By Darren Griffiths

5 Ways to Have a Fun and Relaxing Travel Experience

19th February 2023

Last updated on March 2nd, 2024 at 04:56 am

Traveling should be about having fun, and in most cases, it is. Then, you have times when absolutely everything goes wrong, which makes you regret the whole thing. While in some cases, it might be because of circumstances out of your control, too often, it’s because of ignorance, negligence, or lack of forethought.

The truth is that there are plenty of things that you can do to make traveling as smooth and relaxing as possible. And not just the obvious ideas such as booking an airport transfer in advance. Here are a few more to help you on your travels.

Go for the Red Eye

If you want your flight to be as relaxing as possible, then the best way is to be asleep the whole time. One of the benefits of red-eye flights is that you’ll be able to regroup the minute you get to your destination. You won’t have to spend a whole day trying to get into a rhythm. You can take the day to get comfortable, take care of logistics and small details, and maybe go out for something to eat later.

Go for Private Accommodations

You’ll always feel more comfortable when you have a space all to yourself during a vacation. This is whether you’re alone, with friends, a couple, or your family.

Having a whole house or apartment to yourself will certainly make things more relaxing if you’re with your children. Each can have their own quarters, but you can still regroup easily when it’s time for a game plan. You’ll usually get a better room for the price as what you’d get at a hotel, plus you’ll get more space. Not to mention that you get to shop for, store, and cook your own food, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Plan for the Between Trips as Well

For those who like to hit the home base between trips, you have to make sure that things are okay on the home front as well. This means that you have to equip yourself with all the tools needed for a good night’s sleep, and it all starts with your mattress.

If you’re the adventurous travel type, you might want something on the softer side that will allow you to recuperate better. You want to be able to stretch out and relax after these long trips. Just changing your mattress could make a world of difference and allow you to recharge your batteries for your next stop.

Don’t Overschedule Everything

You’d expect we’d have you plan everything down to the last detail, but that will only make you more stressed. Yes, you want some planning here, but you also have to leave space for some improvisation. You also don’t want to cram every single thing there is to see in the location in the little time you’ll be there.

A better idea would be to plan only certain portions of the day. For instance, you could plan your evening and morning activities and keep it to one for each. You could then improvise other activities, or take the whole afternoon to yourself.

Learn How to Use Airplane Mode

We’re not talking about flights here. If you truly want to be able to relax on trips, you have to find a way to disconnect from technology. It can take all but one email to destroy your whole mood, so, instead, turn on that airplane icon every once in a while, and keep your headspace clear.

These are just a few tips that should help make your next trips much more relaxing and enjoyable. Keep all of them in mind, and remember to always make it about you first.