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The Best Porto Wine Tours: Everything You Need to Know

7th April 2023

Last updated on April 22nd, 2023 at 08:46 am

The Douro Valley in is world-renowned for its picturesque landscape of rolling green hills, patches of vineyards and the beautiful Douro River which cuts through it all. Better still is its capacity for wine production and its rich cultural and architectural heritage. There simply is no better or more beautiful place to dine on fine food and learn about wine cultivation in Portugal! It really won’t take long for you to see why so many people fall in love with this UNESCO region, and Portugal’s second biggest city, Porto.

The City of Porto acts as the gateway to the Douro Valley and is where the term “Port” wine originated from. Most people use the city as their home base or stay a few days before heading into the valley’s villages. The city itself is one of the prettiest in Europe with its colorful houses, cobblestone streets, and fusion of new and old architecture, there are plenty of things to do in Porto. There are a plethora of fine wine and dine options in the city, and a beautiful riverside to fill the days when you’re not enjoying our recommended Porto wine tours later in the article. 

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Things to Consider Before Booking your Porto/Douro Valley Wine Tour

porto douro river
Porto’s wine warehouses on the Douro river

Picking a tour can sometimes be overwhelming. So before booking your Porto wine tours, or Douro Valley wine tours consider the following:

  • Stay in Porto or venture into the Douro Valley: This one sometimes comes down to time! However, there are several Porto wine tours which stay in the city and Douro Valley wine tours leaving from Porto, and returning the same evening. 
  • Duration: Half, full or multi-day tours are all on offer throughout the valley. How much time do you want to spend with a set itinerary?
  • Tour company or DIY: Both have their merits, so it is important to consider your travel style when making a decision. Remember that if you do decide to use a tour operator always book with a traveler reviewed, reputable company so that there are no surprises. We recommend booking through GET YOUR GUIDE.
  • Transportation: Whether it be train, cruise, self-driving, push bike or 4×4, there are plenty of ways to see Porto and the valley beyond. However, it can get very warm in the Douro Valley so if you or a tour company are driving remember to ask if they provide A/C.
  • Decision time: If you are stumped by ‘too many’ Douro Valley or Porto Wine Tour options consider starting your search by crossing out what you don’t want to do!

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Best Wine Caves in Porto

ferreira wine cave porto
Ferreira wine cave

From the dawn of wine production, caves have provided the best environment for housing wine as it ages or awaits shipment. Porto still employs this age-old tradition today. Maybe you want to simply visit a couple of Porto wine caves without a tour? If so, the best wine caves in Porto include:

Caves Graham

Often regarded as having the best view of Porto! Grahams wine tours move underground for a number of tasting experiences which include opportunities to learn about their Classic, Vintage, Premium, or Tawny Ports. Additionally, a custom tasting menu can be arranged.

Caves Burmester

Each visit is concluded with a 3 part tasting of their Fine White, Fine Ruby, and Special Reserve Tawny Ports. They provide chocolate and sweets to compliment the tasting. As the Caves were founded in 1750, they have a rich history to share.

Caves Croft

Croft has a variety of tasting experiences on offer including a blind tasting, chocolate, and port experience, make your own port wine or classic tasting tour. They are located close to the Gaia River and are open year-round.

Caves Offley

Founded in 1737, Offley has won a number of awards. It was founded under the guidance the Baron Joesph James Forester, a legendary figure in the history of Porto and Port wine. The interesting story of which you discover on the tour.

Caves Sandeman

Tours include an informative visit to the Sandeman museum. Guests will discover the Sandeman traditional of wine aging, alongside a sampling of some of their best (and oldest) wines.

Caves Calem

Caves Calem sets itself apart with its fado concert, a classic Portuguese cultural event, to complement their port tasting Porto tour. Three unique wines tastings are included.

Best Porto Wine Tours in the City

porto port wine rabelo boats
Traditional Rabelo boats which transport wine from the Douro Valley to Porto

Learn a little and drink a lot without leaving the city walls with these excellent Porto wine tours.

