By Darren Griffiths

What Features Should You Look For In A Campervan?

11th March 2023

Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 04:58 am

Planning a weekend getaway, a cross-country adventure, or a vacation can be tedious, especially with travel and accommodation costs in mind. A campervan, however, puts your mind to rest because of the flexibility it offers.

For one, owning a campervan saves you from spending on accommodation costs by providing you with a place to stay during your adventure. Yes, you have to initially pay the cost of purchasing one as well as possibly paying the cost of shipping the campervan, but in time, you will save much more by avoiding stays in hotels.

It makes for an even more exciting exploration because you can channel the accommodation funds toward other fun activities. Additionally, accommodation availability allows you to explore the world off the grid without worrying about accessing an Airbnb or a hotel.    

Campervans have various features that make them comfortable for living and travel. This article reviews the range of features you should look for in a campervan to make your next adventure memorable.

Features To Look For In A Campervan

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A campervan is a self-propelling vehicle that offers transportation and accommodation at the same time. Campervans are classified as Class B vehicles, which are smaller than Class A and C, which means that the features they can accommodate are limited due to space. However, the type of campervan you choose will highly depend on the company you buy it from. For example, the campervans from are imported from Germany to New Zealand. These motorhomes are widely known for their versatility and comfort, as they are built with a range of parts and features that are suitable for traveling.

Here are some of the features to look for when purchasing a campervan.

A Sleeping Area 

A sleeping area is the identifying feature of a campervan. A sleeping area ensures that the ‘living accommodation’ part of a camper is sorted. While examining the sleeping area, check whether the bed option fits your needs.

While examining the sleeping area, go for a bed fitted with a rock-and-roll bed. This bed option is convertible such that you have a seating space during the day and a sleeping space for the night. One benefit of having a rock and roll bed is that it enables you to maximize space. That is, you get to move around with ease during the day and sleep comfortably during the night.

Storage Spaces 

If you’re interested in purchasing a campervan, it would also be best to check its storage capacity to see whether it could carry all your traveling essentials like recreational gear, clothes, and food.

Having adequate storage also helps in improving the cleanliness of your campervan. Check if the campervan has well-fitted cabinets for smaller items and a roof rack for bulkier items, like kayaks, surfboards, bicycles, etc. With these fixtures, you can sort your things out, making your campervan look tidy and presentable while you travel.

A Ceiling Ventilation Fan And Windows

Ventilation is another essential feature to look for in a campervan, mainly because you’ll be living and sleeping in it when you travel. Ventilation is even more crucial because the space is small, and the environment is enclosed. 

Most campervans are fitted with a ceiling ventilation fan, which brings clean air from outside into the enclosed space. It helps in keeping the environment from getting stuffy, expels odour, and lowers humidity levels. 

Also, check if there is a window that will provide additional ventilation for your campervan. It is known to work best alongside the roof vent to maintain the natural movement of air within the enclosed space.

A Small Kitchen 

While not all campervans have kitchens, finding one with a small kitchen is essential because it offers convenience. Having a small kitchen minimises your food expenses because you won’t need to spend money on fast-food or restaurants.

Campervans with a small kitchen are often fitted with a dual gas burner and a small refrigerator. In addition, you may consider adding other appliances, such as a coffeemaker, a microwave, and a toaster, if the space allows.

An AC Power Inverter

Small appliances like a microwave, a toaster, and a coffeemaker require alternating current (AC) power to run. Your campervan battery, however, contains direct current (DC) power, which can’t operate these electronic appliances. Hence, it would be best if a campervan had a power inverter.

Although a power inverter does not produce power on its own, it converts DC power into AC power, which is helpful in powering electronic devices in your campervan. But, if a campervan does not have a power inverter, there are other options available. Some campervan owners supplement this feature with solar panels because of their efficiency, so that’s something to consider as well.

Capacity To Go Off-Grid

If you enjoy off-grid adventures, this is a great feature to consider. A solar setup is one identifying attribute of a campervan that can go off-grid. A solar setup enables you to harness energy from the sun, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of having power from anywhere. It also minimizes limitations on the length of time you can spend off-grid.

Another attribute is air-heating capacity. This feature is beneficial for adventures in areas with low temperatures. Some air heating features to look for are a ducted diesel-fuelled heater, a roof-mounted air conditioner, or a portable ceramic air conditioner.

Wrapping Up

If you are into travelling, there’s nothing like too much adventure. It is why people who like to explore the world are investing in campervans. Campervans are recreational vehicles that offer transportation and accommodation. These vehicles, therefore, help you save on the cost that would have otherwise gone into accommodation while allowing you to explore off-grid areas.

To enjoy a campervan, you first have to know how to choose a good one. This article discussed key features you could check. Please consider these features if you wish to invest in a campervan.