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Long Beach San Vicente Palawan: Remote Paradise

24th December 2023

Last updated on December 25th, 2023 at 09:07 am

There’s a little-known and little-visited coastal area on one of the Philippines’ most popular islands that you should know about. An area that’s for now, a remote and peaceful paradise. The location of San Vicente is perfect to break up the six-hour bus journey between Peurto Princesa and El Nido, but still, most travellers miss it. Read on for our complete guide to this remote paradise.

We’ve got a strong feeling Long Beach Palawan won’t stay this way, so read on for more information on why you should head there now.

With neverending white sands, coconut-filled palm trees, local fishing villages, and almost no development.

We’re almost tempted to keep it a secret, but as you’re so kind to visit our website, we’ll happily tell you. You’ll find the charming Philippine Eden at Long Beach San Vicente Palawan.

Too many travellers stick to the Palawan pancake trial by making a beeline for El Nido and then heading south to Puerto Princesa or north to up-and-coming Coron.

Where is Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

So clearly, Long Beach San Vicente is in Palawan, we’ve already told you that. But where exactly in Palawan is it?

Coconut trees line Alimanguan Beach on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan
Coconut trees line Alimanguan Beach on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

The municipality of San Vicente is on the west coast of Palawan and includes the growing town of Port Barton.

You may have already heard of Port Barton since it’s also an up-and-coming Palawan destination and a fantastic spot as a base for island hopping (more on that below).

Long Beach Palawan is about one hour north of Port Barton, 4 hours north of Puerto Princesa, and three hours south of El Nido.

The “Longest White Beach in the Philippines”

Long Beach Palawan is being touted as the “longest white beach in the Philippines” by officials.

Tagpis Beach on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan
Tagpis Beach on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

With 14km of undeveloped coastline, it’s three times longer than the Philippines’ most famous beach on Boracay.

But the fact is, Long Beach is broken up in several places by rocky headlands, so it actually, consists of six stretches of powdery sands.

The local areas fronting the beach include San Isidro, New Agutaya, and Alimuangan, and there’s public transportation to these three spots.

For now, there are almost no full-blown resorts here but development is really starting to take hold. Thankfully, it’s mainly just low-key accommodation options that blend in well with the local beach environment.

We know that on at least one beach, there are no accommodation options at all! We’ll get to that later.

What’s at Long Beach San Vicente Palawan?

The truth is, there isn’t much at Long Beach Palawan, but that’s what makes this place so special. The area is alive with friendly local fishing villages.

Alimanguan street on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan
Alimanguan street on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

Kids playing on their way home from school, fishermen attending to their tangled nets, and hundreds of colourful beached fishing boats.

There are no restaurants, no bars, and no massage shops. These amenities are only available at your choice of accommodation.

The sandy streets are sparsely populated with only little convenience stores selling bananas, instant coffee sachets, and loaves of sliced bread.


Like most good things, they usually come to an end, and that’s looking like the case at Long Beach San Vicente.

Kids waving at Alimanguan Beach on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan
Kids waving at us on Alimanguan Beach

We can guarantee that it’ll soon be populated with thousands of tourists like other Palawan destinations such as El Nido.

San Vicente International Airport opened in 2017. Big resort developers purchased masses of beach-side land in preparation for the airport completion.

Stay at Victoria Beach House, Alimanguan Beach

We found an absolute gem of a place to stay at Long Beach San Vicente. The most northern beach is Alimanguan and what a fantastic beach it is.

Victoria Beach House at Long Beach San Vicente Palawan Alimanguan
Enjoying a sunset beer at Victoria Beach House at Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

Alimanguan Beach is around 2km in length and has just one tourist accommodation option, Victoria Beach House. The rest of the beach is simply palm trees, village property and dozens of fishing boats.

Victoria Beach House is situated right in the middle of Alimanguan Beach so is surrounded by local village life. It was such a joy to meet so many locals, especially the kids, as we wandered the shore each day.

Even as we sunbathed we’d be approached by inquisitive children wanting to know our names and where we’re from. Us being there clearly wasn’t the norm for them yet which was nice to experience.

Friendly kids at Alimanguan Beach on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan
Friendly kids at Alimanguan Beach, Palawan

All rooms at Victoria Beach House have sea views and the communal garden area continues straight onto Alimanguan Beach.

Every evening, the sun sets right in front of Victoria Beach House while all the guests enjoy a beer or local rum and coke.

One day, in the rain, we took a longer walk to the next beach south of Alimanguan. It’s easily accessible with a bit of low headland rock to climb over.

According to Google Maps, the beach is called Tagpis Beach and is even less developed than Alimanguan.

Well, we say less developed but what we really mean is there’s nothing there at all! It must be the most remote of all the beaches that make up Long Beach Palawan.

Checking in with a free coconut and kitten!
Checking in with a free coconut and kitten!

Tagpis Beach must be about 3km worth of gorgeous coastline and there is not a building in sight. On our stroll, we saw only two wandering locals and a buffalo pulling a cart with its owner on board.

We were surprised to not even notice a local village here. Only palm trees, sand, and sea.

How to get to Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

If you’re already on Palawan Island, getting to Long Beach San Vicente is easy.

Fishing village at Alimanguan Beach on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan
Fishing village at Alimanguan Beach on Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

From El Nido

Go into any of the tour companies in El Nido and tell them you want to go to San Vicente. For around 300 pesos, they’ll book you onto a shared van en route to Peurto Princesa.

The bar at Snake Island on our El Nido trip
The bar at Snake Island, El Nido, Palawan

The driver will drop you off at one of the junctions close to San Vicente. From there it’ll be a jeepney, tricycle or motorcycle ride to your chosen Long Beach Palawan accommodation.

Check for El Nido to Puerto Princessa tickets:

If you’re coming from Puerto Princesa, it’ll work the same way but in the opposite direction. Ask one of the local tour companies to drop you off at a junction for San Vicente and they’ll take care of the rest.

The journey time from the San Jose terminal will be approximately 4 hours.

The stunning limestone on our El Nido trip
The stunning limestone in El Nido, Palawan

Of course, the local tour companies will also include Palawan as part of their island hopping tours.

These island hopping tours are not bad value if you want a taste of island life but can’t commit the amount of time to travelling as we do.

Starfish Island, Palawan
Starfish Island, Palawan

Exotic Island in Port Barton, Starfish Island, Boayan Island, Paradise Island, and German Island (Inaladelan Island) and stunning El Nido are some of the most beautiful islands to visit when island hopping. Just don’t tell anyone about Long Beach!

By flying to Palawan

The San Vicente Palawan Airport has flights from large airlines like Philippine Airlines and Air Asia as well as smaller local airlines.

If staying at Victoria Beach House on Alimanguan Beach

Alternatively, take our Victoria Beach House recommendation on Alimanguan Beach and they’ll arrange a pick up from your El Nido/Puerto Princesa accommodation for 500 pesos per person.

Victoria Beach House also has properties in Puerto Princesa and El Nido so why not stay at all three to make it easier?

Long Beach San Vicente Palawan was our favourite Philippine Highlight

We’re writing this Long Beach San Vicente Palawan post as we stay at our last stop in the Philippines.

Sunset at Long Beach San Vicente Palawan Alimanguan
Daily sunset outside Victoria Beach House at Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

Out of all the destinations we visited, our time spent on Alimanguan Beach at Victoria Beach House has to be the highlight of our trip.

We have a thing for remote, wild, and local beaches.

The idea of going to overcrowded and overpriced Boracay fills us with dread but staying along this stretch of the longest white sand beach in Palawan is a complete contrast.

We urge you to go now before it’s too late.

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