By Darren Griffiths

6 Destinations Perfect for Luxury Seeking Workationers

27th February 2023

As more and more people choose to work remotely, there’s no better time to go on a workation than now. Workation is literally what the word means – work and vacation, and it is fast becoming a trend recently. In fact, many luxury destinations have adapted this trend by offering a suitable place for workationers. 

If you’re a workationer looking for luxury destinations to base yourself on, here are some of the best destinations to consider.

1 – Tahiti


Tahiti’s lush natural landscape, crystal-clear waters, and delicious local cuisines are sure to lure freelancers and remote workers looking for a luxury workation destination. In fact, local officials have launched a workation program, “Work from Tahiti.” Several of the island’s luxury resorts have participated in this program, offering guests a chance to live and work from the comfort of their hotel rooms. 

Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa is one of those resorts that offer workation trips designed for small groups of families. Even though Tahiti is best visited in July, the program allows parents to work remotely in a stunning location while their little ones participate in the various educational activities within the resort. Adults can work remotely in innovative co-working spaces alongside other professionals. At the same time, the kids can take part in various fun activities, such as surfing lessons and kayaking adventures at the lagoon.

2 – The Serengeti


For workationers who prefer to work at some of the world’s most exotic destinations, the Serengeti would be a great choice. As a popular destination for safari, The Serengeti is a stunning national park in Tanzania home to a wide variety of wildlife. It also has five-star lodges and safari camps that cater to upscale travellers. One of these is the Serengeti House.

Nestled on the slopes of Sasakwa Hill within the private 350,000-acre Grumeti Reserve, the Serengeti House is a spacious sanctuary boasting endless views of the vast Serengeti plains. This luxury African home comes with a 25-metre rim-flow and expansive outdoor decks with a fire pit.

In between work, take part in the myriad activities at Serengeti House. Relax at the infinity pool and observe giraffes and elephants strolling by. Hot air ballooning is also a popular activity here, especially at the break of dawn. Keep yourself active by playing at the tennis court within the property.

3 – Limousin


Do you fancy working in the French countryside? Head to the historical region of Limousin. It may not be as famous as Paris, but it has a unique charm that you won’t find anywhere else. Relatively unexplored by visitors, the unspoilt verdant landscape is rich in culture and history, with beautiful ancient churches and pretty medieval villages.

While there are plenty of luxury accommodations in Limousin that can cater to upscale tourists, workationers should consider staying in a luxury campervan and drive to as many places as they can while still keeping up with work deadlines. Head to Limoges, famous for its porcelain and a major producer of French tableware. Check out the city’s top attractions as well, such as Cath├ędrale St-Etienne, a Gothic masterpiece that took more than six hundred years to complete.

Turenne is another excellent destination to visit on your workation holiday of Limousin. Perched high up on a rocky spur rising from River Dordogne, this picturesque village is home to fascinating historical sites, such as the Tower of Cesar, Calvary Tower, and the Church of Notre Dame.

4 – Ibiza Island

Ibiza Island

Ibiza has gained a reputation for having the best nightlife. At its coasts are idyllic sun-soaked beaches, while at the interiors are beautiful landscapes and vistas. One of the biggest advantages of going on a workation in Ibiza, like Mallorca, is that there is no shortage of options for upscale accommodations, ideal for luxury-seeking workationers.

Ibiza is famous for its legendary nightlife scene that pulsates in the summer months, from May to September. Each year, thousands of club-goers would fill the island to dance and party with some of the world-famous deejays. But for workationers who prefer to stay somewhere quiet, there are quaint villages on the island home to luxury resorts and villas fronting the beach.

In Santa Eulalia, a pretty town with great restaurants, you will find the newly refurbished boutique-style Hotel Riomar. Situated along the beach, Riomar is a Mediterranean haven for workationers looking for a peaceful retreat while on workation in Ibiza.

5 – Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is fast becoming a haven for travellers looking to combine business and pleasure. The Latin American City offers workationers a healthy combination of a productive work environment and robust social life. Moreover, the excellent year-round climate and delicious food is definitely a plus!

For luxury-seeking workationers, check out Four Seasons Buenos Aires. Set in the historic neighbourhood of Recoleta, this luxury hotel is housed in an elegant building with more than a hundred rooms decorated in a classic French style. The resort is also home to trendy restaurants and a cocktail bar with a resident DJ playing till the wee hours.

Another option is the palatial Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt. This upscale hotel is housed in an original mansion featuring Neo-classical architecture. Equipped with an underground grotto pool, outdoor terraced garden, restaurants, and spa, this hotel will make your workation in Buenos Aires even more relaxing.

6 – Kauai Island 

Kauai Island 

Kauai, which means the “Garden Isle”, is famous for its breathtaking beaches, serene estates, and picturesque sunsets. Although it’s more popular for families and honeymooners, the island is fast becoming a haven for workationers looking to work from paradise.

One of the best things about going to Kauai for a workation is the various options available for luxury accommodations. If you want to stay at a stunning Kauai island vacation rental, you can choose from private estates, cosy cottages to luxurious condo apartments. 

Regardless of which area on the island you choose to stay in, you are sure to find luxury accommodations for a productive and relaxing workation. For instance, in Hanalei, a quaint town on the North Shore, you will find a beautiful beachfront vacation home located a few steps from the sand on Kauai’s majestic north shore.