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Early Mini Retirement - Why Everyone Should Do It

21st March 2023

Last updated on April 6th, 2023 at 09:48 pm

We don’t have a grey hair on our bodies, we don’t use walking sticks to get about and we have just a few laughter lines on our faces. However, we’re still able to regularly take a temporary early retirement. To give up work and do all the things we want to do. Not have to get up at 7 am, put on a uniform and be imprisoned all day in an office. Not have deadlines to meet and other people to impress. Early mini-retirement is the most suitable description for how I and Shelley regularly live our lives, by disappearing for a year at a time to travel the world.

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Early mini retirement. It's possible for everyone. We've taken 3 over the past 10 years and we're only in our early 30s. Here we share why you should do it.

It’s the most amazing feeling to temporarily retire, pack your life into a backpack (or suitcase if you’d prefer), board that plane and fly away for an early mini retirement that you’ll remember forever. 

You Don’t Have To Follow The Crowd

It’s too easy to follow the norm of what’s expected from life. Too many people fall into the common trap of getting a job after school that they don’t necessarily like. Buy a home in the same town they grew up in. Have some kids and grow old while struggling to save enough cash for retirement. It’s what everyone’s supposed to do right?

At the Ibera Wetland region in Argentina. Early Mini Retirement - Why Everyone Should Do It.

At the Ibera Wetland region in Argentina

We don’t think it is. Sure up to a few decades ago, that was the only way of life to live but we’re lucky enough to now live in an age where there are so many more options available to us. Life’s too short to be living in one place all your life, spending five days a week doing something that you don’t want to be doing.

Make The Most Of Your Physically Capable Years

Why are we all saving for old age retirement anyway? Retirement planning is worst-case scenario insurance. The worst case scenario being that you are incapable of working due to your deteriorated health. Why spend the physically capable years of your life imprisoned for all that time before. Nothing can justify that sacrifice.

Those of you who want to take an early mini-retirement, get out there and make the most of your good health and fitness. Who knows what state your body will be in by the time you eventually retire at old age. Especially when the average retirement age is increasing. You’ll have that pot of gold in your bank account but you could be too ill to enjoy it! What a waste of time all that continuous hard work and overtime would have been. Use any savings you have now and take an early mini retirement while you can! Worry about old age later.

You Don’t Know What’s Around The Corner

How do you know you’re going to be lucky enough to even get to retirement age? We hate to sound morbid but nobody knows what’s around the corner, on any given year, month, week or day. We hope to god that it doesn’t happen but tomorrow you could be hit by a bus or get infected by a fatal disease. It’s a horrible thought but it’s true. It can happen to anyone.

Overlooking Machu Picchu. Early Mini Retirement - Why Everyone Should Do It.

Overlooking Machu Picchu

This alone is enough motivation for us to get up and do the things we really want to do. To make the most of our lives while we have good health. We don’t want to be one of those old people later in life, regretting not doing the things we wanted to do.

Don’t be one of those people either. Those who only muse about travelling or something else that they really want to do. Don’t be scared to do something about it and don’t grow old regretting the things you haven’t done. We think the idea of putting dreams aside and following the crowd until you die is far scarier.

Just Ask Yourself, What’s The Worst That Can Happen

It’s not an easy decision to quit your job for an early mini retirement and no longer have an income. So if anxiety gets the better of us before taking a trip we often ask ourselves, what’s the worst that could happen. The worst case scenario for us is that we struggle to gain employment after returning home. We might have to get a bar job to pay the bills or sell some stuff to get on our feet again. But that’s it. It wouldn’t be the end of the world and we’d have each other for support. We’d get there in the end.

On safari in Sri Lanka. Early Mini Retirement - Why Everyone Should Do It.

On safari in Sri Lanka

It’s also important to think of the best case scenarios and weigh them up against the worst cases. In our current situation, our best case scenario would be life changing. We’d be running a successful online business together. Not having to be location dependent and seeing more of this awesome world. We think it’s worth risking the worst case scenario if there’s a chance we may gain our best case and live a fairytale life.

So far we’ve been lucky. We’ve not had to experience our worst case scenario after returning from any of our early mini retirement trips. Maybe it’s not luck. Maybe it’s just down to our experience and planning. Whatever it is, it gives us the courage to keep taking new ones. It gets easier the more you take!

Taking An Early Mini Retirement Isn’t Being Lazy

It’s not just about laying on some tropical beach sipping cocktails. You can use the time to work on something you’ve always wanted to do. Start your own online business, write a book or do some charity work. We’re going to be using the next 12 months to work hard on this blog and who knows where it may take us. Maybe nowhere but at least we can say we’ve tried.

Doing less work so that you can do things of greater personal importance is not laziness. We understand that a lot of you may not easily agree with this as our society tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity. But we think that’s wrong. Sometimes you just have to take yourself out of everyday life to fulfil your dreams and goals.

At Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Early Mini Retirement - Why Everyone Should Do It.

Taking a trip around the world is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of planning, commitment and sacrifices to get there. Then while on a trip you are continually tested on many levels. An early mini retirement can improve you as a person. It can teach you life lessons, new skills and change your life for the better. There’s nothing lazy about that. 

We Know It’s Not That Easy For Everyone

Now we’re not so naive to think that everyone can just quit their jobs, pack their bags and disappear for an early mini retirement trip around the world. We understand that not everyone wants to do that. A lot of people are perfectly happy following the crowd. Even if they’re not, in some cases it’s just not possible to temporarily retire early because of commitments or dependants.

But those who don’t. Those who could be free if they chose to. What’s stopping you doing the things you really want to do. You may have a few hurdles to jump to get there but it’s worth it to win the race of life. You don’t have to follow this dated life plan that’s been mapped out for you. Can’t you afford it? Then read this post for help.

If you do have the opportunity to do it then get out there and do it. There’s a big wide world out there ready to be explored. Take an early mini-retirement, live your dreams and never regret. Life’s too short not to.

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Early mini retirement. It's possible for everyone. We've taken 3 over the past 10 years and we're only in our early 30s. Here we share why you should do it.