Top Tip for Cheap Flight Search - A Mighty Travels Review

22nd March 2023

Truth be told, many cost-conscious travelers cringe when they hear the phrase subscription service.

With so many free options out there, it’s often tough to justify spending hard-earned dollars every month… especially when you’re not on the move.

Sound like you?

If so, put those preconceived notions about subscription travel services on the back burner for just a few moments.

Since 2014 Mighty Travels has garnered a loyal following by offering jet-setting customers a powerful and unique way to find and book amazing flight and lodging deals all over the world.

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They have two distinct package options – BASIC and PREMIUM

As you’ve probably already guessed, Mighty Travels Basic is the least expensive option. It’s limited to finding the best economy class deals from your airport of choice. It’s just a few dollars per month, and is a great choice for those who aren’t interested in anything other than inexpensive, no-frills air transportation to and from home.

On the other hand, Mighty Travels Premium (MTP) offers subscribers an impressive array of options and services that they won’t likely find elsewhere. Like the Basic package, Premium includes hot economy class deals updated daily, but that’s where the similarities end.

With Premium you’ll also get –

  • Unpublished Premium Economy, Business, and First Class airfare deals to and from anywhere in the world
  • Deals that have been individually recommended
  • Unrestricted access to Mighty Travel Premium’s impressive MTP Dashboard feature
  • A deal tracking function that updates in real time, and includes ‘error fares’ that often save customers more than 50% on both flights and hotels – many of which are 4 and 5-star

The MTP Dashboard allows you to choose a home airport, as well as others nearby that may have better flight deals.

It also lets users enter specific information tailored to their needs and preferences. These items include things like cabin class, travel dates, and origin and destination cities and airports.

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Get your free 30 Day Trial of Mighty Travels Premium HERE

Mighty Travels website divides the world into 11 distinct regions, so it’s possible to access to multiple destinations within each area. This is a popular feature with those who prefer to go wherever unbeatable deals take them.

Other search criteria include things like ranking flights based on a cost-per-air-mile basis, international affiliations and alliances, frequent flyer programs, and including deals from low-cost carriers only. 

According to their website, Mighty Travels analyzes nearly 500,000 fares every day, and based on your preselected preferences they may deliver hundreds of deals to your inbox on a daily basis.

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Both new and long-time users have commented that the customization options are borderline overwhelming. That’s good news because it offers nearly endless possibilities to tailor searches. On the flip side however, it can be a bit much for those who aren’t so tech and computer savvy.

Another of Mighty Travels Premium’s big selling points is that it makes it easy to find useful information that frequently gets buried in the fine print on competitor’s websites.

These are things that are often important to travelers, and include information like baggage fees and allowances for carry-ons. It also clearly shows how many accumulated miles you’d need for a free or reduced-cost flight. 

In summary….

Mighty Travels offers users two relatively inexpensive options for finding smoking deals on flights and lodging the world over. Because of its relatively intensive computer interface it’s probably best suited to relatively young technophiles comfortable with navigating the site.

It’s an equally good fit for frequent and infrequent travelers, as well as for those who take to the skies for both leisure and business.

Even with the monthly cost, booking one decent deal can easily make up for the small outlay. And if you’re lucky enough to find a true gem, it’s not inconceivable that it could pay for a whole year’s worth of service.

Still not convinced it’s right for you?

Consider signing up for a free 30-day trial regardless of which package you’re considering. If it doesn’t deliver as promised, just email Mighty Travel before the end of the month and cancel. It’s that easy.