By Darren Griffiths

30 Indian Photos that Capture the People and Places in India

21st February 2023

Last updated on April 6th, 2023 at 09:54 pm

India has to be the most photogenic of all the countries we’ve visited. Whether it be the people or the places in India, you don’t have to look hard for an amazing photo opportunity. We filled our camera with thousands of Indian photos while we spent nine weeks in the world’s most diverse land.

The People and Places in India

We started our trip in Delhi, India’s capital city. From there we toured the many places in India including Rajasthan where we explored the region’s many fortresses and slept under the stars in the Thar desert sand dunes. We, of course, visited India’s great wonder, the Taj Mahal. It was here where lenses pointed in our direction. We were the subject of many Indian photos as the locals got in line to take our picture!

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We toured incredible India for 9 weeks & couldn't stop taking photos. We've collated 30 of our best Indian photos that capture the people & places in India.

We were culture shocked by life surrounding the Ganges river in Varanasi. From burning bodies to religious festivals. The deeply spiritual city is the most extraordinary of all the places in India. Our camera was in overdrive as we added hundreds of Indian photos to our collection.

Then life slowed down as we headed south to Kerala

Golden beaches, lush green jungle and terraced tea plantations in the mountains. We even hired our own private houseboat for a couple of days as we floated through Kerala’s beautiful backwater region.

In complete contrast to laid-back Kerala Tourism, there’s no avoiding the city hoping via the Indian railway. Mysore, Bangalore and the mighty Mumbai are cities full of colour, grand architecture and interesting faces. The perfect locations for anyone wishing to take Indian photos.

And we won’t forget the historical site of Hampi. Definitely one of our favourite places in India. Cycling around the fascinating rocky landscape from one ruined temple to the next was an amazing experience. You have to go to India!

If you do go then we’d recommend a read of this very useful India Travel Packing List post by Asher Fergusson.

Anyway, you’re here for the photos! There are many more Indian photos that we’d like to show you but we’ve collated 30 of our favourites that we feel captures the people and places in India

Indian photo of flute player in Delhi

Flute player in Delhi

Indian photo of woman in Jaipur

Indian women in Jaipur

Indian photo of woman in Jaisalmer fort

Indian woman in traditional dress

Indian photo of shop in Jaisalamer

Indian pot shop

Indian photo of juice seller

Juice seller

Indian photo of couple

Indian couple

Indian photo of man in contemplation on river Ganges

Man in contemplation

Indian photo of monk chatting with local in Varanasi

Chatting on the banks of the river Ganges

Indian photo of Taj Mahal sunset

Taj Mahal sunset

Indian photo of girl in doorway

Girl in doorway

Indian photo of man with goats in varanasi

Man taking a nap with goats

Indian photo of sunset over river Ganges Varanasi

Sunset over river Ganges in Varanasi

Indian photo of beggar in varanasi

Man beggar

Indian photo of varanasi barber shop

Indian barber shop

Indian photo of game of Badminton on river ganges varanasi

Game of Badminton

Indian photo of young girl

Young Indian girl

Indian photo of man in prayer in Varanasi

Man in prayer

Indian photo of monks on river Ganges Varanasi

Monks on the river Ganges in Varanasi

Indian photo of window in Varanasi

Dog in an old Window

Indian photo of Kerala backwaters

Children on their way to school in the Kerala backwaters

Indian photo of Munnar tea plantations

Munnar tea plantations

Indian photo of Munnar Mountains

Munnar Mountains

Indian photo of Hindu temple in Hampi

Hindu Temple

Indian photo of shrine in Hampi

Shrine in Hampi

Indian Photo of Girl in Hampi India

Young Indian girl

Indian Photo of Children in Hampi India

Children in Hampi

Indian Photo of Jaisalmer Fort in India

Jaisalmer Fort

Indian Photo of Camels in Thar Desert India

Camels in Thar Desert

Indian Photo of Kelrala Backwaters in India

Kelrala Backwaters

Indian Photo of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

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We toured incredible India for 9 weeks & couldn't stop taking photos. We've collated 30 of our best Indian photos that capture the people & places in India.