6 Top Locales for Cruising in Asia

27th February 2023

Asia is one of those continents that are known around for its diversity and varying beautiful cultures. Yet another one of the factors that do set it apart from the rest is the beautiful places and landscape. While traveling around in the traditional way of flights and buses and car are something everyone does.

To make it easier for you to check out the places and such, we do have a list of places that you visit around in Asia on a cruise. Opting for the PONANT Asia Cruises is yet another one the experiences that you just can’t get with anything else.


Touring the South-east Asian spots around the world is an experience in itself. You can achieve the same with the cruise trip, which starts from Benoa in Bali. The trip starts from the beautiful island of Bali, which then swerves through some of the popular spots like Borobudur, Bandar Seri Begawan and finally ends in Hong Kong. The beautiful landscape along with the sumptuous landscape filled with beautiful lagoons, limestone cliffs as well as the beaches is an experience like no other.

Hongkong to Osaka

Finding an Asian cruise trip starting from China and ending in Japan is often hard. There is a trip which does begin from Hong Kong and terminates at Osaka in Japan. This cross country trip is one of a kind and helps you indulge in the beauty of the historical and cultural intermingling. The trip helps you explore through the beautiful cultural heritage of both the places, getting to know everything a lot better.


Exploring through the unraveling beauty of Japan can be ethereal. Osaka, otherwise known as the Land of the Rising Sun, is definitely something that you just can’t skip out on traveling to and from. The softness and cuteness of the sakura season to the tough appearance and history of the samurais, Osaka has a lot up for grabs. Majority of the cruise trips tend to start on their trip with the small city of Tamano followed by the Korakeun Garden. The trip also helps you witness and experience Busan and finally ends the trip at Sakaiminato which provides with a glimpse into medieval Japan.

Ho Chi Minh City

Majority of the cruise trips around the Ho Chi Minh City comprises of a 10-day cruise trip sailing along to 4 countries. While these trips often cover through some of the popular spots along Malaysia like Strait of Malacca, George Town, the Asian cruise drops its sail at Singapore. The multicultural environment and atmosphere around is definitely something that you would be a fool to pass up on.


Singapore to Indonesia on a cruise trip is nothing but breathtaking. There are several trips which kick off from Singapore and has their end spot in Darwin. If you want to experience a multicultural experience, the trip along from Singapore to Indonesia is just what one needs. It passes along the Komodo National Park along with the Pink Beach. You finally set sail for the Flores from where the trip finally concludes.

Victoria, Mahé

Seychelles and the beauty it beholds doesn’t require any kind of introduction. If you wish to explore the most beautiful island in Seychelles, the cruise expedition through Victoria, Mahé is just what one needs. The trip passes through the Poivre Island following which crosses Aldabra before swerving through some important spots before concluding in Victoria, Mahé.

The cruise experience in the Asian countries is one of a kind experience. It is beautiful and helps provide with a perfect luxurious getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.