By Darren Griffiths

How to Get Bonus Spins on a Journey in Asia

22nd January 2024

Given the vast size of Asia, travellers can often find themselves looking for forms of entertainment to keep themselves occupied. There can be long distances between countries on the continent, depending on the type of transport that is used. Those who wish to obtain an authentic experience may want to use the train links or even go by sea rather than continue to use planes.

People Travel More Than Ever Today

With plenty of time being spent travelling, there can be a necessity for people to find entertainment. While music or books can often be the most popular mediums, games are generally the first port of call for so many. 

Mobile gaming has taken off in a huge way globally, with Asia amongst the leaders in terms of the titles that are often created. However, another type of gaming that has truly been elevated through the use of such devices is iGaming activities.

iGaming Throughout Asia

Players have been able to experience casino-like experiences on their phones while they travel, thus making them rather travel-friendly. They are able to play classic card games that are synonymous with a casino and obtain a lifelike, authentic game session when doing so through the technology that is used. They are also able to enjoy a varied gaming experience with innovative new features and designs through technology that is not always possible when enjoying the real thing. 

Slots have become the go-to for so many, as they can provide a little extra in terms of value for money, especially with free spins often possible to obtain. 

How To Claim Free Spins

There are numerous ways in which it is possible to claim free spins when travelling through Asia. Most will often come as a result of a bonus, which can be obtained when signing up for a site for the first time as part of a welcome bonus. They are also acquired in-game as part of a bonus round that has been implemented. Most titles nowadays will feature these as standard, but not all will have them.

How Do You Get The Best Free Spins Experiences While Travelling Through Asia?

While travelling in a different country or continent that is unfamiliar, adventurers may feel that they are left with a number of questions, especially when it comes to trying to get the best experience playing their favourite games. 

Asia’s regulations regarding iGaming activities can vary compared to other locations worldwide, which is why it can become important that travellers know what to look for when seeking the best free spins experiences. 

In order to achieve this, they need to make sure they are only using the right sites. A site with the correct type of gaming license, security protocols, and protections should only ever be considered, as these can ensure player safety. Players need to make sure their data is not compromised when they play otherwise, they could find themselves in significant trouble while they are not at home, such as not having the funds to get back home, etc.


In addition to finding the right sites, it can be highly recommended to find bonuses that offer free spins conducive to an enjoyable gaming session. The wagering requirements should be checked, as should terms such as what games they can be played with. Some free spins offers will often only be for a specific title or group of games and may not be eligible with preferred games.

Lastly, looking at what each game offers regarding its free spins can be wise. Some may only offer a small handful of free spins that can be triggered once, whereas others may offer hundreds or unlimited amounts or have a re-triggerable feature.

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