By Darren Griffiths

5 Bad Travel Habits You Should Avoid Doing

28th January 2023

While traveling can be a great experience that can help you grow as an individual, it does come with its share of dangers. Travelers can also give other travelers a bad name by not being respectful of local customs. To ensure that you are both safe and respective of the areas that you visit, you should avoid doing some of these things.

1. Littering

No one likes someone who litters. Those who tend to do so in areas of beauty, like in tropical locations, are especially abhorrent. When you visit a place, you should always do what you can to properly dispose of your trash. It also helps if you properly recycle. Most hotels and public areas should have a place where you can separate your recyclables from your trash. This helps the environment around you.

As for trash, you can bring along a bag with you to the beach. This makes it easy to simply throw away your items instead of leaving it on the beach. The locals will appreciate you cleaning up after yourself. The environment and local wildlife will, too.

2. Interrupting Services

While you can’t always help intruding on a local service, if you can avoid it, you should try. For example, if there’s a wedding occurring at a church that you’re interested in exploring, you shouldn’t hang around. You likely wouldn’t enjoy a flock of tourists hanging around the venue of your own wedding.

Respect the locals who have to share their area with tourists and come back later. No doubt the wedding in a public and popular place like that is only going to be held for a few hours. You can come by later in the day to explore the church and take your pictures. This should also be extended to other locations as well where the locals are just trying to live their lives without interruption.

3. Not Tipping

Locals who live in tourist areas usually make most of their money through tips. While they likely get paid a certain amount by their employer, it’s the tips that likely make life affordable for them. No matter what service they’re performing for you, you should offer them a tip. One might argue that they’re just doing their job. All the same, you should be thankful that such a place is open to the public to visit rather than closed solely for the locals to enjoy.

Tipping also can make a person more eager to better your stay. Tipping generously can encourage this treatment. Not tipping, however, can have the opposite effect. They might lose your luggage or tickets or your room might not be as cleaned as it could have been. Be sure to avoid not tipping.

4. Not Researching Rentals

When choosing to stay at Bahamas luxury villas, it’s a good idea to research which one is best for you. A lot of problems can be avoided by simply taking the time to read the reviews and features of each rental. While most Bahamas luxury villas likely emphasize luxurious care, slip-ups do happen.

If you don’t choose to research your place of stay before booking, you might be met with some surprise fees. You may find that you have to pay extra for food or for laundry service. In the hopes of just making your traveling experience as smooth as possible, perform research on your rental before choosing it.

5. Taking Too Long At Photo Spots

To ease tempers between travelers, you should avoid taking too long at photo spots. These are those areas in front of a work of art, or a scenic overlook, or any other location that garners a lot of tourist interest. While waiting in line for the photo, you should discuss with those you’re taking a photo with on the kind of poses that you want to do. That way, once you’re at the spot, you can quickly take your photo and be on your way.

Nothing frustrates other travelers more than a family who hogs the best photo spot. It can cause a heated argument that can ruin the day for anyone around it. Leave the sense of entitlement at home and be conscious of others.