By Darren Griffiths

Mental Skills That Digital Nomads Must Have

17th September 2020

Last updated on October 2nd, 2020 at 06:19 am

Digital nomads get to live a life that most others can only dream about. The allure of being your own boss and traveling the world while having envious adventures can be enticing for many people. However, this lifestyle certainly has its own challenges that are casually glossed over in many digital nomad guides. To help you on your journey here are some essential mental skills that aspiring digital nomads must build up.


A great trait to start off the list, mental fortitude is somewhat ambiguous but certainly essential. While you are traveling to different countries and living abroad, there can be periods of time when you feel lonely, unproductive or stressed in general. This is natural and often a sign that you are growing as an individual. What’s important is that you don’t let yourself lose focus of your goals or become stressed to the point of inactivity.

After you face many challenges, like getting stranded in remote locations, dealing with visa problems or the daily struggles of interacting with others when you don’t speak their native language, you will become stronger as a person and have more self confidence. Your mental fortitude will grow as a result.


Quick math and probability skills are also very underrepresented in digital nomad guides. The fact is, these skills are crucial. When you are continuously calculating exchange rates, doing quick negotiations at the local market, or trying to come up with favorable quotes for your clients, quick math skills are immensely beneficial.

There are many easy ways to build up these skills for the future. Just 15 minutes a day spent on an app like Luminosity  is a great way to get started. For a more in-depth and skill-based activity, playing brain-stimulating hands of blackjack online can be incredibly rewarding. Games like blackjack or other card games like Texas hold’em
teach you how to quickly calculate probability and odds on the spot.

Other than that, just studying your basic math tables and doing online math problems can greatly help you. Most people have never practiced these basic skills after graduating from high school.


Digital Nomads working in a Bali co-working space

Digital Nomads working in a Bali co-working space

In the life of a digital nomad, as well as in life in general, can the importance of networking skills ever be overstated? For digital nomads especially, the ability to make new friends and understand the potential of working together can be immensely powerful. Everyone is looking to build up their business or find somewhere they can fit in with their own skills. Networking is the cornerstone of this goal. Without it, growing as a person or business is impossible.

Being a digital nomad, you should already have a firm grasp of social media and it’s potential, but that is the first place to start if you want to build up your personal network. Attending local groups and events for nomads and entrepreneurs is the next clear step. These groups are dedicated to helping people connect.

If you’re looking for more of an educational approach, there are many renowned books on the subject, like Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Extravagant title aside, the book is really just a guide on how to be nice and show genuine interest in others.


Sales skills are absolutely crucial to exist as a digital nomad. As a business owner, sales are the cornerstone of your existence. While many people automatically assume that sales is about being pushy and forcing products into the hands of people that don’t want them, that is actually not true. Sales skills are about selling yourself and your

The plain fact is, many people are just outright uncomfortable with basic business fundamentals like stating the price for your service, asking for recommendations, or confidently stating your skills and experience. Understanding the underlying theory behind sales will greatly help you to improve any weakness in these areas.


Another important mental aspect that is often overlooked is the discipline needed to excel while living this lifestyle. If you are traveling to exotic locations and meeting new and exciting people who are constantly asking you to come rock climbing or to the latest art exhibition, it is easy to let your responsibilities fall to the wayside.

Especially for freelancers, this can really set you back. Finding a great coworking space can be an easy way to get you into the work mindset and is one of the top tips for surviving as a digital nomad. Discipline is a mental state that you have to embody in order to live this lifestyle.