New Places, New People: How CityPals Adds a New Element to Travel

9th April 2023

These days, more and more people are opting to travel alone. The solo traveller has become exceedingly common, choosing to go on adventures alone rather than miss out on the world due to the fears of isolation and safety. As liberating as it can be to pack a bag and jet off somewhere new, unexpected and exciting, after a few days it may also get a little lonely. Some travellers are totally comfortable in their own company but others would rather share and explore the cuisine and sights with another.

Then there are couples like us who love being with each other but at times crave the company of friends old and new. We like to think we are a sociable couple and make the effort to meet new people, but at times it’s not that easy. We understand that some solo travellers and groups assume that as a couple, we might not want to socialize with anyone else, but most of the time that’s not the case. We can also find it difficult to make that first approach because of our own confidence or assumptions of that person. Does this sound familiar?

We discovered an option for both couples and solo travellers to easily meet new people with the added bonus of getting a city guide at the same time! CityPals is a glorious solution to travelling alone that allows you to link up with a personal tour guide in the city you’re visiting without having to share accommodations or spend more time with them than you want. CityPals has been making news lately because it’s truly a smart idea.

How CityPals Benefits Travelers

Discover a secret London street

Maybe you’re single and want to explore the world on your own, or perhaps you just need a weekend to yourself in another town. With CityPals, you can browse through a list of registered CityPals – friendly tour guides you pay per hour, that are available in the city that you plan to visit.

CityPals don’t just take you to the well-known landmarks and typical tourist sites. If requested, they’ll take you to the places that you want to see but they’ll also give you an inside tour of the spots that only locals could know about in their own city. Destinations that you might not find in a guide book or travel blog. 

It’s smart because if you want a dining companion in Tokyo, for example, to try the best Japanese cuisine without crowds of tourists, a CityPal can take you there. Finding the best places that aren’t heavily visited by tourists is your best bet for both quality and value. There’s no need to read dozens of Trip Advisor reviews to find the best restaurant for you.

Maybe you want to shop in a trendy London market where hip locals hang out away from the touristy city centre or find a secret bar or coffee shop that only locals could know about. A CityPal can take you there.

How Being a CityPal Benefits Locals

Find local markets in Bangkok

It works both ways too. CityPals is always looking for quality locals in every city who love to meet new people and show them around. As a CityPal, you get all the fun of having a guest visiting without having to provide them with a place to stay. They pay you for your tour time and you get to show them what makes your city so amazing. 

Every city has so much to offer and every CityPal has a different way of viewing their home city. This provides a unique experience for each visitor. 

Check out the CityPals website to see if your next city destination has some CityPals to show you around. Let them take all that time-consuming research off your hands so you can spend more time enjoying the destination. And you never know, you may make a new friend in the process.

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