By Darren Griffiths

5 Reasons To Consider Yurts For Your Next Camping Trip

22nd April 2023

Yurts provide travelers with a one-of-a-kind housing option and experience. A yurt stay caters to the modern trend of vacationers seeking unusual and memorable activities and attractions. The days when most tourists preferred hotel rooms and typical itineraries are over. 

This generation has entered a new era of travel in which anything can happen. It’s possible that you’re not searching for some life-changing epiphany but rather a novel means of entertainment on your upcoming trip. A yurt is a great place to obtain that feeling. You’ll love staying in a multi level yurt if you enjoy tent camping but would rather sleep in a real bed. Though there are many more reasons why you’ll want to stay in a yurt, this season is a fantastic place to start when arranging your memorable getaway. This article enumerates the reasons to book a yurt for your next vacation.

What Is A Yurt?

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Yurts are large, movable, round tents that can be as fancy or as plain as you like. People who live in the southwestern part of the continent, where the winters are typically longer than the summers, often utilize these tents. 

A yurt’s frame is often constructed of felt or another fabric and supported by a structure built of a series of flexible poles that create a lattice. Flexible wood of any form can be used to construct the frame, and it can be arranged in a crisscross or vertical pattern. The covering may be made from several fabrics, including canvas, tarp, felting wool, or another similarly robust material. Animal hides were commonly used as a covering in the past due to their ability to provide natural insulation, particularly in cold climates.

Why Should You Consider Using A Yurt?

On your next vacation, try a yurt instead of staying in a hotel. Spending time in nature has numerous advantages, including financial savings and improved health. In truth, there are innumerable benefits to trying out a yurt camping trip, but this article has narrowed it down to the top five.

It Is Budget Friendly

A yurt may provide a luxurious stay without hurting your wallet. Yurt camping is typically much more affordable than hotel camping. You’ll find some pleasant surprises if you look for a camping site that offers yurts close to you or near your travel destination. 

In the same way that patronizing Airbnb or VRBO helps private individuals and their businesses, yurt camping is a great way to do the same. Not renting out an enormous resort complex may save money and could possibly benefit the community meaningfully.

It Gives You The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Many tourists seek a balance between an active vacation in the great outdoors and the comforts of home. These conveniences are enjoyed if you stay in a yurt rather than a hotel. Both full and partial kitchens are available, so whipping up a tasty meal and stowing any leftovers is a breeze. You may get a good night’s sleep in the cozy mattresses, and the in-room bathrooms are a welcome luxury. You can unwind with a TV and cable channels in some yurt cabins.

It Does Not Require A Lot Of Expertise

It’s not as simple as grabbing a tent and sleeping bag and heading out into the woods for a weekend of camping. Despite the fact that camping is an inexpensive activity, the cost of the goods needed for a few days in the wilderness can add up quickly. There is no need to bring anything special when you go yurt camping. There’s no need to carry a stove or other things. Knowledge of scouting techniques is unnecessary. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the scenery.

It Reconnects You With Nature

Yurt camping is an excellent compromise between tent camping and a cottage vacation. When you use a yurt, you get the best of both worlds. It provides all the conveniences of home while allowing you to spend a night under the stars in a natural setting. It’s about enjoying the outdoors and appreciating the simple things in life.

It Is A Social Hub That Brings People Together

A yurt’s spacious interior can comfortably house a family of six. Its round structure and warm interior make them suitable for family camping trips and other group outings. It’s an excellent option for busy families since after a day of exploring the outdoors, everyone can relax in the comfort of their bed. In addition, a yurt’s social room is perfect for unwinding with friends and family while you all look up at the stars in the sky through the soaring dome. You can also gather to play games and share tales, two activities that are becoming increasingly rare in today’s digital age.

The Verdict

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It’s common knowledge that yurts provide numerous advantages over hotels, including lower rates, increased proximity to nature, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Yurt camping is more convenient than tent camping because of the extra space and features it typically provides.

Finally, yurts have an entertaining quality that can’t be denied. Therefore, give yurt camping some thought before choosing to reserve a hotel room for your upcoming outdoor adventure. If you’re still unsure, the reasons presented in this article should sway your decision.