Challenge Yourself With A Life-Changing Trek Through Nepal

8th April 2023

If adventure is on your bucket list, you can’t miss out on the stunning beauty and diversity of trekking in Nepal. It may not be the top destination on your travel list, but Nepal has long been known as one of the most stunning places on the planet to explore. With rich cultures and ancient history, this mountain country has something to offer to every traveler.

From the lush lowlands that are home to miles of terraced rice patties to the ultimate heights of Mount Everest, Nepal will stun you with its majesty and diversity.

Explore the historical cities, monasteries or hit a hiking trail to see the sights. Although many areas of Nepal are stunning to see, the terrain can be harsh and unpredictable, so hiking should be done with a guide or only by experienced climbers.

Manang, Nepal Landscape

Nepal’s most famous trek is through the Manaslu Region that takes hikers from the lowland vegetation, through the forest regions and up into the Himalayan Mountains.

Trekking Manaslu Circuit can take two weeks to fully complete. If you’re pressed for time, there are shorter routes through the circuit that are challenging and enjoyable as well. It is an experience that will not only test you but astonish you with its vistas, waterfalls and suspension bridges.

For the experienced hiker and climber, Nepal’s Manaslu Circuit is a must on your destination list. Start your trek by reaching the summit of Larkya La Pass at an impressive altitude of 5,167 meters (17,000 feet).

From there you will head on a tour down through the valleys and plains of Nepal, experiencing vastly different communities, cultures and terrain as you trek.

Local Nepal workers

Coming down through the mountains, you will get to experience dozens of natural waterfalls that cascade down into the valleys. The Manaslu region is well known for some of its spectacular suspension bridges that you will encounter throughout the trek. You don’t want to be faint of heart for this type of challenging tour.

See some of the most impressive displays of ice fields and glaciers that remain on the planet before they disappear. In the mountain regions you will be surrounded by glacial streams and ice sheets that are breathtaking to see up close.

Hiking experience on a variety of terrains and in many different conditions will prepare the expert hiker for what the Manaslu Trek has in store.


Many hikers will be relieved to know that there are nightly accommodations provided for each traveler. You will not need to carry a tent or bedroll with you, so you can keep your pack fairly light, allowing you to enjoy the hike in more comfort.

You will be staying in specially designed and outfitted treehouses at your rest stops along the Circuit. Each treehouse has everything you need to stay secure and comfortable out on the trail. There are only a few amenities but your shelter is secure and cozy.

Altitude Sickness

There is no way to determine when altitude sickness can hit. It can affect anyone regardless of age, sex or fitness level.

The Manaslu Circuit has been specifically laid out by organizers to give your body time to acclimate well to the changing altitudes. There are some medications that can help you deal with possible sickness, but your best bet is to always listen to your body, go slowly and don’t ignore the signs of altitude sickness if they start to show.