London's Top Frightening and Sinister Destinations

13th April 2023

With its rich history, fascinating and diverse culture, and many attractions, London is a fabulous city to visit. There is so much to see and do here, from world-famous landmarks and iconic buildings to wonderful shopping, vibrant nightlife, and a host of incredible activities.

One of the things that draws many visitors to London is the dark history of the place. This is reflected in many of its attractions that enable visitors to explore the more sinister side of the city. In fact, there are many wonderfully macabre sights to explore here, so if you want to enjoy a spine-tingling holiday experience, London is definitely a great choice.

Some Top Macabre Attractions in London

So, you’ve got your hotel sorted, you have one of Forbes’s top travel cards for 2019 at the ready, and all that is left is to order your attraction tickets. Well, here are some of the great places you should consider if you want to explore the darker side of the city:

The Tower of London

Steeped in rich and often dark history, the Tower of London is a hugely popular visitor attraction and one that is incredibly fascinating. You can learn more about the history of the tower as you explore and take your tour. Hear the stories about the hauntings and learn about the various executions that took place centuries ago. You can also learn more about the other uses for the tower over the years, which include being the home of the Royal Mint.

The London Dungeon

Another wonderfully spooky yet educational attraction in London is the London Dungeon. Here, you can enjoy learning all about the dark history of the city from fabulous actors in full character. This is a great place for adults and kids to enjoy, and it comes with its fair share of jumps and frights as well as a host of fascinating facts and tales.


Once the hunting ground of the infamous Jack the Ripper, Whitechapel is a fascinating place to explore. If you want to enjoy a really memorable experience, you can join one of the various Ripper tours that take place here, where you will be able to visit the areas where his heinous crimes were committed. Take a night tour for a really spooky experience.

The Bank of London

The Bank of London was erected on an old cemetery site, and this has led to stories about it being haunted. There are various ghosts that are said to haunt the premises, including the famous ‘bank nun’ who reportedly waits on the steps of the bank for her brother, which is what she used to do when she was alive.

Enjoy London From a New Perspective

When you visit some of the spookier sights and attractions in London, you can look forward to exploring the city from a new perspective. These attractions are fascinating, exciting, and steeped in legend and history, which makes them all the more popular.