Amazing City Bars You Should Visit For Fantastic Views

27th February 2023

Travel is all about experiences. When a person goes travelling, they want to take in everything the destination has to offer. That includes the scenery and views, the culture, the gastronomy and, why not, the language, too.

One thing you don’t want to do is leave home without your digital camera and miss out on all snapping the outstanding views you see as you’re out and about.

You won’t always have to head out to a waterfall, mountain, pyramid or other landmark or feat of nature to get some memorable shots, though. Some of the world’s bars provide you with the ultimate view. Let’s look at a few:

Sky Bar, Bangkok

Sky Bar Bangkok

If you want the views, you’ve got to have a head for heights, unfortunately. Put them to bed forever with a visit to the Sky Bar, in Bangkok. Situated on the 63rd floor of the hotel Lebua at State Tower, this bar is one of the world’s highest open-air bars. If you like a good comedy, you might already be familiar with it because the bar featured in stag night caper The Hangover 2.

It stands to reason, therefore, that you should try one of the bar’s signature cocktails, a Hangovertini, while you’re there. The cocktail is one the mixologists made up especially for the cast members. But relax: you’re not about to get into the crazy capers the characters did! On a particularly warm night, you can chill with a Pop Star, a pineapple popsicle made with tequila and Midori. Both cocktails blend well with the view of Bangkok.

Westlight, New York

Westlight New York

No, not the popular Irish boy band, but rooftop bar West Light, in Brooklyn, New York. You’ll find the bar on the 22nd floor of the William Vale which is located in the Williamsburg neighbourhood, the latter itself being renowned for its street art and indie music scene.

When you’re not out soaking up the atmosphere of the neighbourhood down on the ground, you can relax at this rooftop bar with a refreshing cocktail and admire the Manhattan skyline.

This certainly isn’t your stereotypical bar – making a game of bar bingo all the more enjoyable. Get ahead of your friends and add hipsters to your bar bingo card, you’re guaranteed to see plenty!

Westlight is famed for its service, and despite its popularity, a booking is only necessary at peak times. There’s a wide range of beers, wines and spirits on offer, making it the perfect bar for large groups and those with a taste for something out of the ordinary.

Sky Pod, London

Sky Pod London

‘Unique’ is a term that gets bandied around so much these days that you might start to lose faith in the word when you hear it. The Sky Pod, however, will restore your belief.

This bar is a greenhouse-cum-bar that looks over London and you can forgive yourself if you forget to order a drink while you’re there, such is the view. Head up to the 35th floor, on which this garden is located, and drink it all in.

London has developed something of a passion for high-rise buildings, so if you want to enjoy the skyline before the city erects any more, this is a good place to come and do that.

Note that you do have to book before you come, although there is a short walk-in window between 6 and 9 pm. The building is distinctive because it’s so bulbous, but there’s no faulting the cocktails, many of which contain champagne.

Mama Shelter, Paris

Mama Shelter Paris

The Mama Shelter, in Paris, has a sibling in Los Angeles and does a good job of emulating it. The décor of this sky bar is colourful, the vibe is easy going and you won’t find yourself just twiddling your thumbs.

If you’re not in the mood for chatting, you can get up and play some ping pong or – the old classic — foosball. If you’re in the mood for something to eat, the good news is, that for all its style, this is no posh-nosh kind of place and you’ll be able to tuck into some delish comfort food if you feel like it.

The other piece of good news is that the bar is relatively off-the-beaten-track, so to speak. The bar is tucked away in the 35th arrondissement and is a firm hit with the locals. They might even welcome a new challenge at the foosball or ping pong table!

Cu-ba, Dubai

Cu ba Dubai

Book yourself in for a stay at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, in the UAE, and, as the name suggests, you can gorge on the view of Dubai Creek from the hotel’s gorgeous Cu-ba rooftop bar. The hotel wastes no time in dazzling you with elegance since you have to take a glass elevator up to the top of the hotel just to reach this bar.

Cu- ba offers a Latin American vibe with a focus on cigars and room, and panoramic views of Dubai to go alongside it.

This is one seriously plush bar. There are private cabanas and comfy couches. You’ve got to get there early to get the best places (it’s also a little cheaper and quieter between 6 and 8pm). If you’re feeling active, you can always take a swim in the bar’s 82 feet long pool and then refresh with a smooth cocktail or two.

Travellers live for views like those from the bars above, whether that’s from a bar in the mighty English capital, a cool New York neighbourhood, a quiet Parisienne arrondissement, a glitzy Emirates hotel or a silver-screen-graced Bangkok bar.

Visit these destinations with your camera on you and wet your whistle at the establishments suggested. When you look back on the amazing pictures of yourselves against the backgrounds, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

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 Some of the world’s bars provide you with the ultimate view. Let’s look at a few of the best!