5 Easy Tips for a Tack Sharp Travelling Mind

16th April 2023

For many adventurers, the sensory feast of experiencing new cultures and making friends is enough to keep their synapses sizzling.

But others might find that once the novelty wears off, their brain defaults to a completely chilled out mode which makes them worry that it might not completely crank back into gear.

If you belong to the latter group and want to enjoy an extended break while keeping your grey matter ship-shape, here are five tips for a tack sharp travelling mind.

1 – Harmonica

The humble harmonica is a favourite instrument of hobos and street musicians worldwide — and learning to tootle a tune on it could keep your brain ticking over while you take a trip around the world.

A mouth organ is small enough to slip in your top pocket, but it can charm new friends and perhaps even earn you some spare change if times get tough.

Grabbing a Hohner starter pack arms you with a 10-hole harmonica, cool carry box and tutor manual — let the good times roll.

2 – Brain app

Subscribing to a brain training app which you can access anytime on your mobile is a magnificent way to stop your mind wandering off on permanent vacation and a great way to fill time during flights and train journeys.

There are several to choose from, but Luminosity is one of the most popular — 95 million members worldwide swear that its brain-testing puzzles help them improve their memory, get focused and keep calm.

3 – Quiz

Millions of people worldwide enjoy playing along with popular TV quizzes or taking part in local versions held in pubs and clubs — but you might miss your regular quiz fix while you’re in foreign climes.

We recommend downloading The Chase quiz app which lets you pit your wits against brainboxes like The Vixen and The Governess wherever you are in the world. And you can even upload a selfie that makes you feel like you’re right there in the studio next to host Bradley Walsh.

4 – Crossword

If you’re more of a words than numbers person, it’s probably best to swap Sudoku for a good ol’ fashioned crossword.

But no one wants to trail heavy newspapers around with them while they’re travelling light, so you’ll find a wide choice of challenging crosswords on the Guardian website to help you while away the hours and hone your grammar skills and vocabulary.

5 – Online learning

If you’re hitting the track for a year or more and are a reasonably disciplined person, studying remotely for a bachelor’s or master’s degree might be more viable than you think.

Studying online with a uni like Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning means course materials, tutor support and contact with classmates is available at the touch of a button, provided you’ve got internet access.

It’s worth thinking about if you want to return home revitalised and with a new career in your sights.

Follow these five tips for a tack sharp travelling mind and you’ll be on the ball in any time zone.

How do you keep your brain active while travelling? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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If you want to enjoy an extended break while keeping your grey matter ship-shape, here are five tips for a tack sharp travelling mind.