By Darren Griffiths

London Food Guide: 5 Tips For First Time Visitors

21st March 2023

If your next travel destination is the city of dreams, you wouldn’t want to miss out on food tripping, especially if you’re a certified gastronome. Many travelers and tourists visit London due to the diverse cuisines and local delicacies they offer. You can use this guide and apply some tips so you can eat your heart out on your upcoming trip.

If you’re from Manchester and plan to go to this city, you can ride a coach from Manchester to London and start your UK tour. Since it’s your first time visiting, it’s crucial to hit the best food spots and try the most delectable British foods. However, London is bustling with many food streets, restaurants, and food spots, and it can get overwhelming to decide where to go and what to try. The key is to make the most of your initial visit to London and cross off the must-eat foods in the city.

Here are some tips to get you started on your first food trip in London:

1 – Try Local Delicacies 

When visiting a foreign place, the best advice you should follow is to try the local delicacies of the city or town. They’re the best foods you can try without breaking the bank, whether you’re traveling on a budget or allocating a spending limit on your food. As the locals use readily available ingredients to create meals, local delicacies are often cheaper. The secret is to find the famous local places and try the food there, as their prices are usually suitable for the local people, not the tourists. 

In addition, visiting local street food markets in London allows you to learn about their culture while touring. You can understand their lifestyle and tradition, observe people, and notice the differences between their city and yours. Moreover, knowing the history of the food helps you appreciate it more. You can feel free to ask questions from the local food sellers and befriend some local people in the process too. You may get the best taste and version of that food if you choose local cuisine since the locals have mastered crafting the dish for years.

 2 – Eat Some Fish And Chips 


While your country of origin may sell and offer their version of Fish and Chips, don’t forgo trying the original British ones in London. This delectable yet straightforward meal is one of London’s most famous dishes originating from England. It can be enjoyed as your main meal or a side snack when touring around the bustling streets of London.

Fish and Chips are sold almost everywhere in the city, but it’s essential to find popular restaurants that sell the best ones with high quality and fresh ingredients. Don’t miss out on this must-try British staple food at an affordable price.  

3 – Explore And Discover Some Hole In The Walls 

When touring around London, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and explore the unknown. You can ask locals around for some hole-in-the-wall cafes, restaurants, and bars. Look for secret spots in London or lesser-known locations. Check out some underrated restaurants, and you may be in for some surprise. You can find classic local food served in quirky cafes in Hackney, a local area that tourists may not even be aware of.  

Some must-visit food places in London include Islington, Peckham, Clerkenwell, and Notting Hill. There are so many culinary offerings in these areas. You’ll surely appreciate many surprising flavors and food cultures from different neighborhoods and streets.

4 – Indulge In An English Breakfast 

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You probably have heard the term ‘English Breakfast,’ and no, it’s not just a type of tea. It’s a morning meal containing portions of different breakfast dishes like bacon, beans, mushrooms, eggs, toast, and sausages. It’s perfectly paired with coffee to pump you up early in the morning. It certainly passes the breakfast-for-champions vibe.

In many London cafes and pubs, you can get an English Breakfast at any hour of the day. Many locals and tourists love indulging in this heavy breakfast meal because it comes with all the tasty foods they want. Check out some restaurants and get a feel for which ones offer this national meal as their specialty.

5 – Join A Food Tour 

Take a culinary tour of London and discover the city like never before. You can get a good taste of the city in just a few hours with a food tour if you don’t have a lot of time. Some food tour packages cover the most well-known and accessible food markets and famous restaurants or cafes in London. Although you might not be able to visit some unexplored or secret places in London, the tour can still give you the best food experience in the city.   


A food trip is one of the most enjoyable activities when traveling. There are a lot of cuisines to choose from in the London food scene, many of which come with unique flavors and textures that are sure to blow you away. Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on what you need to do when planning to feast well in the city of dreams. It would be best to know what to expect before visiting the places you wish to see.