5 Essential Things Needed to Apply for the Kenya e-Visa from Home

1st February 2023

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in East Africa. It has a rich culture and amazing landscapes worth exploring. Moreover, since the Kenyan government introduced the e-Visa system, visiting this diverse country has become effortless!

Kenya offers a unique tourism experience that has yet to be replicated in any other country, with some of the best attractions for adventure seekers.

Explore numerous safari parks, visit an elephant nursery, eat breakfast with giraffes at the Giraffe Manor hotel, watch the starry nights while camping, and top it all off with spotting some of the most exciting wild animals in their natural habitat!

Kenya offers honeymoon packages, luxury vacation, family vacations, as well as group and solo tours. Kenya is also home to the Masai Mara Game Reserve and many amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the Nairobi National Park or the Amboseli National Park.

So, how can you take advantage of the Kenyan e-Visa system to explore this country without visiting an Embassy and troubling yourself with long and complicated traditional visa application processes?

Read on to find out!

What is the Kenya e-Visa?

Kenya e-Visa is an online visa application system that was launched in 2005 to help international travelers visiting Kenya. It is a single-entry visa that comes in three types and allows all eligible travelers a 90-day stay in the country.

e-Visa for Kenya serves as an alternative to the regular Embassy visa since electronic travel authorization documents are handled entirely online, requiring no Embassy visits.

Natvisa is a leading provider that can assist with the Kenya visa online.

Kenya e-Visa characteristics:

  • stays valid for 90 days (three months) from the issuing date
  • allows a 3-month stay in Kenya
  • can be used for tourism, business, and transit purposes
  • is obtainable entirely online
  • has minimum requirements to meet

Kenya is a very popular tourist destination, and the introduction of the Kenya e-Visa system has helped in maintaining its popularity.

Learn more about the Kenya e-Visa system, e-Visa types, requirements, and application process on https://evisa-kenya.com. Apply online within minutes from home!

Benefits of applying for the Kenya visa online

Applying for a Kenya visa online saves time and reduces stress levels connected with handling the necessary travel documents. The possibility to obtain a visa from the comfort of your home is the main reason why so many travelers use the electronic visa system.

It also helps to avoid mistakes that may be made when filling out a Kenya visa application form in person at a Kenyan Embassy since you can check and modify your application whenever necessary.

5 things needed to apply for the Kenya e-Visa from home

Getting an e-Visa can be confusing at times, but we’re here to help you with the process!

Below are five essential things that you need before applying:

  1. A passport with at least six months left before the expiry date
  2. A digital photo of the applicant’s face that can be taken using your phone or a PC/laptop camera
  3. Proof of accommodation, such as hotel reservation receipts, a confirmation email from the booking agent/hotel, etc.
  4. A return flight ticket out of Kenya
  5. Access to any means of online payment – this can be a credit/debit card, a PayPal account, PayU, or any other internet payment method.

If you have the above-listed documents ready and any working device on hand, you can start the 3-step application process!

How can I apply for the Kenya e-Visa?

In order to apply for the Kenya e-Visa from home, you have to prepare the documents listed earlier.

Once you’re done with preparing the documents, follow these 3 steps to complete the application process:

  1. Fill the application form online – it will be necessary for you to enter the details of your intended visit in Kenya – the purpose of travel (tourism/business/transit), address of stay in Kenya, duration of stay, as well as some elementary personal and passport details.
  2. Cover the Kenya e-Visa issuing fee using any online payment method.
  3. Wait for the processed document to be delivered to your email inbox and print it out.

You’ll receive a confirmation email soon after completing the process. e-Visas for Kenya are processed within a maximum of 72 hours (3 days).

Final thoughts

It is safe to say that Kenya e-Visas have been a success. Aside from being time and stress-saving, Kenya’s electronic visa system provides an alternative for travelers who might not be able to visit the Embassy due to their location or lack of transportation means.

Applying for Kenya e-Visa offers numerous benefits in addition to its simplicity: it helps save money on travel documents since you don’t need to visit a Kenya Consulate while also eliminating the risk of making mistakes when applying – all details can be corrected before submitting your application form!

Apply for your Kenya e-Visa at least 3 business days ahead of the planned trip and enjoy the effortless traveling experience!

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