By Darren Griffiths

Best Tips to Plan the Perfect Staycation

13th February 2023

A regular schedule with daily activities takes a toll on your life after some time. It can even get crazy with working from home and social distancing all over.

It’s time to step out of your routine for new activities. Whether it is heading away from a few nights or having a full-blown spa experience, it’s all worth it.

A staycation, rather than a vacation, is ideal at the moment as it’s less costly. Unlike a vacation that involves multiple bookings, a staycation allows you to use the available facilities around you. Staycation comes with flexibility. You get to choose the time to spend, places to visit and the food. You retain all control on your schedule even when away from home.

A staycation is also easy to plan. This guide has everything you need to know to plan the ideal staycation.

1 – Schedule in advance

While a staycation seems more relaxed than a vacation, you need to treat it as essential. Create time on your busy schedule, then block the date and stick to it.

Given that there’s less commitment given to staycations, it’s easier to cancel when something else comes up. Remember, rest is as essential as any other work; so, don’t cancel unless you absolutely have to.

Once you cancel on your first staycation plans, it’s easier to let go of others in the future. Stay motivated by looking out for unique experiences and fun activities to engage in.

2 – Book a Hotel Room

While a staycation is possible within your home, staying around is not the best idea. Instead, look for a room to make the experience special. This is the time to check out some of the hotels you have been eyeing in the vicinity. You might also check out an available Airbnb that matches your needs.

Look for a hotel with amenities like a lux pool, a spa, and other treatments for the vacation appeal. This is the time to pamper yourself, and the treat will come in handy. If you are heading out with the family, then ensure the place has various family activities.

Given the various health rules following the coronavirus pandemic, you are better off booking early. Confirm that the hotel accepts visitors and provides safety measures.

3 – Explore your City

The packed schedule for most people means they never get to explore their home cities. Change the narrative by getting around your city to find the hidden gems you have never experienced before. You will realize how many unique details and exciting stuff you overlook in your backyard.

For the best time out, have a plan on what you expect to do when out. Look for the landmarks, wineries, sites, and other attractions you might have never paid attention to before.

Use various tourist apps to help you locate attractions. You can also check out the local tourism bureau website. Such visits are less costly and way more impactful.

4 – Explore the various forms of transport

Staying in a place does not mean you are conversant with all the means of transport around. Take the staycation to step out of the regular trip from home to work and back.

Choose a new form of transport, like hiring a camper van to a nearby camping destination. Explore popular train routes when travelling with family so that you don’t have to worry about using your car.

Using a different mode of transportation gives you a fresh perspective on your surroundings. You get to interact with the local culture and appreciate whatever you have been missing.

5 – Try a New Restaurant

You don’t need to travel far to experience the cuisines from different cultures. Look around your city for the hotels you might not have visited before.

Try out new foods on your staycation. Also, nobody restricts you to a single restaurant. Feel free to have your breakfast at a coffee store in one spot, then another meal in a different neighborhood.

Consider having a list of dishes you would wish to try out. You can then spend your staycation looking for these meals in the various hotels. You can also search for the various hotels offering discounts on specific meals.

6 – Go off the grid

A staycation is a perfect time to disconnect from regular activities. Step away from work, social media, and other news channels. Turn off your phone and don’t check on emails. It’s also a great chance to look after yourself. You can prepare a home spa day: make a face mask, have a bath or cut your hair. Especially if you prefer to do stuff like this at home, you might need various barber tools.

Use the time to disconnect from the everyday stress as you detox and unwind. When you get back, you will feel more energized and have a more precise purpose.

Bottom Line

A staycation is a time to relax, unwind and refocus. While it’s possible, take a short trip away from home. Visit the places you have never been to, eat new food, and use new transportation modes. After this, you will have a new perspective towards your city and life in general.

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