Japanese Forest Bathing Hobby Has Surprising Health Benefits

7th March 2023

A new study based on the emerging trend of shinrin yoku or ‘forest bathing’ shows that spending more time in green spaces may lower a person’s risk for a number of chronic illnesses.

From reducing stress to improving cancer outcomes, this burgeoning research suggests that spending time in forests could cure what ails you. Forest Bathing has the potential to turn the idea of traveling for health care into a different discussion entirely.

A Connected World

People spend 11 hours per day on average looking at screens. While some screen time is necessary due to the nature of the world today, too much time spent staring at a screen can lead to a host of health problems.

Physical afflictions such as metabolic syndrome, eye strain, and an earlier death all can be caused by too much screen time. Psychological problems like struggling to process emotions and harmful brain restructuring may also take place as a result of our profound societal shift towards screens.

Studies have even shown that children who spend two or more hours per day staring at a screen, end up earning lower scores on thinking and language tests.

It can be hard to get separation from our electronics without changing our environment. Spending time in nature while forest bathing or pursuing another outdoor activity is a great way to get away from the screens for a while.

Additionally, not only will you get the benefits of reducing your electronics usage, but you’ll also get the benefits associated with spending more time in green spaces. If that sounds good to you, then consider taking a nature trip to get started.

A Restorative Getaway

If you’ve decided to take a trip out into nature you should start by researching locations you’re interested in visiting. Give special attention to vacations that necessitate taking a break from your screens.

Going camping without wireless internet, for example, will help your family naturally explore the outdoors and spend more quality time together.

If you’re really committed to creating a more natural lifestyle for your family, you could consider investing in a more permanent way to forest bathe.

According to Riverwoodcabins.com, a modular cabin is energy-efficient, fast to make, and less costly than a traditional manufactured home. Buying a property out in nature like a log cabin may be just what your family needs to start experiencing the benefits of ditching electronics in favor of nature for themselves.

Rebalancing Your Life

Smartphones, computers, and other screen-based devices are important parts of life today. However, it is possible to find a balance that keeps you and your family refreshed and healthy.

Spending more time in green spaces through activities like forest bathing can help provide you with a host of positive health outcomes. Consider taking the family for a fun trip that gives you all an opportunity to recharge. It will help to keep you all healthy and could even bring your family closer together.