car to pay Monte Carlo a couple of day trips – we promise it won’t disappoint you!

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