By Darren Griffiths

27 Awesome Portugal Photos to Inspire Your Vacation

4th April 2023

Last updated on April 22nd, 2023 at 08:52 am

Portugal is our favourite European country. It’s beautiful, warm, friendly, tasty, trendy, historic and inexpensive (when compared to the rest of western Europe). By following a tried and tested Portugal two week itinerary you’ll have just the right amount of time to visit the country’s highlights. But it’s also possible to squeeze them all in a one week Portugal trip.

Portugal has an impressive and ever-changing coastline that stretches from the Algarve in the south and curves right up to the entire west coast as far as its most northern point. The west coast holds some lovely little hidden gems in the form of local fishing villages and small beach towns such as Villa Nova de Milfontes.

Portugal houses two of Europe’s most up and coming cities – Lisbon and Porto. The capital city of Lisbon is a Portugal highlight with it’s historic Alfama district, hip hangouts and numerous viewpoints across the red-tiled rooftops to the bright Rio Tejo. Porto, Portugal’s second city, is beginning to get a lot of deserved attention from tourists and expats because of it’s quaint UNESCO Ribeira district, pretty Duoro River and abundance of port wine cellars. But do not forget about the lesser known cities. Evora, for example, is a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site that should not be missed.

Portugal also has thirteen natural parks including the Duoro Valley, a gorgeous mountainous landscape peppered with dozens of vineyards and wineries.

Get inspired by our very own favourite Portugal photos that we took while travelling from the south to the north of the country.

lagos beach portugal
Praia Dona Ana in Lagos, Algarve
lagos bay portugal
Praia da Balança in Lagos, Portugal
lagos cove portugal
One of many tiny coves in Lagos, Algarve
lagos old town square portugal
Lagos is one of the best towns in the Algarve
villa nova de milfontes portugal
Villa Nova de Milfontes is one of our favourite Portugal coastal towns.
villa nova de milfontes beach portugal
Natural and almost empty beaches at Villa Nova de Milfontes
villa nova de milfontes sand dunes portugal
Villa Nova de Milfontes sand dunes
villa nova de milfontes church portugal
Historic architecture in Villa Nova de Milfontes
atlantic sunset portugal
Amazing Atlantic sunsets every night from Vila Nova de Milfontes
lisbon alfama rooftops portugal
Lisbon’s historic Alfama district
lisbon alfama lane portugal
Quaint lanes in Lisbon’s Alfama district
lisbon alfama view point portugal
Hilly Lisbon has numerous viewpoints for great views across the city
lisbon tram portugal
Riding a tram is a must of things to do in Lisbon. Number 28 is the highlight.
lisbon alfama fado portugal
Enjoy an evening of traditional live Fado music anywhere in Alfama
lisbon tram graffiti portugal
Trams are a great way of getting around Lisbon
lisbon alfama streets portugal
Peaceful Lisbon streets
porto bridge portugal
Porto’s impressive iron Dom Luis I Bridge
porto city view portugal
Looking across the Douro River to the UNESCO Ribeira district
Portuguese azulejos tiles can be seen on many of Porto’s historic buildings
porto street portugal
Porto’s picturesque streets contain many things to do in Porto
porto fish market portugal
Porto has plenty of markets to browse and taste
porto river portugal
Porto’s Douro River offers many boat trips through the city and to the Douro Valley
douro valley river portugal
Stay in a Portuguese winery in the Douro Valley
douro valley port wine portugal
The Douro Valley is the home of fortified port wine. Portuguese custard tarts are a perfect accompaniment.
douro valley vine yard portugal
Tour the many vineyards and wineries in the Douro Valley
douro valley view portugal
Our Douro Valley view from our hotel room