Key Tips on Saving Money While Camping

15th March 2023

Spending more time outdoors on your next holiday trips promote a healthy lifestyle. As much as possible, you want to value resiliency and survival by trying a real camping experience.

If you want to make your next holiday trip more meaningful, enjoyable, and unforgettable, check these money saving tips while camping.

Use Discount or Coupons

Tentrr coupons are now available, connecting adventurers with private landowners for a unique private camping experience. As you probably know, campgrounds have length and weight restrictions. Have you tried being cast away because your camper is too big? With Tentrr, you don’t have to worry about this kind of problem.

Proper Camping Planning

With careful planning, you’ll save money while camping. By bringing the basic camping essentials, you don’t have to run at the nearest convenience store to buy toiletries, batteries, or bottles of clean water, which are more expensive.

Here are the basic camping essentials you need to bring for more enjoyable and well-prepared camping:

  • Tent (stakes and footprint)
  • Sleeping pads
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camping pillow
  • Camp table
  • Flashlights or headlamps (with extra batteries)
  • Camp chairs
  • Lantern (mantles and fuel or batteries if needed)

The optional camping items you’ll need include tarp, screen house, or sunshade, cots, hammock, sleeping bag liners, camp rug, a clothesline with clips, tablecloth and tape or clips, camp rug, and

firewood (you can source it near campsite).

The tools and repair items include duct tape, multi-tool, extra cord, pad or mattress repair kit, tent-pole repair sleeve, hammer or mallet, saw or axe, dustpan, and a small broom. When it comes to the kitchen supplies, you’ll need a stove and fuel, light or firestarter, frying pan, cook pots, eating utensils, bottle opener or corkscrew, plates and bowls, sharp knife, cutting board, mugs and cups, cooler, water bottles, water bottles, and ice. You’ll also need a wash bin or camp sink, biodegradable soap, trash or recycling bags, pot scrubber or sponge.

Save Money Bringing Your Own Food

Camping is the best time to bring your own food to save money and learn how to cook your favorite barbecue recipes. You can bring your portable charcoal grill or try survival cooking using available dry woods in wild camping.

Buying food outdoors can be expensive, most especially if you’re planning to camp in remote areas. That’s why you have to bring all the food you can bring to sustain your needs while camping. Make sure to bring ones that don’t easily spoil like fresh fruits, such as oranges, apples, and bananas.

Save Money Using a Pop Up Camper

Who doesn’t want to save money for the holidays? In the past, we’ve witnessed the evolution of RVs, motorhomes, SUVs, and other bigger trailers. You probably can remember how your dad or grandpa rented a special space just to keep your huge camper. It’s a good thing that smaller and more flexible versions are now available that can save you money from renting a storage space.

With the advantage of weight, a pop-up camper is easy to store. Also, it won’t take your gas mileage as much as massive trailers. You can also save money from fuel and also help preserve the environment at the same time.

Here are the other benefits of using a pop-up camper:

  • More Flexible Camping: Whether you’replanning to have a solo camping or group camping, bringing a heavy trailer or camper can end up in a disaster. A strong gust of wind can shift the entire vehicle, causing problems, most especially if you’re caught in a strange or remote place. It also takes time and effort, hauling a heavy camper from the storage area to your vehicle. A great solution is a pop-up camper, or tent trailer, also known as a fold-out camper, which makes camping more flexible.
  • Convenient Camping: You don’t want to miss your favorite camping escapade because of a very slow speed hauling a huge trailer. Just imagine the convenience that you’ll experience when camping on your next holiday trip using pop up campers.
  • More Quality Time Camping: You also get to enjoy driving while chatting with your spouse and children using a pop-up camper because it’s light and sufficiently small. Too soon, you’ll get to your destination and won’t even realize that you’re pulling anything.


There are so many ways to save money while camping. With careful planning, using a pop-up camper, using discount codes, and finding an alternative treatment to camping health issues, you’ll save more money and fully enjoy your next camping experience.