By Darren Griffiths

5 Things Travelers Should Prioritize Before Their Trip

16th March 2023

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 05:11 am

There’s nothing quite like taking a vacation. But, planning a vacation? Now that’s an entirely different ballgame! As fun as it can be to explore a new destination, it can also be stressful when you’re at the very beginning of the planning process.

There’s so much to book, so much to research, and just lots to do in preparation for your big trip. But don’t fret! We’re here to help with a handful of things you should prioritize before your trip.

1. Make a packing list

One thing travelers should prioritize before their trip is making a detailed packing list. From hair ties to phone chargers, there’s no item too small to leave off your list. Start creating your packing list about a week before you actually start packing to allow yourself plenty of time to remember and write down everything you’ll need to bring.

2. Research your destination

It’s incredibly important to thoroughly research your destination before booking flights, accommodations, and ultimately traveling there. A few items to keep in mind are:

1) Am I traveling at the right time? If you don’t want to deal with large crowds and increased rates, consider traveling outside of peak season.

2) What do I want to do? Scope out what activities and attractions you’d like to do while on vacation. Some may require booking in advance.

3) Food, food, food! You know what kind of food you like. So, go ahead and research some restaurants that will be in your vicinity. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending an hour looking for a place to eat when you’re already hungry.

3. Look for deals

If you’re traveling with family, keep an eye out for deals. There are several hotels and resorts that offer group/family discounts and bundle area activities into their rates, such as those from Hilton Head Guest Services. If you’re looking to play golf while on your trip, many resorts offer ‘stay & play’ packages, too. Perhaps you’ve been stacking those airmiles and you might be rewarded with a free upgrade to business class!

4. Ship luggage

Whether you’re traveling solo, with the family, or for business, we’re all faced with the same airport headaches: carrying, checking, and claiming baggage. That’s why one of the biggest things travelers should prioritize before their trip is shipping their luggage ahead. ShipGo is a specialty shipping service that will send your luggage and sporting equipment directly to your destination. Just pack your bags, and they’ll handle the rest.

ShipGo will pick up your bags from your residence, office, resort, or hotel and deliver them to your destination safely and on time, guaranteed. All shipments come with complimentary insurance, access to real-time tracking, and a white-glove customer support team available seven days a week.

Shipping ahead is the best way to breeze through the airport and actually enjoy the journey to your destination. Domestic prices start at $34.99 and increase based on the weight of your bag, where you’re shipping to and from, and how quickly you need your bags to deliver. So, you won’t need to worry about those pesky airline baggage fees either!

5. Check-in online

From flights to hotels, most services now offer online check-in. Online check-in is a great way to avoid crowds at the airport and long lines of people waiting to check in at your hotel. Be sure to check your email inbox for messages prompting you to complete online check-in. It could save you hours!