The Digital Nomad's Packing List

11th November 2022

Who’s a digital nomad? It’s a question you might be asking yourself. A digital nomad lives like a nomad, moving from one place to another while working remotely. They rely on the internet and technology to live this lifestyle. 

Since they’re always on the move, they need essentials to be comfortable. When traveling, creating a packing list is always advisable to ensure you don’t forget anything essential. As a digital nomad, what should you include in your packing list? 

This article gives the essentials you must have. Here’s what to include:

A Day Pack

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A day pack is a small bag you carry everywhere besides your suitcases full of clothes. It’s one of the things you need and contains essentials like a pocket knife. You never know when it’ll come in handy. It’d also help to have the brightest flashlight you can find for visibility should you end up in a bushy area at the end of the day and decide to camp outdoors. Other items it carries are your notebook, water bottle, a pack of chewing gums, and snacks, among others.

Ensure it’s of a strong material that’ll withstand constant use without wear and tear. It should also have many compartments for storage, without being too heavy. It shouldn’t weigh you down as you move from one location to another.

A Wallet

When traveling, you require documents from passports to visas to cash and credit cards. It’ll be a nightmare to lose any of these as you travel. Therefore, you must keep them safe, and you can do so with a wallet.

As a digital nomad, you require a durable wallet. Tough metal wallets should be among your top choices since they don’t easily wear and tear with constant use. It’ll be an added advantage if it has the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) blocking feature. This feature prevents your credit and debit cards from being scanned while in your pocket by thieves within proximity.

Pickpocketing is a possibility with your wallet in your pocket. Therefore, consider buying a neck wallet that you’ll hang around your neck. Your documents are much safer there. Ensure the compartments have additional protection zips and hang the wallet inside your shirt or t-shirt.


A digital nomad has to work as they travel; hence, they need the relevant gadgets and apps to enable this. You require a laptop to do your work, eliminating the need to go to cyber cafes to get work done. Online security is also essential as you work in different locations. You want to avoid hacking. Therefore, add a VPN subscription to your packing list. It’ll hide your identity as you use the public internet to work.

With continuous use of your gadgets, their charge will run out, interfering with your work. In conjunction with this, you must pack charging gadgets, specifically a universal power adapter and a portable power bank. 

The universal adapter will come in handy by enabling you to charge different gadgets simultaneously. It’ll save you time, unlike when you charge one after the other. The power bank will help you should you lack a socket for your adapter. Ensure it can also charge your laptop beside the phone.

Travel Insurance

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Like you take insurance covers for your home, car, health, and life, you want to have travel insurance. In most cases, your covers, e.g., health and car, are only valid in your country. When you’re in another country, you aren’t covered. As a digital nomad, you’ll find yourself in different countries, and anything could happen. You could get sick, lose valuables, or damage a rental car. Travel insurance will cater to these expenses. 

Ensure you take digital nomad travel insurance with a provider that serves the countries you plan to visit. A global provider is ideal since you don’t know which country you’ll end up in.


Constant traveling can bring about body issues, mostly related to pain and fatigue. Therefore, it’s important to pack medication with you. The number one medicine to have are painkillers. They’ll help you with migraines, including muscle pain. 

It’d help add an ointment to the packing list for muscle and joint pain. When the need arises, you’ll massage the area and get back on your feet within no time. 

Jet lag is a common side effect of constant flying, especially for long hours and in different time zones. It’d help to buy jet lag medications for your traveling expeditions. When you take them before your flight, they’ll more or less prevent jet lag. If you take them after, they’ll cure the jet lag.

Having the right medicines for different situations will put you in good shape, ensuring you’re productive during travel. As you rely on the medication, be careful not to become addicted to them. It’d help to take adequate rest and sleep and hydrate throughout the day. Doing so will reduce the need for medication.


As a digital nomad, you must fully satisfy your needs as you travel to enjoy the experience. One way to do this is by packing the right items for your trips. 

The discussion above has given a list of the must-haves in your packing list. Using this list as a checklist for packing for a digital nomad lifestyle will be advantageous. 

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