The Best Digital Nomad Hotspots in the United States

16th February 2023

There is a little part of all of us that falls for the romance of the American Dream. Although many digital nomads head to South East Asia there is something about setting foot in the Land of Opportunity that is not only exciting but potentially a very sensible career move too.

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Why the US?

For many digital nomads the comparatively high cost of living in the US would be an instant turn off; what a shame this is. The US has a thriving digital nomad scene and is embracing the digital age wholeheartedly; just look at the Silicon Valley!

If you’re looking for a welcoming and exciting place to work it seldom gets better than the US.

Attracting over 75 million visitors each year, there is a wealth of nature, culture and history to explore when the laptop is closed. With wide open roads to travel between the various US places of interest, an rv rental is a recommended way to get around to see the best of what the United States has to offer including the more remote hidden gems in the country.

When it comes to planning a move to the US as a digital nomad there is a lot to consider. Which city do you want to live in? What work will you do? What visa should you apply for? One thing you don’t need to worry about is finding a rental property.

In the digital nomad hotspots of the USA there are always plenty of rental apartments available. In fact, there are a phenomenal array of apartments across the US for you to choose from. Although a daunting task at first thought, there is plenty of advice out there to help you find a perfect apartment to suit your digital nomad lifestyle. There are even platforms that display specific rental prices in any location such as average rent in Memphis, Tennessee, for example.

Digital Nomad Hotspots In The US

digital nomad san fransico

New York really is as amazing as it seems in the films. If you’re a savvy city slicker or have grand aspirations of becoming so, this is the place for you. With almost all industries resented from 5th Ave to 170th St and beyond, there are opportunities to connect, network and enterprise aplenty in New York City.

Should you be seeking an up and coming city from which to base yourself then Portland, Oregon is where you should be headed. Community events bring all different groups of people together on a daily basis in Portland, making it a great place to mingle. With caffeine in no short supply, you’ll be more focused than ever!

If work-life balance is what convinced you to ditch the 9-5 and become a digital nomad then Los Angeles will prove rather appealing. Combining a perfect balance of the high life and relaxed beach vibes with a welcoming community of trendsetters, you’ll feel right at home in the City of Angels. There is a fast-growing network of freelancers and digital nomads basing themselves here so you’ll be in good company.

Looking to get fit? Love walking up hills? San Francisco is for you! We jest, there is so much on offer in this Californian city, not least a thriving hub of tech startups. Co-working spaces are really very popular in San Fran, although the contrasting hippy and preppy communities may seem non-conducive to success, quite the opposite is true. Big things happen in San Francisco.

Dallas is a foodie’s paradise! Meaning digital nomads have a myriad of options when it comes to wining, dining and schmoozing with their clients. Dallas is an incredibly safe city, for those looking to find a long-term, potentially family-oriented base, Dallas will be a high contender.

Internet Speeds and Co-Working Spaces

coworking space new york

For digital nomads, internet is life. One major plus point for the US is the consistently high internet speeds. Although in reality, speeds vary from state to state and from provider to provider, on average connections are 18.7 mbps. If you’re after the highest possible speeds then Washington D.C and Delaware can offer you upwards of 25 mbps.

Co-Working Spaces are a digital nomad’s best friend. US cities are pioneering the coworking model and we have found some of the best to share with you;

New York

Spark Labs – 833 Broadway, New York NY10003

Projective Space – 72 Allen St, Floor 3

Green Desk – 155 Water St


Hatch Lab PDX – 2420 NE Sandy Blvd

NedSpace – 707 SW Washington St

Urban Office – 4949 SW Macadam Ave

Los Angeles

BLANKSPACES – 5405 Wilshire Blvd

Kleverdog Coworking – 418 Bamboo Ln

Indie Desk – 333 S Grand Ave

San Francisco

Eco-Systm – 2nd Floor, 540 Howard St

SpherePad –  1714 Stockton St

RocketSpace – 180 Sansome St


Kowork – 400 North St

GeniusDen – 3106 Commerce St

HeadSpace Dallas – 4100 Midway Rd

Visas For Non-US Citizens

border protection airport

Unlike areas of South America and Asia, you have to apply for a visa before you set foot in the US and there’s no option to nip across the border on a visa run once your visa has expired. The US Border Control team are told to assume all visitors to the US are immigrants, making it your job to disprove this assumption.

In order to get a working visa you must be able to prove you have a contract with a company registered in the US. It is possible to enter the US on a tourist visa although this would be a difficult conversation to have should you be questioned on arrival.

The best thing to do is apply for a Green Card. This process can take a while but there is a lottery of 50,000 cards each year. Your best bet is to get yourself onto the lottery list.

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