Porto Food and Wine Tasting Tour

Learn how deeply food and drink is entwined with Portuguese culture, on this authentic food and wine tour within the City of Porto. Guests spend the day walking the city’s historical center with a local Portuguese guide. As you travel from each of the 5 tasting locations to the next (and walk up an appetite) the guide explains the city landmarks and their significance. Finally, the day is concluded with a lovely meal of Cod fish (a local specialty!), local Port wine, desert, and lively conversation.

Porto Wine Tour

Gain a deep understanding of Porto, and the Douro Valley wine culture on this quintessential Porto Wine Tour. Guests will be accompanied by a local tour guide to the oldest port wine cellar in Porto, and 2 more traditional wine houses in the city. Here guests will learn about wine production, wine varieties, grapes, and will be instructed on how to properly taste wine by a sommelier. At the second tasting site, a green wine will be served alongside a beautifully presented charcuterie board to compliment the wine. Guaranteed you will be able to impress your friends with your newly acquired wine knowledge after this tour!

Porto City Train Tour, River Cruise and Wine Cellar

This comprehensive tour is a great introduction to the City of Porto. Each tour begins by boarding the tourist train to see the city’s historic landmarks, which includes an audio guide to give you a deeper appreciation for each attraction. Next, the train takes guests to the oldest wine cellar in Portugal for an informative tour and two-part wine tasting presentation. Then upon boarding the train again, guests are transported to the river for a magical one-hour cruise of the absolute best views of this ancient city.

Best Douro Valley Tours from Porto

douro valley vineyards
The Douro Valley

Discover the best that the region has to offer with these fabulous Douro Valley Tours from Porto. Or if you like the idea of staying a night or two then check out our guide on where to stay in the Douro Valley

From Porto: Douro Valley by 4×4, Wine Tasting & Picnic

Literally get off the beaten track with this tour. Guests will not only learn about the regions wine production capabilities but they will also be given the unique opportunity to discover the UNESCO regions beautiful flora and fauna. Guests start the tour by being transported to Regua, a charming town tucked into the folds of the Douro Valley where they will pick up their 4×4 to start traversing the mountains beyond. A hearty picnic of cooked fish is provided for lunch (vegetarian options available) at a great lookout point, then guests are transported to a wine estate for some essential port wine tasting.

Full-Day Douro Valley Boat Cruise from Porto

The Douro Valley is among its most scenic when spotted from the water. This tour leaves by boat from Porto and includes two meals of regional specialties ‘at sea’: breakfast and lunch with lots of wine included. You will marvel at the rivers unique dam system, which includes a visit to the highest lock in Europe and a visit to a local “quinta” for an informative wine tasting session. Guests will have a chance to explore the charming town of Peso de Regua at their own pace for 2 hours before completing their day and returning to Porto.

Full-Day Douro Tour from Porto by Bus

Escape the hustle and bustle of Porto, and discover the ancient villages of Amarante, Lamego, and their famous landmarks including the in the 16th-century Monastery of Saint Goncalo in the Douro Valley. En route you will pass by over 2000 years of vineyards and have an opportunity to taste some of the region’s best port wines. Your impassioned guide will explain the unique history of the region, and accompany you to an authentic lunch overlooking the beautifully terraced Douro Valley. A great tour for history buffs, nature enthusiasts, and wine lovers alike!

Porto Wine Tasting Tour and Lunch

Be prepared to eat a lot and learn a lot on this fun, and enlightening tour. You will have an opportunity to see for yourself why the Douro Valley is in fact named a UNESCO region. The rolling green landscape is lined with swathes of vineyards, which you will pass as your travel down the famous vinho verde wine trails to a sample two types of wine at home-grown ‘quintas’. Guests will meet the specialists responsible for the wine production and learn the art of fine winemaking. In the medieval town of Regua, you will have lunch and marvel at its characteristic landmarks before being transferred back to Porto in an A/C bus or minivan.

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The Douro Valley and the City of Porto should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime! Come see for yourself why the Douro Valley has become one of the most beloved regions of Western Europe- and make the most out of it with one of these wine tasting Porto, and Douro Valley tours.

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