16 Awesome Things to do in Vilamoura (Portugal) in 2023

22nd March 2023


Vilamoura is a wonderful resort town located on the Algarve coastline on the southern coast of Portugal and there are so many awesome things to do in Vilamoura it can be hard to find out how to fit the best ones in! Vilamoura is a centre for water sports, boat trips, shopping, nightlife, and family fun. It has a marina complex, two beaches, six golf courses, beautiful and luxurious hotels, villas, nightclubs, casinos, and many more tourist attractions.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 16 best things to do in Vilamoura, Portugal. 

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1 – The Jet Boat Experience

Vilamoura is known for its many boating experiences – in fact, if you can hop onto it, you’ll find it on the water at Vilamoura!

If you enjoy high-speed, bumpy rides, and extreme sports, then this is the right activity for you. Over the course of 30 minutes, you will ride the waves on a jet boat driven by an expert pilot.

You’ll feel the wind in your hair at full speed, and be soaked with spray, and the captain will perform various tricks, spins, and power break stops.

This is basically a roller coaster on water and you will love it! Take your friends if they’re brave enough; if not, enjoy the fun by yourself.

It will be a bumpy ride filled with adrenaline, screams, and a good laugh at the end. 

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2 – The Dolphin Safari and The Cave Tour

If you’re passionate about marine mammals, this day trip will be an unforgettable experience.

If you’re passionate about marine mammals, this day trip will be an unforgettable experience.

You will leave Vilamoura Marina and sail with an experienced captain in search of dolphins. Once you spot them, you will be able to observe these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

You can simply watch them or choose to feed them and take photos and videos. They are playful, intelligent, and very friendly and will make both kids and adults happy.

After the encounter, you will cruise to some wonderful caves and rock formations before cruising back to your starting point.

The guided tours last for about two hours and is one of the top things to do in Vilamoura. 

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3 – Parasailing in Vilamoura

Another of the best things to do in Vilamoura is to parasail. It’s a an exciting, adrenaline-fuelled activity, yet a safe one compared to others.

The boat ride lasts for about an hour, while the “flying” takes about 10 minutes. You will go as high as 200 meters and get a great aerial view of the sea, beaches, and cliffs.

If you’re brave enough, you can even take a dive from the air straight to the ocean. 

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4 – Massage and Foot Reflexology

After all the extreme adventures mentioned so far, you might be a bit worn out and need some relaxation; a one-hour foot reflexology and massage session might be very handy.

This special activity stimulates the flow of energy into problem areas of your body and will be done by a specialist trained to correlate your physical and emotional well-being to certain areas of your feet.

After this experience, you will feel more relaxed – yet still energized – and prepared for your next holiday adventure. 

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5 – Action Pack in Vilamoura

f you are looking for a customized package that includes various activities for your group or family, this is the perfect thing to do in Vilamoura choice for you.

You can choose from a multitude of activities and customize the time for each one according to your personal preferences.

You can try parasailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, or just crazy rides with bananas, UFOs, and other inflatable items.

You’re totally in charge of everything, so if you decide you want to take a short break and just enjoy the scenery or take a quick dip, the skipper will oblige.

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6 – The Best of Vilamoura Tour

If you get bored of crazy sports and water activities – or would rather skip them altogether – why not try a bike tour of Vilamoura to enjoy its wonderful scenery?

An experienced guide will take you to all the major attractions for an unforgettable Vilamoura trip.

You will gain a better understanding of the origins and history of the place by visiting the Old Village, and you’ll even get tips on the best places to eat, drink and be merry.

You don’t need to be in great shape, as the bicycle ride will be done at your own pace. The bike, a water bottle, a guide, and insurance are all included in the price. 

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7 – Bike and SUP Ride

If you really enjoy physical activities and want to stay in good shape while on vacation, you can choose this package that includes both a bike ride and a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) experience.

The entire activity lasts for four hours and begins with a bike ride to Albufeira, passing some of the beautiful places in Vilamoura along the way.

Once you arrive, you will have two hours to enjoy paddle boarding before returning to the resort.

All equipment and the guide are included in the price, but you will have to bring your own food and water.

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8 – Jet Ski Rental

Another of the best things to do in Vilamoura is to go for a blast on a jet ski. You can rent a high-end Yamaha jet ski that offers power, comfort, and safety.

You will control the vehicle yourself in a safe place located outside of Vilamoura Marina – with no swimmers or tourists around to worry about.

If you haven’t driven a jet ski before, no worries – the instructor will teach you exactly what to do. You will get life jackets for your safety and be taken to the circuit by a shuttle boat.

