By Darren Griffiths

5 Things you Should Know Before You Travel to Cyprus

16th March 2023

Cyprus is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Not only is it gorgeous, but it also has a rich history worth researching on a visit. This makes it a popular tourist destination for people around the world, and the island is an excellent destination for your next vacation.

If you’re visiting this beautiful country, you should make sure to plan ahead. Here are 5 things you should know before you go to Cyprus.

1) Driving

Cyprus is a small island, so getting from one side to the other is easy. The best way to get around is to hire a car. Compare prices on your rental in Paphos with Since it’s the only reliable mode of transportation, it’s important to get a high quality rental and a good price to keep to your budget on the road.

As Cyprus was a British colony until 1960, its citizens drive on the left side of the road. It’s also said that not many people adhere to rules of the road, and tend to be rude while driving. Always stay alert when you drive, no matter what country you’re in! 

2) Politics

The Northern third and the Southern two-thirds of the island have been divided since 1974, as a culmination of the Turkish invasion of the north. Turkish Cypriots inhabit North Cyprus, while Greek Cypriots live in the South.

The border between the two zones is called the “Green Line.” Though the North declared itself independent as the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” the name is only known in Turkey. As time has passed, most tensions have eased, though some Cypriots are still sensitive about the issue.


3) Language

Greek and Turkish are both of Cyprus’ official languages. However, many people in the country do still speak English. Many street signs and official documents are written in English as well as the two official languages.

According to Eurobarometer, 76% of people living there are able to speak and understand English.


4) Religion

Religion plays a large part no matter where you visit. Northern Cyprus is mostly comprised of Muslims, while people on the Southern side are mainly Greek Orthodox. Both adhere to certain religious rules.

Cypriot social norms are patriarchal in nature. Women stay at home or take lower paying jobs, while men often lead professional lives. All marriages were arranged until the last decade. Only men can hold political office or religious positions.

Due to their religious beliefs, public drinking is also frowned upon. Drinking alcohol is not permitted in the Islamic religion, and Greek Orthodox followers do not condone it, either. The island also strictly prohibits drug use of any kind.

5) Currency

Since the island was a British colony, the Euro is the currency most in use. Before this, the country used the Cypriot Pound.

The Northern third of the island has also adopted their own currency, the Turkish lira. No matter where you go on the island, most banks will exchange for any one of the currencies in circulation.

When’s the Best Time to Visit Cyprus?

The best time to visit this country is during the spring season. Weather is pleasant from February to April, and many wildflowers bloom over the Besparmark Mountains at this time.

Visiting in the summer is best to experience the sunshine and beautiful beaches, while autumn is ideal for cheap prices ahead of the rainy winter months.

Final Thoughts

Respecting a country’s practices and traditions is important no matter where you visit. This place is no exception. It’s a beautiful island full of history and culture waiting for you to discover. Make sure to plan accordingly when you travel, to avoid any mishaps!