This will be a fun ride – perfect for those that like speed and thrills. 

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9 – Vilamoura and Quarteira Segway Tour

If you are tired from all the action and just want to enjoy the scenery without breaking a sweat, this Segway tour is perfect for you.

For an hour and a half, you will relax and watch the ocean, the cliffs, and the wonderful beaches of Vilamoura and Quarteira.

You can take your time and visit the local shops and restaurants – or just keep them in mind and come to check them out later.  

This activity is fun for people of all ages and levels of fitness. The helmet, Segway, and insurance are included in the price. 

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10 – Private Speed Boat Hire

If you want to see places that aren’t included in any of the guided boat tours and escape the crowds, you can hire a speedboat driver and go wherever you want for one hour or more.

Explore uncharted territory, see the caves and the coastline, or go for a swim and get a tan on a private beach, far away from other tourists.

The driver is at your disposal and will stop wherever you want. Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the wonderful scenery that Vilamoura has to offer.

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11 – Golf Integrated Academy

Golf is one of the more popular things to do in Vilamoura.

There are five golf courses in Vilamoura and both locals and tourists are very passionate about this game. these are the Old Course, Pinhal, Millennium, Vila Sol, and Victoria.

But what if you’ve never played golf in your life?

This is where the Golf Integrated Academy comes in, teaching you the basics so you can have fun and make the most of all the wonderful golf courts in the area. Learn more at this link.

12 – Private Yacht Hire

For those that can afford more than just a speedboat, renting a yacht can be a great activity for your family or group; two expert crew members will take you wherever you want.

Besides enjoying all the lovely scenery, you can do parasailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, or ride inflatable bananas.

You will travel in luxury aboard a high-end Atlantis Gobbi 47 yacht, which looks great and offers superior comfort. Read more about this awesome activity at this link.

13 – Reef Fishing

Whether you are passionate about fishing or have never tried this activity, you can now make the catch of your life with the help of a professional skipper.

Some of the fish that you can catch include mackerel, congro, snapper, grouper, and more. You don’t need to worry about anything – all the fishing equipment is included in the price. 

14 – Visiting Cerro da Vila

After visiting Cerro da Vila (at the edge of the Marina complex), you will get an idea of how Vilamoura was thousands of years ago.

You will see well-preserved mosaic floors and foundations of buildings dating to the Roman Empire – these mosaics are one of the best sights for history buffs when you’re not enjoying Vilamoura’s water activities.

For only 3 Euros as the entrance fee, you’ll be amazed by how well-organized and sophisticated their system of heating, pools, and saunas was.

Tourists find cerro da Vila very interesting; you can read more about it at this link.

15 – Shark Fishing

For a more adventurous trip to Vilamoura, if fishing for small fish is too boring for you, try this unique experience that can last for six hours or more.

There are various types of sharks in the waters surrounding Vilamoura, and you will get all the equipment you need – plus directions and useful tips.

If you don’t like fishing but want to see a shark up close, tag along as a spectator on these exciting open-water boat trips. Don’t worry about the sharks – they will all be released after the catch in order to preserve this fascinating species.

16 – Hang out at Vilamoura’s beautiful beaches

There are of course miles and miles of golden beaches in the Algarve and right next to the Vilamoura marina is Praia da Rocha Baixinha – Praia da Falesia, and also Praia da Gaivota (Seagull beach). Here are two favourites:

Praia da Vilamoura 

Coming from town, before you reach the marina, you’ll find yourself on the best-known part of Vilamoura – its main beach, Praia de Vilamoura.

Praia da Vilamoura, Algarve Coast, Portugal


Every visit to Vilamoura includes family summer holiday fun at the beach and simply hanging out with your kids is one of the enduring memories of your trip that you and they remember for years.

For those of us who don’t take the whole family with us (and for parents with baby sitters), Praia de Vilamoura, the very chic PuroBeach Club is a lot of fun.

You can choose between the seaside and poolside areas (in the Tivoli Marina gardens) of the beach club, depending upon the music being played at the time by Purobeach’s resident DJs.

Praia de Quarteira

There is a boardwalk at Praia de Quarteira and a great range of cocktail bars.

Aerial view of beach, boardwalk and buildings in Quarteira, Algarve, Portugal

The other attraction is 1.5 km of sandy beach fronting the calm and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic.

It’s no wonder this is an extremely popular spot for locals and holidaymakers alike.

So there are some of the best Vilamoura activities. Have great fun, enjoy your holiday, and let us know all about it when you return in the comments area below!

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